Biden Administration Asking Most Trump Appointed U.S. Attorneys To Resign | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


    1. @Toby Smith sure was an EO. Buuuut, I’m exaggerating. I’m a drama lama. But to be real a young boy on av. is better then most grown women av.
      Even if she transitioned at 5years old(which should be a crime) she would smash your daughters face through the back. It’s science pal.

    2. @Lonnie Blackmon be sure you read up on Benjamin Franklin’s original interpretation of the 10th Amendment before looking up what it meant in the 20th Century. You’ll understand why laws placed in the last 60 years are designed to circumvent the power of the people and overrule the 10th Amendment, why revolt is now considered riot or vigilante violence. It also describes how protesting for equality and what happened on Jan. 6th are elementarily two different things. The civil rights act was the last genuine example of protests making any headway in this country. Nixon saw this and designed ways to circumvent the civil rights act including the illegally based war on drugs.

    1. It’s not that easy to get rid of a postmaster
      First they have to replace members of the board of governors for the post office then they can get rid of the postmaster

    2. @Spider Taylor
      What county are you from ????
      You obviously have no american heritage .

      Socialist have NO PLACE in our government..
      ( Socialist= parasites

    1. Yes. And they need to fix the system so it is free of political influence. It was supposed to be independent when the Post Office became the Postal Service. I don’t understand how Trump was able to corrupt it, but they need to replace the entire board, if necessary to end the Trump influence.

  1. It is a common practice when new administration takes over, most of the AG / US Attorney appointed by the previous administration LEAVE. Nothing UNUSUAL ABOUT THIS …… 😍👍👍

    1. @Chad Thomas Really? In case you forgot, this is his 2nd impeachment trial, and the first one didn’t go in his favor 😂.

    2. @Chauncey W Wait, you think impeachment is a conclusion of someone being guilty? All it is is a vote. You can impeach a politician for anything if you can garner enough support. Lmfao what’s wrong with you people?

    1. @heyrod59 LOL, on that BS again. No one wants your guns as long as your a law abiding citizen. If you don’t want them taken don’t use them to commit violence, simple.

    2. @heyrod59 barr clearly is a globalist look how fast they turned on trump its pretty obvious these politicians regardless of party are just a bunch of criminals working together

  2. Amazing how short people’s memories are…
    It’s at the point where hypocrisy no longer exists because people can’t keep a thought in their little heads for more than 10 minutes.

    1. Yes they are both very capable, intelligent, honorable people. When listening to them it is very informative and matter of fact, something that has glaringly missing the past four years.

  3. Look! Glen kirshner just came out with a video about this either yesterday or the day before, wondering why tgus has not been dobe yet as the AG for the District of Columbia has made several questionable decisions re the insurrection investigation.

  4. imagine a president doing what every other president has done…. what’s next appointing new ambassador’s to key foreign post, so shocking.

    1. @Rigo the kid Are you a moron, yep. Seems like you can’t recall history. Go back to your gold fish bowl and talk to your fish you have a lot in common.

  5. Apparently Biden is now the “thought police”: I don’t like the way you THINK — so you need to voluntarily quit your job.

    1. @paul16451 cite source? This is something all presidents do. Trump did it and it was totally fine. Biden is doing it and it’s totally fine. Some positions in the executive branch serve st the pleasure of the president. So no source needs to be cited.

    2. @Show Me What I Need To Know lol, how about the public record!? do your own research d.a. go back 5 years if you don’t believe him. He fired just about everyone when he came in, then fired the new ones too, more than once some of them, which was his right, as it is Biden’s right now. Hypocrisy lost you the 2020. Nothing but that. Time to stop asking for proof about things that are already a matter of public record. Take your pic from an abundance of sources. Don’t expect to be spoon fed. It’s 2021. Time to grow up.

    3. @Show Me What I Need To Know you learn best when you have to find the info for yourself. Btw were you even paying attention to his presidency the last 5 years? For you not to already know this, is kinda scary actually. What about the presidencies before Trump? Try a free American gov 101 course online and learn about how the govt actually works. That way you can be an educated voter. Not a spoon fed voter. I’m sorry, but people are tired of this crap. Google is your friend.

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