Biden Administration Continues To Put Pressure On Facebook | MSNBC

The Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, says that social media platforms are not doing enough to address vaccination misinformation. But Facebook says that it's not responsible for President Biden missing his July 4th goal to vaccinate 70 percent of adults. NBC’s Joshua Johnson discusses the social media giant with Sheera Frenkel and Cecilia Kang, authors of the new book "An Ugly Truth- Inside Facebook's Battle for Domination".

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Biden Administration Continues To Put Pressure On Facebook | MSNBC


  1. if it’s not the government’s place to secure our freedom of speech on social media platforms, it sure as heck isn’t their place to curtail it on social media platforms.

    1. If the government is colluding with social media to crush the first amendment, it’s still a violation of the first amendment.

    2. It’s not about the gov securing our freedom of speech on a platform, which that statement is debatable, but more to the point the gov is calling for and colluding with big tech to censor speech….they are calling for infringement on citizens rights in America. That also means as soon as they disagree with you on something they will do the same.

    3. If the social media platform has an overwhelming position it IS the government’s place to secure our freedom of speech. It is NOT the government’s job to curtail it. You’re only half right.

    4. The phony Biden just gave a speech saying that he took an oath to uphold the Constitution. using Facebook to censor speech is not following the constitution
      Every time the loony Dems talk about the constitution it is for some alternative political scandal.

    1. @Bea Better  @Bea Better  America is a landmass, and the “United States of America” is a corporation. No different than a McDonald’s franchise. So when one refers to a “country,” they refer to absolutely nothing. Marc Stevens’ “Government Indicted.”

    2. @Mr. Nemesis I’m not the one who tried to overthrow the government. That would be your fellow trump supporters

    1. When dealing with a pandemic, if NIH or CDC says it’s misinformation, it is. The main source of lies, about the pandemic, has been deplatformed, but many of his ignorant acolytes remain.

    2. @Deborah Freedman
      They have been so contradictory of each other, and themselves, it’s hard to trust anything they say. I prefer more than two sources, especially not government funded sources, when making a decision about my health.

    3. @Deborah Freedman You’re a good little girl, Debbie. Always doing as you’re told and never thinking for yourself.

    4. @Deborah Freedman When the inventor of mRna isn’t allowed to have an opinion, we have a huge problem.

  2. So in layman’s terms, a tyrannical government to silence those who disagree with them.

    1. @The Bitter Truth that was trump as any intelligent person knows. You use propaganda words told to you by a raging OPINION host and you repeat what they say word for word without ever learning what the word actually means. It is a far right ideology and trump exemplified it daily.

    2. @The Bitter Truth exactly. Trump tried to do shut down social media for 4 years. Where was your outrage then? You supported trump doing it b

    3. @Bea Better LMAO. Literal every major media outlet aside from FOX lied about and slandered Trump for 5 years, and they’re still doing it. He’s banned from all social media, are you out of your mind?

    1. @JJ E I think that was the same year that the CLINTONS (I call the other side of the Republican party) began to allow the SALE of the MEDIA to foreign Investors like RUSSIA, ARAB States, CHINA, and others whether Enemy or Friend.

      In other words by cutting off the Protection of the NEWS from PROPAGANDIST Disappeared for the M O N E Y.

      The Clintons and BUSH and CRAZY 45 are all in the SAME PARTY.

      This has happen before and the American People have regained some ground before, but it takes ALL OF US TO REALIZE that our Nation isn’t any Better by giving TAX CUTS to the BILLIONAIRES.

    2. @Vote Fraud Joe THE MONEY in a COURT room where 97% of all the Cases in criminal courts never reach a hearing…. YOU WANT US to Depend on OUR Liberties being taken seriously when JUDGES take BRIBES from CORP JAILS to send more Prisoners?

      1st of all the Supreme Court ruled on the ‘Fairness Doctrine’ long time ago and support that issue to this DAY.
      Albeit that it’s possible a STACKED Supreme court could rule differently today, it would not because it was JUST!

    3. @Marvin Gershowitz plus if u had any brains or had any genuineness when making an argument u would’ve also went into how the FCC at one point even used its power to discriminate against the LGBT. For example, back in the day Ellen came out as a lesbian. Despite having no adult content on her talk show the FCC put adult content and parental advisory warnings on all future episodes after she came out. It ultimately ended her show. When an official was accused of blatant and literal illegal bias being conducted via government overreach and powers, his only response was were making a decision based on what this country thinks is morally acceptable. I hope a lot of people are ready not just to sue these fake news shows, but also to sue Joe Potato Biden and his fake administration.

    4. @Marvin Gershowitz the courts werent stacked bro. Trump got lucky and some justices either passed or retired giving him an opportunity to appoint people who actually believe in the constitution and rule of law. Three of them to be precise lol. No, your man the potato WILL try to actually stack the courts by adding in more bias justices. What your asking for is literally a banana republic who support your tribe and your tribes views.

    5. @WolfxXx65 That’s OPPINION and fact based on about the entire thing you wrote.
      1. Luck…. luck didn’t deny the standing president 44 from nominating a person to the Supreme Court. It was Senate controlled Republicans
      2. I listen to Bernie and if he recommends something I generally follow his advice.
      3. Banana Republic? I grew up in Brownsville Texas and I know about Bananas and how folks using Opinions throw banana peels on the ground for the fun of watching others slip.
      THE ONLY REASON we are a BANANA Republic is because EXTREME Wealth have disabled the VOICE of the PEOPLE to the VOICE of the FINAL SOLUTION.
      4. TRIBE <--- When I hear someone tell it like I didn't SERVE as a VETERAN for the USA and for ALL OF United States of America, but served in my TRIBE....? sounds like RUBISH to me!

  3. When truth becomes misinformation… everything is a conspiracy theory… we must be pushing the right buttons.

    1. They have trouble shaking vaers system and probably rural areas know personal health histories better

    2. Conspiracy theory is a label used by the left to discredit opposing views. Most of our conspiracies have been true.

    1. But you supported trump when he wanted to shut them all down. Hypocrisy at its finest. Your kind is so disturbingly brainwashed its ridiculous

    1. Not of the military puts a few bullets in the Zuckerfuhrer. That’s what you get for violating American’s human rights. Same goes for Jack Dorsey and Susan Wojcicki

    1. @D.A. Oh just because you call them lies, doesn’t mean they’re lies. An MSNBC viewer wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped them in the face

    2. @Saul T. Nuts Lies are lies. No one has to take my word on it. Just google any of the many lists and fact checking sites that show Trump’s lies and how they are false. Research it. Double check the sources to verify. Trump’s been known as inveterate liar for decades. He’s the Great American Fraud (GAF)

    3. @D.A. Oh lol yeah, right. Many of those “fact checkers” lie just as much as the MSM. The Wuhan lab leak theory was fact checked as false, but now that Biden is in office suddenly that’s changed.

    4. @D.A. Oh many of those “lies” are jokes interpreted disingenuously, like when they fact checked Trump when he said that he got burgers stacked a mile high fir some college football team that was visiting the WH. It’s nonsense.

    5. Threatening nuclear weapon and F-15 attacks on US citizens✔️ Mass censorship ✔️ Forced inoculation ✔️

  4. “Biden’s handlers put pressure on Facebook to censor any dissenting views.” – There, I fixed your title.

  5. These people are sitting here applauding the government for calling for the censorship of Americans. Wake up America, and deal with these enemies.

    1. Until trump shuts up and stop his gang banging these platforms will hold their ground and keep him off for good and anyone els that violates their policies will pay the price.

    2. @Leeanne Bishop fits the profile of a rifleman in Jonestown. People begging to get out and right when they are about to be rescued, the Jonestown army kills them Dead…

    1. In 1944 we transformed Germany in to a massive pile of rubble with no food or running water. So how is Hitler’s plan working out today ?

  6. Wrote my congressman 2 years ago about this censorship that was coming. He was the chair of the judiciary committee. He did nothing. Shocking I know.

    1. Said no rational or intelligent person ever. But brainwashed sheep to say ignorant stuff like you do

  7. Censorship is the first death of liberty
    “When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”
    George R.R. Martin

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