Biden administration plans to scrap Keystone XL pipeline 1

Biden administration plans to scrap Keystone XL pipeline


U.S. President-elect Biden plans to scrap the controversial Keystone XL pipeline. CTV's Richard Madan has the details.

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    1. ​@Crazy Horse oil is needed in everything that relates on driving to your hunting camp and on and on…

    2. @S u r f e x p My backyard is my hunting and fishing grounds. No need for traveling where I’m from, unlike most that rely on processed food.

  1. Canada is a country that the Americans just play with. Two Canadians are arrested because of them, our oil sector is at their whim. We need to look at trade elsewhere

    1. We should reach out to Europe more. Not that we should cease trade with USA. More particularly we should be looking to make our economy and ecology symbiotically self-sustaining. We should start by reducing the cost of living so more breeding can happen, bring in democratic immigrants who are unwanted in Hong Kong and Kurdistan, amplify access to educational resources, advance our food supply and invent energy-efficient transportation solutions.

    2. @Spencer Amyntosophia! There was an idea for a trade and political alliance with UK, Australia, Canada, and NZ.

  2. so how much of canadian tax money did justin Trudeau spend buying the pipeline from the American’s 2 years ago…..lmao

    1. That was Transmountain in BC. Different pipe. It was Kenny’s Conservatives who poured billions into this one.

  3. Democrats/Liberals are always against Canada. Trudeau is jumping for glee in his Bong Bunker. They would rather run Venezuelan tankers through the Gulf than buy Alberta oil at a discount.

  4. america is not our friends .. Its time to make new ones , and leave the sister fisters down south to their fate

    1. @Nature and Physics Oh but I am , and there is nothing more Canadian than fighting evil , and there is nothing more evil than you 4 skin eaters

  5. More $ for Canadians when it is refined here and in Alberta where its already polluted. secondary resources have higher $ value than primary resources

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