Biden Administration Reverses Trump Policy That Limited Transgender Health Care Protections | MSNBC 1

Biden Administration Reverses Trump Policy That Limited Transgender Health Care Protections | MSNBC


The Biden administration is reversing a policy introduced under former President Donald Trump that limited health care protections for transgender people. The Department of Health and Human Services is now saying that federal law does protect gay and transgender people against health care discrimination.

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Biden Administration Reverses Trump Policy That Limited Transgender Health Care Protections | MSNBC


  1. Where’s my Healthcare? I haven’t been able to get health insurance for the past 10 years

    1. @A Fera do you have any examples of this free stuff they get? Most illeglas come here for work not free stuff.

    2. @Scott Garner They’re getting put up in a 5 star hotel, free medicare, they’re getting put infront of the line for the covid vaccine. SSI checks as well.

    3. “Where’s my healthcare?”. Unless I’m misinterpreting I think that sounds like entitlement. Go earn it. I’m a broke college student and I don’t think the taxpayer should provide me with things like insurance because I do nothing for them. Just a difference in philosophy I guess.

    1. @lancey no that’s not it. If you have a voice and an opinion so should all citizens even if it doesn’t mirror yours. Why do you feel it necessary to try to make others feel inferior by making fun of what they believe? Is this truly the person you are? Is this how you want to be treated? How sad that we, adults, must resort to name calling, bullying and attempted shaming to make ourselves feel superior. How very sad…

    2. @Sky Net lol why so butt hurt did it run a little to close to home for you? Lol I love messing with democrats they are so proud about being stupid.

    3. @lancey I’m not one of those people but… You probably still think that Trump is a Russian agent.

    4. There’s literally people in here blaming the dislikes on Qanon and trumpers lmao, the delusion is real.

    1. @Nicole Marsh You’re creating a fantasy in your head bud. You literally made something up, then act like its fact. Our president sucks and i didn’t care for trump but tell me more about this made up coordinated effort by trumpers to infiltrate youtube.

    2. @Nicole Marsh You just wrote a light novel on some fake conspiracy that you made up, how does that feel?

    3. @ED 1 YouTube ratios are right in front of my eyes on all the videos you missed too. But I’m the one who can’t see the truth? Sorry but I’m not so easily fooled. You Trump infowarriors need to try harder. Much, much harder. Your cunning plan is not as cunning as you imagine. It sticks out like a sore thumb.

      For one thing… The ratios you need to skew are the ones from November. You left it way too late to play this stupid ratio game now. The only dummies who will fall for it are already on planet delusional with you.

      And here’s the really bad news… There are already undercovers amongst your ranks gathering evidence of your dishonesty and treachery as we speak.

      You should probably try and come up with a way to win in 2024 without stooping so low.

    4. @Why would I Give you my real name? At this stage “QAnon” refers to Trump cult members in general, even if they’re not particularly Q oriented.

      And this is no conspiracy theory. The Trump cult (aka QAnon whether they like it or not) are all over the comment sections of all these videos with anomalous ratios (making themselves blatantly obvious). The only thing up for debate is exactly what you’re trying to achieve by creating these isolated illusions of Trump’s overwhelming popularity. You can call it a conspiracy theory when you figure out how to stop making it so painfully obvious.

    5. @Why would I Give you my real name? well right now his popularity is higher than trumps ever got to so of course dislikes don’t represent real numbers

  2. “The world is a freak show. And if you live in America, you get front row seats!”

    -George Carlin

    1. @Synonymous Botch Sorry but vast majority would agree that mutilating your genitals… believe it or not would classify you as a freak

  3. “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” — Malcolm X.

    1. “Think of the press as a great keyboard
      on which the government can play.”
      ― Joseph Goebbels

  4. They want to protect identities and discrimination except when those identities don’t align with their beliefs.

    1. @Haywood Jablowmy yea pretty much if your white and straight, you are becoming a minority in this country. All the minorities, the weirdos with kool-aid hair colors, metal hanging off their faces and all the lqgbt people are taking over this country from their whining and nobody is stopping it unfortunately.

    2. @jcelldogs No. Were just becoming more common as the world is more accepting. You aren’t becoming a minority.

    1. @Deacon Deacon then you don’t understand science. It is as ever changing as the tides. It’s fluid. It isn’t as black and white as you seem to think it. Granted, there are rules and laws that go unchanged for decades and some for centuries. Some things aren’t 100% wrong but they aren’t 100% right either.

      For example, Geocentrism was a science at one point, until heliocentrism was found to be a better model. Even then, heliocentric is kinda wrong, because our sun still orbits other celestial bodies bigger than it, and we just follow the sun. But the sun isn’t the center of the universe either. All of these theories have been able to list the same planets, which exist and are scientific fact. But they don’t all get it right. To infer you know better than an ever evolving subject, such as science feels like you’re claiming all-knowing Godlike knowledge.

  5. If You smoke cigarettes, you get denied health care unless paying crazy high premiums. BUT, if you smoke , they’ll give it to you…. Terrible!!!

  6. So now doctors have to treat a transgender man who have cervical cancer. Now that’s mess up.

  7. If im a TS man, can I get breast cancer? If im a TS woman, can I get prostate exam…….. don’t answer that.

    1. @phoenixbyrd bigotry class…. now thats a good one, ……or we can just call it the American University system.

    2. @Matt drummond bioligical males can’t get cancer in a organ they don’t have
      If they’re a trans male (FtM) and still have women’s reproductive organs then yes, otherwise no.
      I have heard about new procedures where biological women can actually donate their uterus to trans women but I’m not sure how stable that is (I imagine it’s like an organ transplant but more intense and requiring more monitoring) but I’m unaware if a transplanted uterus/ovaries that take to the hose can develop cancer after the fact but it’s a distinct possibility

  8. What a difference 1 man can actually make from hellfire to heaven …. Way to Mr. President !

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