Biden Advisor Outlines Covid Vaccine Distribution Efforts | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Biden Advisor Outlines Covid Vaccine Distribution Efforts | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


  1. Take your vaccination. You’re going to be stuck with needles the rest of your life maybe two or three times maybe four times a year they’re going to tell you what to do and your week you’ll do what they say.

    1. @mo zack You’d twist anything to keep your lies alive, wouldn’t you? What about the people who do still get polio because they live in places where there’s no vaccination available?

    2. @Margaret Nicol The places where there’s no vaccination is where the old name of the disease is used. The places with vaccination is where the reclassified names are used.😝


      Sane people: Okay they are taking it first on national tv….

      Rightwingers: They are all criminal liars I don’t believe it.

      So you set a standard of proof they agreed to meet it and you just call them liars and continue with your conspiracies… Okay.. .So there is no amount of evidence that would convince you to change your minds on vaccines. Got it.

    2. @Miranda Bri i want to know what happened to my body my choice? that these idiots shoved down everyone’s throat

    1. @says 101 oh it doesn’t??? Every time trump says he’s for something, democrats magically go against it. Even if just a few years ago, they were for it. That is not how the world works. That is how American politics now work.

    2. They said they wouldnt trust a vaccine from a man who said to inject bleach or nuke a hurricane because he was a moron.

    1. Anything with Bill Gates’ name attached to it should be given a wide berth. Elitist pos hoping to dominate the world via a vaccine.. a computer magnet has no business playing in the medical field.

  2. saying it the way it is…vaccine companies are not liable to any compensation or legal recourse for complications..

    1. So if we find out in five years this vaccine causes liver cancer, they can’t be held accountable? What a win for those companies, make all that money, no accountability…..they will just say they were rushed.

  3. I’ve already had Covid. As science predicted, my symptoms were mild. Science now says I do not need a vaccine, so I’ll be damned if I’m getting one.

    1. Hells Bells why don’t they just give the formula for the vaccine to the Mexican drug cartels. They manufacture meth cocaine heroin ecstasy ship pot and fentanyll world wide. With distribution to every city in the US just saying. Why wait on Pfizer. Ha ha ha

    2. My husband thinks he had it last year. We never wear mask around here & no one is sick 🤔 I think it’s all 🐴💩 myself 🤷‍♀️

    3. “Science” (if we’re going to us that as shorthand for competent medical professional) would recommend that you get an annual flu shot. Just to expose one flaw in your thinking.

  4. There is public outcry from small business That has been shut down Why the Biden administration is looking for college forgiveness loans What about small business loans

    1. Nope.. and there’ idiots out there who do. They’ve been so “scare tactic” conditioned, they’ll believe this sh*%. Pardon me.

    1. I have bad news for you then, as it won’t be the government making you take a vaccine. It’ll be your job and your school that will almost certainly require a vaccination.

    2. Same.. guess all those empty Walmart closed stores will house us ‘rebels’ soon. This country’ feature is immensely shaky right now.

    3. @ADV Station Well, so be it then. I’m not doing it. It is not ready, this is just another big “drug trial” opportunity. What better way to really test than to do massive human “trials” all over the world without the legalities of doing a bonafide human trial on a small scale such as what drug companies are required to do now? Those are expensive for pharmacy companies to put into place so, for pharmaceuticals it’s a win/win and if some people experience horrible outcomes from the vaccine, well, that’s just the cost of doing business.

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