Biden Affirms Support For NATO, Reassures Allies In Wake Of January 6 1

Biden Affirms Support For NATO, Reassures Allies In Wake Of January 6


While in Brussels, President Biden affirmed America's support for NATO, saying he wanted 'all of Europe to know the United States was there.' This message was a clear contrast from his predecessor Donald Trump's remarks. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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Biden Affirms Support For NATO, Reassures Allies In Wake Of January 6


  1. I’m still surprised to see guests in news studios. It’s amazing how quickly you get used to things like guests/interviewees on remote video links.

  2. The U.S.: We are ready to sacrifice any cost to fight against China.
    Australia: Totally agree!
    The U.S.: You are the cost.
    Australia: …………..

    1. @Detroit FettyGhost – Yep. Hunter is “painting” now… And his “artwork” will be sold to the CCP, through a brokerage house owned by China. YOU CANT MAKE THIS STUFF UP!

    2. That was Winston Churchill’s tactic too. It’s how us Australians came to be known for our dark sense of humour in the face of adversity.

    3. @Asheron Windspear No …I’m talking about the now. Today in our life time. Here in the USA after all it’s Biden leading this country. Nothing Biden!

  3. Exactly why you never want a career politician in any position of power. All the useful idiots thinking that “politician” is a real job title.

    1. This is exactly what our country is used to. Having corrupt career politicians as president. Then when Trump came along, it was a breath of fresh air and balls of steel in charge of our country.

    1. @ike ru. He got lost at a cafe in London and Jill had to go get him before he could answer questions.

  4. Is that why he was trying to stab nato in the back at the G7 by showing division in the face of the enemy.

  5. I was wondering if anyone can explain if the world leaders are close to making world peace, and just how close they are and what they would need to do. Sorry I just don’t really like watching the news alot and was just wondering if someone would be able to summarize it. Thank you

    1. Trump could take a s*** on Fox News and wipe his butt with the Constitution, and his cult members will cheer.

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