Biden And CDC Chief Warn Covid Still A Threat As Cases Spike | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Biden And CDC Chief Warn Covid Still A Threat As Cases Spike | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


The president and his CDC Director are both warning Americans that the threat from Covid-19 is not over as cases are spiking in states nationwide as the government moves to get people vaccinated as quickly as possible. MSNBC's Brian Williams has details. Aired on 03/30/2021.
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Biden And CDC Chief Warn Covid Still A Threat As Cases Spike | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. “End of pandemic is in sight…”

    I don’t think so, with all these mutants and variants coming from UK, Brazil, South Africa and now India with two combined mutants in some patients discovered.

    1. I personally hope these variants pass for official confirmed cases by the standards of the CDC so the information they give us on daily cases is accurate. I also hope that by reinstating mask mandates in the states that lifted them we can reduce the number of cases while millions of Americans get their shots.

    2. m LITTLE COLD , 99% recover thousands of ”decent” doctors treat old and sick with HCQ ivermectin Tamiflu, mask causing worldwide bacterial lung infections vaccine salesmen call covid and allow them to die ,

    3. ​@martin j krumm unfortunately there’s limited evidence the face coverings so anything against any covid, but very clear evidence they’re useless against the new variants. Look at Australia & NZ’s quarantine breaches, cause there’s full contact tracing there, including genome sequencing so 100% confirmed path of transmission & about a dozen times now that the virus has got back into the countries via going straight through the n95’s worn by quarantine staff. Vietnam also had a breach with b117, again they’re experts in covid management too.

      Only way to stop it is to isolate anyone infected from the rest of society. Is that best done via a lockdown or via voluntary public co-operation? Well the states of NSW & Qld in Australia are currently running an experiment to test that. Both have 7 known cases of b117 in the community, with hundreds, if not thousands of people exposed. Qld’s doing a lockdown & masks, NSW is still planning on going ahead with a 5 day music festival with 16,500 people per day, no masks & no social distancing required, bringing all those people into a small coastal town, where a hens weekend with 6 infected people was held & visited dozens of venues while highly infectious! That’s at “Byron Bay” which is known as the hippy & anti-vax capital of Australia. Gonna be REALLY interesting to see how this one turns out! (and genuinely it will be, there’s not a clear frontrunner at this stage, since NSW people are conditioned to do the right thing with covid without lockdowns)

  2. The 4th wave. “Well we wanted to allow 4th of July gatherings…but because so many states opened up so soon, we have to lock down again”. Mark my words.

    1. It’s actually the third wave. The “second wave” is the first wave for almost all the states minus New York basically.

  3. Now need to cancel all Air roads with india pakistan bangladesh brazil and europe and some country from latin america.

    1. @Me Here How about Biden saying he had a plan for Covid and then as soon as he was rigged in he said there’s nothing we can do to stop it

    2. @Travis Stoudt I’m no Trump fan but boy Trump warned us. Trump was dead on these demons are out of control.

    3. @Chris Sheehan Obama was bad but W. was the worst president in my lifetime since 1963. W. was an open borders warmonger which is the complete opposite of Trump.

    1. That’s what the Davos elite and World health organization, WEF want. They created covid-19 and released it on purpose. Don’t you remember Fauci talking about his germ labs ten years ago.

    1. cause of your choice of media to watch. There’s tribes & algorithms have figured out you’re on the Biden tribe & so that’s the only videos they send you to. You’re missing half the internet!

    2. Me here first off this is a msnbc the only more pro democratic Chanel’s are buzzfeed and late night a holes. And second I’ve noticed you’re the only pro Biden commenter on here lol

  4. ANY GOVERNMENT THAT KNOWINGLY participated in helped hide the Epstein affair are completely illegitimate along with their supporters we don’t recognize them or their laws

  5. Yep….gotta keep up the fear! Otherwise how can any of these house bills get pushed through if there isn’t both a medical and racial pandemic to justify them?

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