1. I agree that this isn’t justice, its accountability. Hopefully Chauvin’s sentence will be long and rough. Virtual hugs for everyone who wants one!

    1. Bottom line here. Floyd was a criminal for using counterfeit money and resisting arrest. Derek was a complete tard for kneeling on his shoulder. Not neck… joe Biden the 47 year senator who’s done nothing for black or white people and will never do anything to fix the situations. He will continue to divide the country with his so called compassion for minorities while he puts the chains on tighter.

  2. It’s telling that many of us were worried about the verdict, despite the existence of multiple HD videos from different angles capturing the entire murder.

    1. @Weezle I was worried about that, kind of like i am worried about every KKK… I mean republican gathering will turn into another riot like Jan 6.

      The only difference is if the people rioted over a not guilty verdict, I would understand. I wouldn’t condone it, but i would understand. centuries of being treated as sub human and when a murder is caught on video and is without question is let off, well I don’t live in your country and am not a minority, but i would have been livid.

      See that’s the difference between you and I. You care about subjugation, and support removing the rights of people. I support lettings EVERYONE have equal rights. You can lip off in response to me all you like, make your grade school insults, but it doesn’t change the fact that you don’t want people to have rights, and I do. Even yours. Even when you continually vote against your own best interest Weezle.

    2. @Fredo Cuomo “ut you’re not concerned with cities burning to the ground”

      I am concerned with lives lost.

      Can you point out to me cities that burned to the ground? Can you specifically show exactly what entire cities burned to the ground? Can you show me even a block? A couple buildings? I recall seeing a police station on fire. Looting doesn’t burn a city to the ground, but I will join you in saying that was wrong, if you can join me is saying killing a prone, unresisting man in cuffs is wrong. Can you do that Fred? I know where I would be putting my money on the answer to that question.

    3. @Weezle – It’s not out of nowhere. You just haven’t been listening. It’s fine, though. Feel free to call me a commie or a baby killer or whatever. The last 4-5 years made it perfectly clear how Republicans feel, and now we’re making it clear how we feel.

  3. A Tribute in Memory of Mr. George Floyd

    Don’t close the door please let the light shine in.
    Whispering sounds that echo off the walls.
    Straps laced too tightly no room for me to move.
    A blinding glance confuses me.

    Words can’t express the pain of false bravado.
    Piercing stares from the tormented few.
    All sides suffering
    Can’t take this life no more.
    Nothing to chance for a man to break free.

    I only need one eye to be open.
    One ear to listen to what I’m trying to say.
    Just take a moment to come inside and stand with me.
    Everyday’s a nightmare
    I need someone to come save me.

    As I lay distressed pleading please help me mama.
    I see no beacon my life’s growing dim.
    Robbed of tomorrow can’t help those who were chosen.
    It’s up to you where we go from here.

    If I could rise I’d speak up for my freedom with every breath I take that God has given me.
    Come take a chance and take a stand in harmony.
    There will be no tomorrow if we don’t unite to be free.

    The violence that follows will only fuel their hate.
    Take the path that carries your voice of change.
    Let’s lay to rest and and put an end to this shame.
    Be the hope your children need you to be.

    If I could rise I’d speak up for my freedom with every breath I take that God has given me.
    Come take a chance and take a stand in harmony.
    Everyday’s a nightmare I need someone to come stand for me.

    There will be no tomorrow if we don’t unite to be free.

    Rest in Peace Mr. George Floyd

    Watch “Tribute to Mr. George Floyd” on Humble Driver YouTube Channel

    1. @Kak Zachem The cop also has multiple indictments for FELONY tax fraud….. So murderer, and thief.

    2. @that one guy you go from “tweaking in a convenient store to murals” because a cop kills you in-between. Unjustifiably. You could try it but I wouldn’t recommend it.

  4. My God Anderson Cooper just quoted someone who said that George Floyd didn’t die because “his heart was too big, he died because Chauvin’s heart was too small”!! Come on! Drop the mic! I don’t know who said this but whomever said it I have two words – “Thank You”!!

    1. @Green party of Wakanda Go say it in court then. Oh wait, it’s too late now ??

      Yet, the defense couldn’t prove Floyd died because of it.

    2. How do you get a 2nd and 3rd degree murder conviction, at best this was manslaughter. Floyd compiles people go home simple as that.

    1. @Benji Lando I said 9, not 5 dummy, which is accurate. At which point did Floyd pose a lethal threat to any of the officers?

    2. Too bad the KLAN senate will block it . collecting dust.. Biden needs to get off his weak azz and do an Emergency Executive Order.. as he has done for Migrants – LGBT – asians etc

    3. That may help but you still have Criminal Activity ,A 7 year old girl was shot and Killed in Chicago Yesterday where where these 2 ,Police need accountability but they are turning it into a racial issue and it not its and all issue ,,,,I think these two are sick using such tactics to gain votes and create more racial tension, So when the criminal element shoot a son or daughter a mother or father like this 7 year old girl who was killed who are they going to blame ,until the people in the community start keeping them selves in check the killing will not stop in the community. will have more police accountability,but will still have criminal activity how do you fix that and who will be blamed then

    4. @psycobleach46 tullis true. I’m just saying POC also have to be accountable for their actions as well. Even though they are targeted.

    5. @Tony Banner I appreciate your understanding of a much broader issue of police accountability. To be truthful, I can’t pretend to have an answer. It’s something we all have to work on as communities in concert with law enforcement

    1. @Green party of Wakanda those were white supremacist riots. It’s been documented and reported.
      Take your white nationalist propaganda somewhere else.

    2. @Green party of Wakanda When you write *your* essay, *focus on the punctuation and capitalisation.* You’re welcome.

  5. A moment in history is today, a man named George Floyd lived his life without ever knowing the impact his death would have on the world. Imagine living your whole life and not realizing that every hour of every day you lived was impactful as it was one step toward living in notoriety the world over as a man whose death Changed the world. I pray for the better and towards the Good. I shed a tear and take my hat off to George Floyd and the sacrifice he never knew he made for some kind of JUSTICE., Some Kind..Which Kind?…Bless you George for urging me to pray for Humanity in your name. I also pray that Derek Chauvin finds some kind of GOD.

    1. Cisco, your words have power. But the only man who changed the world is Jesus Christ. God is our salvation.

    2. @Keith Thorson This was Mr. Chauvin’s murder trial, Mr. Floyd was not on trial, why?
      Because Mr. Chauvin murdered him.

    3. @Jack Meyhoffer Surely you don’t believe that simply giving someone an outfit, a badge and a firearm magically makes them unable to commit a crime.
      My dogs have a better understanding of excessive force than Mr. Chauvin did.

  6. Compassion is not a perfume one only wears on Sunday. It is a mandate for every moment of our lives.
    May those with hate in their hearts learn what love is.

    1. @baked nacho
      Joined one day ago, did we?
      You’re apparently the kind of individual that’ll only have something negative to bring forth – no matter what…

  7. I once ran over a duckling early one Sunday. I stopped and saw the mother Duck nudging the little guy to get up. I must have cried the whole day replacing the scene.
    How much more a monster like Chauvin living up to the etymology of his name, Chauvinism.
    If his wife took the stand the world would find out thst he is a real monster, ticking time bomb. He would kill without remorse as he demonstrated.

    1. I picked up a baby bird one day who fell out of a nest so high above I couldn’t possibly put him back… Didnt matter b/c the tiny bird stopped breathing, stopped living in my hands… I felt so helpless…. 🙁 I cried for many days afterwards. I still am still greatly impacted by the death of that tiny baby bird…… Chauvin would have put his knee on that tiny birdie and snuffed the life out of him…. A monster was put “under the jail” today…. Time for celebrating 🙂

  8. I think the police need to access the situation they are entering. If it is someone in a car, approach and announce yourselves and explain why you are there. Then if the person act’s squirrelly, then slowly escalate. You can’t start out at level 5 when it is a level 1.

    1. The bill NEEDS to make this the standard protocol and have appropriate consequences if broken. There also needs to be someone higher up to hold police chiefs accountable in case they lie and refuse to cooperate.

    1. @J Hughes Logical fallacy. You’re comparing crime to police/authority brutality. You know there is also such thing as white on white crime right?

    2. @J Hughes Officer Yells “Blue Lives Matter” After Fatally Shooting 15-Year-Old Female Honor Student, Makiah Bryant, 4 Times In The Chest In Ohio.

    3. @J Hughes pathetic you have to resort to politics. This is about a dirty cop knowingly murdering a black man. A jury decided this to be fact. Not the DNC. Grow up.

    1. So you’re saying thanks for dying? Because the only contribution to society that he made were court costs for armed robbery.

  9. Excellent speeches from both.It was nice to see Joe also contacted the Floyd family.Can you imagine Dumpy doing that?????

  10. This reminds me of the One-Term-Twice-Impeached-ex-president reaction to the murder of George Floyd when he addressed the police he said: “Be tougher!”

  11. Wow… this is what that felt like all those years ago! The comments are also another source of what I feel right now. Just a baby step but the rest of America has not failed to hear your words. God bless ALL Americans!

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