Biden And Obama Condemn Trump’s COVID-19 Response | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

In a new Biden campaign ad, a socially distanced Obama and Biden discuss their belief that Trump's coronavirus response has been a failure. Alexi McCammond reacts. Aired on 7/22/2020.
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Biden And Obama Condemn Trump's COVID-19 Response | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. American Citizens defend your first amendment rights. Vote and Protest this wannabe Dictator out of office.

    1. Americans were fed up with corrupted politicians! thats how we got Trump some one far away politics

    2. @DOG FACED PONY SOLDIER Look there you have it! you think you know something, but you know nothing, because you are stupid! And that is the reason why you vote for Trump. I’m from Europe and I’m white. Tell us the real reason why you want to vote for Trump. You are a racist!? I think I already know the answer.

    1. @J’Quanöe Kwailé All you have to do is do a google search: Grading Trump’s economic policies; best/economic review Trump’s policies! If you really want to go though data you can use U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis an U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

    2. @DOG FACED PONY SOLDIER you gonna go out and help commit fraud like Leslie MCcrae Dowless in north carolina 9th congressional district election in 2017?

    3. @DOG FACED PONY SOLDIER you say its a hoax,Donald Trump says its a hoax yet every time he opens his mouth he proves its not a HOAX!

    4. Don’t forget American people you have job after Jan. Inauguration. PUT THIS GUY IN JAIL.

  2. Could Trump’s handling of the pandemic have been any worse?: When Barack Obama was in office, Republicans regularly insisted that rather than being simply a president of the other party who pursued policies they disagreed with, he was in fact carrying out a sinister plan whose secret objective was nothing less than the literal destruction of the United States of America. It was utterly bonkers.
    For all the criticism liberals have of President Trump, I know of none who assert that he is intentionally trying to destroy the country. But imagine for a moment that, particularly when it came to the coronavirus pandemic, Trump was in fact attempting to do the absolute worst job he could, in a kind of presidential version of “The Producers.”

    Imagine if his goal was to spread the virus as widely as possible, sabotage efforts to contain it and maximize the economic damage that ensued. What would he do?
    He might start by disbanding the White House office responsible for preparing for pandemics. Then, when the pandemic emerged, he’d repeatedly deny that it would be a problem, claiming that it was about to disappear, while he did nothing to prepare.
    When it became clear that a broad and coordinated testing-and-tracing system was essential to limiting the spread of the virus, he would refuse to create one at the federal level. He’d give responsibility for coordinating the distribution of supplies to his incompetent son-in-law.

    Then he’d find every way possible to discourage the use of face masks, turning it into a partisan issue in which his supporters show their loyalty by refusing to wear them. He’d celebrate and encourage those who violated stay-at-home orders, attacking governors of both parties who took aggressive steps to control the pandemic.
    Then, long before the virus was contained, he’d press for a resumption of economic and social activity — one that inevitably causes new infections to spike. He’d attack public health experts in his own government. Instead of calling on Americans to come together to do what is necessary to defeat the pandemic, he’d claim that things are actually going great and we don’t need to worry much anymore.

    I suppose that if you really exercised your imagination, you might come up with a few things Trump could have done worse. He didn’t, for instance, order the Air Force to bomb American hospitals.

    He does, however, continue to act as though 140,000 dead Americans is no big deal and covid-19 is nearly harmless. “Many of those cases are young people that would heal in a day. They have the sniffles and we put it down as a test,” he told Chris Wallace of Fox News in an interview that aired Sunday.

    When Wallace asked about his insistence that the virus would “disappear,” Trump responded, “I’ll be right eventually. I will be right eventually.” Which is true: If nothing else, in a few billion years the sun will expand until it swallows the Earth, at which point there will be no more coronavirus. Take that, libs.

    But no, Trump is not trying to do the worst possible job, even if that is in fact what he is doing. And the fault is not his alone. His administration is now trying to funding for testing and tracing in the next economic rescue package; it also wants to limit funding for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
    In addition, many of those around Trump seem to agree with him that pretending the virus doesn’t exist is a viable strategy.

    If we do less testing and talk about something else, everyone will just forget that we’re in the midst of a pandemic. The hospitals overflowing with patients? The bodies piling up? Close your eyes real tight, and they’ll disappear.
    Since we’re all imagining, let’s try to imagine what Trump might do from this point on if he actually wanted to contain the pandemic.

    But we all know that Trump even implicitly admitting his mistakes is simply impossible. He will not change course.

    And by the time we cast our ballots in November, there will probably be 200,000 Americans who have died because of his failure. Could he have done a worse job? Perhaps. But not by much.

    1. So backward and so wrong you are, open your eyes . . . The Democratic Party is dangerously pushing our Country into Socialism. If you would like to keep the freedom(s) outlined in our U.S. Constitution vote to keep President Donald J. Trump for a second term. A quick reference as to why I state this.
      First in Google Search type “who was Hillary Clintons mentor?”. Answer: Saul Alinsky. Mr. Alinsky wrote a book titled “Rules for Radicals”. The Democratic Party has been using Alinsky’s model. With in it there are 10 rules and rule number one is, (1) “blame your opponent for what you yourself are doing”. This creates confusion and increases conflict. “Rub the raw sores of discontent and compel action through agitation”. Included in Hillary’s thesis, “use Autonomy as a source of conflict”.
      Within Socialism the Government people become very wealthy and all the rest of us get what we get. No middle class. This is why large corporations bought out a large number of media outlets. There used to be 30 some in the U.S. Now there are 5. Can you say propaganda? This is the reason for the “fake news” statement.
      Now look up socialism. In part it says ” a transitional social state between the throw of Capitalism and the realization of Communism.
      I am greatsful for the Freedoms our fellow Americans fought and died for. I love our Country. TRUMP 2020

    2. ​@Karen Hardy Stop trying to distract by pointing to the past to people who haven’t been in control any of this time that Donald has run our country INTO THE GROUND. Noone buys into these deflection tactics anymore. If you hope to convince anyone of your opinion you have to appear credible. Deflecting from the subject at hand does the opposite. You can’t use The Constitution as a justification for supporting Donald, he has committed Un-Constitutional acts twice in the last month! Are you even paying attention? Do you even know what I am talking about? Or does the propaganda you subscribe to not show you the news of what Dear Leader is doing?
      I know I can’t reach you, but good GOD don’t think you can come in here with this excusing making and nutjob nonsense and convince anyone of anything. You might as well be wearing clown makeup. Noone will take you seriously.

    1. @Awesome Timeless You were obviously vacationing on planet Uranus during the 8 years of Obummer. Obama had a saying. “Never do or say stupid things”. Trump obviously did not pay attention to that advice. Obama never broke the law but the Republicans called him a dictator for signing executive orders because they opposed him every step of the way, they complained about his golfing 8 playing basketball but has gone silent with Trump who has DOUBLED Obama’s 8 years of golfing in only three years…..they called for his impeachment on several occasions…unlike Trump, everything he did was within the guidelines. the republicans set their hair on fire when Obama wore a Tan suit despite the fact Ronald Reagan (the GOP patron saint) wore a tan suit to work on several occasions….they set their hair on fire when Michelle wore sleeveless dresses despite the fact there are nude pictures of Malaria nude with some woman’s head up her snatch…. Republicans called it “art”. Trump is a walking crimewave & he deserves everything he gets. The master of self-inflicted wounds & he keeps on doing it. I could go on but i won’t, I’m sure you have better things to do.

    2. IF Obama/biden did their job during those 8years then trump wouldn’t be president today. Think about that for a sec. You cannot argue that all those counties that flipped in 16 was done by russia

    3. Adventure54 But did an impeachment happen to Obama? Also Trump does golf for his exercise just like Obama did golf for his exercise. Except Trump has gotten more done than Obama has in his 8 years.

    4. @Awesome Timeless if he was president he would had been took action straight away in the beginning just like Ebola. That was the point of his pandemic team was to take immediate action of the threat.

  3. Thanks obama! I see you’ve joined the fight for America! Vote biden and let’s build back better!

    1. Biden 2020 🇺🇸🙌🌊 Build Back Better … Bringing integrity, morals and intelligence back into the White House!

  4. Remember when trump just blurted out Obamagate!
    He told the press that we will know soon enough? Like this was going to be the be all to end all … he must forget about the things he says! Be really happy when this is all over!!!

    1. @Doug Lowe yeah….. comparing to a pandemic raging out of control a tan suit is an…omg… -eyes rolling-


    1. Richard Krill Jr. Hey Richey, Trump wasn’t called a racist until he ran against the Hag, Benghazi murderer Hillary, everything’s racist to you liberals. Trump 2020! Trump Jr. 2024!

    2. @youknow thething I seriously can’t look at him since seeing that pic. my god these people are f’ing twisted.

    3. Another faked video with zero substance. Let the “news” reporters create the narrative. So fecking ridiculous 👎

    4. The computer they are letting you use at the homeless shelter is broken.
      The CAP lock is stuck on.

    1. It’s What ALL Americans Need NOW More That Ever, Is To Be Able To SMILE Again,
      It Will Happen Come 2021, VOTE Blue With A Smile!!

  6. We all know that Trump is always trying to blame Obama for his doing wrong to our country and Trump is now trying to say Obama did this virus Trump is telling a lie

  7. Biden is too smart not to surround himself with the best Advisors and creative thinkers.I also believe Biden is not too proud to take excellent advise. Trump is simply too stupid for words.

  8. Thank You President Obama for helping Joe and helping us get rid of Trump!Team Joe💙💙💙💙💙💙

  9. I’m really glad to see Obama being more open about his opposition to Bunker Boy ,let’s hope it pays off,a Trump has done a pretty good job of helping his popularity wane.

  10. The system needs to be fortified against clowns, criminals and bypolar rapers.
    We need fresh air and intelect. Keep cheap entertainment for day time TV.

  11. Joe Biden had the wisdom to warn everyone in late January about the Coronavirus! No one listened at that time, and here we are!

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