Biden And Senate Close In On Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal 1

Biden And Senate Close In On Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal


The president and a group of bipartisan senators have reportedly agreed on a framework for an infrastructure deal, but will it get enough support from liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans to pass in the Senate? We discuss with Philip Rucker of The Washington Post.
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    1. They just added, Juneteenth, to the mix. I suppose they need the time off, to come up with some more, new, federal, holidays.

  1. How much of this money will end up on infrastructure and how much will end up in the hands of regulatory commissions who don’t actually build anything?

    1. @1littlestunner Depending on the road, those are mostly state issues, not government, and not taxpayers that live in other states.

    2. @brady chick If this was about Infrastructure there wouldn’t be any problems with getting Republicans on board. Only 5% will go to fixing roads and bridges. The republicans gave a counterbill that went to only infrastructure. The democrats would not even put it on the floor

    3. @MajesticcTrees Bigger question is how much of the money will go to both dem & gop politicians and the companies ran by their families, relatives and friends.

    1. They want to ram it through so that it will be too late when people finally figure that out.

    2. Republicans don’t want good paying Union jobs to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. The southern red Republican states has the lowest paying jobs in America and the Republican party in Congress wants to keep it that way!

    1. @brady chick Republicans only help the rich and screw over the middle class! Republicans hates the middle-class! This is why the middle-class paid more in taxes than Corporate America did under Trump! Republican party in Congress only wants a two class society, the rich and the poor! Screw the middle-class!

    2. @Ron White And raising the corporate tax rate 7% is going to totally make American companies want to stay in America right?!? The US Chamber of Commerce has even said the tax increases are “dangerously misguided.” This infrastructure bill is going to hit the middle class when it comes to the value of their 401(k)’s, the size of their pay packets and what they pay for goods and services. Personally I see inflation coming and who is it going to affect, the poor and middle class.

    3. Idk about that, when looking at how bad democratic states are run and seeing how dems want to raise taxes to pay crappy bills and buyouts. Lower class and middle classes suffer under democratic leadership

    4. @Natalie so the rich are never culpable? You’ll never take a stance against them because “oh well” right? Splash some water on your face and realize that republicans want you to vote for giving the rich more money.

    1. @Wandering Monk blah blah blah nothing is gonna change all you guys do is vote Republicans n democrats all the time for over 150 years Its almost like a Two party dictatorship ain’t it?

    2. @John Dohn2 well there is only one party that is a problem and actively works against the betterment of this country.
      I would vote for a republican that does nothing over a racist white supremacist democrat who will just raise my taxes and wont give anything in return.

    3. Get ready, it won’t be long now and this will be old news. I can’t wait to see what they want me to think is important tomorrow. See that red button to the left there, click on it, watch one of the short videos, leave a reply.

    4. @Rick Keeton when democrats have a habit of introducing bills that have nothing or very little to do with what the bills title suggests, I would rather the republicans vote no until everyone is clear on the actual content of the bill.
      Do yourself and the rest of Americans a favor and turn off your television and research things on your own while we still have a somewhat uncensored internet. And since you talk a lot of game about bipartisanship I would hope you would research both sides points of view equally. And more importantly you need to research anything the media says is “conspiracy theory” cuz that is always their reaction to truth.

  2. At this point I’m not sure which is worse, the stuff that comes out of the White House, or how it’s reported.

    1. @Jerrold Rieger dude, the right wing MSM was Trump’s personal propaganda machine and you gobbled up fake news like a pig eating from a trough if you think he was a good president

    2. Mr. Rokk speaking in actualities based on pure speculation. I see you are indeed a person of ignorance.

  3. I do feel the countdown to extinction starter is appropriate. Maybe they could throw in the Armageddon clock too.

  4. They really need to call this bill what it is. Most of the agenda items in this bill have little to do with roads, rail, power grids, bridges, and ports.

    1. @Pure how long do you wait for a tax refund? 2 weeks a month? That point is moronic at best. 85000 government jobs so you can get your 500-5000 dollar tax return a few days sooner? The average salary being even 50k. That’s an additional 4.3 billion dollars a year just in salary. Not to mention buildings, benefits, etc. Wow.

    2. @Pure your problem shouldn’t be how much time it takes to get your money back. But how much they take in the first place. Of which would be less if there was just a 15% flat tax across the board. With that we could eliminate the IRS all together. Let alone just expanding government and agencies.

  5. How about instead of just talking about how the “deal” is “bipartisan,” we focus on what the “deal” will actually do for the American citizen, hmmm?

    1. @fordham337 If being informed actually makes me a “fool” then you need to look that word up.

    2. @DarthSailorMoon Serious question: Do you really think that the left wing media doesn’t have an agenda as much as the right wing media does?

    3. I can find the breakdown of the plan, but not the real bill itself. Where can I find the real bill?

    1. @Keith Thorson they’re not changing the definition, there are real infrastructure needs and they’re broad based.

    2. @colin corner if this bill was infrastructure alone maybe the people would support it. Only about 20% of the money is going to actual infrastructure that’s where the problem is. Democrats as well as republicans always make these bills with a name that sounds nice and gets sheep to believe it is good when actually the bills have little to nothing to do with what the name of the bill is

    3. @colin corner so in you’re ‘broad based’ definition would you include China and Hunter Biden in your infrastructure plan? The Demonrats are!

    4. Can’t you right wingers do any unbiased research of your own, and actually look at what he is proposing? Also, unlike the republicans, democrats are willing to compromise. Thank god we at least have one party that is reasonable.

    5. @colin corner Democrats reasonable and willing to compromise?! Some responses don’t need words!

    1. @Mostly Peaceful The money will go to construction companies and their workers. Are they rich owners sure but do you expect them to build the roads for free?

    2. @533 watts why haven’t wages increased in 30 years but CEO’s make 300x more than the average worker? Why is this the richest country but has the largest income inequality. Why did the rich receive the tax cuts permanently but not the lower class and middle class? Why was the rich tax 90% in the past and now only 20% in some cases because of trump? And how are you going to make the case that rich people pay more taxes and feel like that proves something?

    3. @Political Mind “The money will go to construction companies and their workers. ”

      Sure it will sweetheart. Sure it will. 10% for the Big Guy!

    1. @glocklvr22
      They somehow always manage to become millionaires after overspending our money.

      Probably just a coincidence

    2. @Twiistz Check out the Covid relief bills, all of them included “failed bills” hidden within, its very common & only one method. Best example is a copyright Infringement enhancement was included for Tom Tillis, which oddly he has had hundreds of thousands donated to his SuperPAC from multiple entertainment companies, so this one seems like a direct kickback for his donors. Also S-PACs allow donors to bypass a federal cap of $5k per campaign with billions instead via fake committees. They are always their own chairman & only every donate to themselves, & Scotus furthered it allowing companies to donate as well, bought & paid for elections. Best wishes. “I though so.”

  6. is this going to be like the covid bill where you take money from that and put it towards other things that have nothing to do with infrastructure? gonna throw out 2 trillion and use what we want for infrastructure and then the rest will be used for whatever we want. NO. if i need $500 for tires on my car, i don’t go ask for $10k and then burn the other $9500 on random crap.

  7. I doubt mash potato brains has had anything to do with this bill. They got him in the basement making finger paint art.

    1. Amazing people still vote. Just using your tax dollars as their play fund in those important positions of favoritism everyone acceptingly allows any of them to have. Quite a tight knit little circle they have between themselves behind closed doors.

  8. I still don’t get how abortion funding is called “infrastructure”, unless the Democrats want to build structures using dead fetuses as a foundation.

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