1. I’m first but who ever see this comment hope your day is good if not god bless you and your family 😌

    1. @aaron TRUMP2024 ♥️♥️♥️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    2. @Dandadabman 710 they haven’t voted on it yet! Are you clairvoyant? Trump is a has been. No-one in the GOP wants him back- they just want to use him for as long as they can to keep their bases happy. Cruz, de Santos, Hawley and more are chomping at the bit to try and take over.

  2. In the words of Mitt Romney, “Corporations are people, my friends.” They should be taxed accordingly.

    1. Big business like Google and Amazon will get bigger. The swamp will get richer and the American people will pay all the taxes. Hello do you even think the DNC are for you! Taxes will increase next year. Mark my words!

    1. @Kevin Michael jr He wasn’t the candidate then & nobody’s lost anything here,people just like to whine.

    2. @R R R you posted on my comment”
      R R R
      1 hour ago
      Not surprised. Trump has a NYC personality. A lot of people can’t tolerate that.

      My issue is policies… not personalities. Trump wanted to put America first. Biden is hellbent on destroying the United States… and that includes your Christian faith. Your days are numbered.
      so please my (not)friend, stop harassing me and leave me alone if you do not want someone to comment back. Thank God trump is starting his own website for people like you who do not want to hear anything but your own beliefs.

  3. He’s working so hard,and he’s well appreciated, I can only imagine if he had been in office for the last 4 year’s!

    1. This is a joke right? Working hard? He didnt even get out of his basement during the campaign. Cant even say hi to his illegal migrants at the border. But of course he is the first to rush to Atlanta bec of hate crime. He tripped 3x in Air force one. He is so feeble and slipping away before our very eyes and yet we are so forgiving and merciful to him. And yet very hard on Trump. Double standards at its highest!

    2. @Dorothy Brown
      Hey Dorothy! You would have received $600 more! If it were not for the wicked witch of the west putting her evilness in the mix

  4. The reason there are so many millionaires and billionaires, is because the majority of the people, who those rich folks use to generate their fortunes, are held back by them. “It’s Time to change that” Make them and their corporations pay taxes.

    1. @Brian coughlin You dont prepare taxes dont act like your something your not and yes there was a sunset clause for the middle class and low income taxe cuts he made that was allowed to activate a year after it was put in place

    2. @Seeking The truth If you seek the truth, it will set you free😂. You realized our tax system is Progressive. High income taxpayers pay the highest average income tax rate. It’s the higher middle class and the wealthy in the US that pay more in taxes and at a higher rate than the middle class and the poor. The 10% with the highest incomes pay more than half of all the Federal Taxes. They pay more than 70% of Federal Income Taxes. That is according to the Congressional Budget Office. So quit whining and be thankful there are wealthy people partially sustaining this country.

    3. The reason they’re so rich is because everyday you swipe your card and give them your money. You don’t realize it but you’re only alive because the rich allow it. Let’s not pretend like you can get food from anywhere other than a store that’s owned by the 1%

    4. @peach tea Do you have reading comprehension??. Technically they did pay. It’s the Corporate tax code that allows them to zero out their liability. Been working for many years. My employer takes taxes out of my pay. Follow me here. Every year, i get tax refund. I took advantage of all the available deductions and credits. So actually, the taxes i paid i got it back. Sometimes more, and sometimes just break even. If you’re filing your income taxes, you should know why those billionaires and Corporations are paying zero.

    1. @Havon Jones and trumps ” on the job training” never worked he wasnt presidential material from the get go. Trump was a waste of time. A big mistake. He didn’t have the aptitude or desire to even really try.

    2. @Facts First Nice repost. Let me just debunk a couple of these real quick: America wasn’t energy independent under Trump, gas prices are going up due to the success of Biden’s vaccine rollout (more demand = higher prices. Or did you completely miss how empty the roads have been for the last 14 months?) Putin also threatened nuclear war under Trump. Who I assume probably just tweeted about it. Or went golfing.
      Literally everyone on the planet who’s ever tried to hurry up stairs has slipped, though I imagine you probably catch yourself with your head. Trans women are still women, trans men are still men.
      The order for reduced insulin and epinephrine prices was frozen so his cabinet could review the order, which hadn’t gone into effect anyway. It was not canceled.
      I could keep going, but a simple Google search is all you really need to figure out the rest of what you said is bullshit, so… Maybe watch something other than Fox?

    3. Yup, he’s put way more kids in cages, cost many people jobs already. Widened the social divide. He’s a moron and a fraud.

    1. @Hazel Coyne families survived on single incomes before we ever had federal income taxes, too…you know, back when people averaged more than a 39 hour work week like we have today.

    2. @Hook ‘Em yes you know why ? They keep taxing businesses meaning they cut hours Biden is gonna cause more hours cut

    3. @Richard Reveles if these people actually paid attention to how much of our taxes are wasted on complete bulls**t, they wouldn’t be asking for an increase in taxes…they would be asking for our tax money to quit being wasted on nonsense

    4. @Hook ‘Em that’s the thing they don’t you know why all they have to say is true bad and they’ll agree and clap like idiots they can say will tax people making Under 50k a year 80% and end it with Trump bad they’ll cheer and love it

    5. When they bring in the global reset and the Mark of the Beast if you don’t wished to be jailed in the lake of fire for eternity you will have no income. I suggest learning to live off the land.

  5. Let’s make the south our new manufacturing area.
    Lots of good people being held down there and need our help.

    1. @Thomas Since when is a minimum wage job suppose to be ones end goal in life? $7.50 an hour is okay for children just starting off in the work force. It was never meant for those who wanted to live off of it for the rest of there lives. Losers who choose to never support themselves or move up in the world should not be rewarded because you feel bad for them. They have the same options as many others do, go to college, take the loans and get a good paying job. Why should be make $15 nation wide the minimum wage. It wont do anything but make the lower middle class apart of the new minimum wage lower class. This is idiotic.

    2. @President Tater Skin you cannot afford a single bed apartment with heat and water with that when in the south with their reduced cost of living. You Connor survive of 7.25

    3. @Odysseus1776 Your argument doesn’t even make sense LOL I have lived and helped individuals in a 3 world country. They would love $7.25 an hour. You argument pulls for the side your trying to debate against, its so weak and riddled with holes a elementary student could find issues with it.

    4. @Marc Lucido it was never considered that it was for teenagers.
      A living wage is different for adults to begin. But now everyone no matter can be paid this stupid wage.
      So do you home work son.

    5. @Thomas Lol cute no I actually am a doctor. You know someone who actually worked there way up from scratch to make a living. Answer this for me what happens when you raise minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour; to unemployment and/ or prices of goods and services? Do you really expect companies to not want to maintain profit margins? especially when you increase their taxes?

  6. 11.45 Talking at last about Flint Michigan. Great to hear from progressive caring forward focussed politician.

  7. Thank You Present Bidden for having a plan, for challenging those 91 companies to pay their fair shair. We truly need jobs, good paying Jobs where people won’t have to work two or more just to pay their rent or mortgage. Water pipes are important, start with Flint Michigan. Commuting traffic, we all want less of the bottle neck… I prey you get the support you need and the working class that this plan support’s Democratic and Republican will back you. God bless and protect you and America.

    1. You will never have plentiful, good paying jobs again. Artificial Intelligence will take over many of these jobs. That’s why Americans are being given checks in these stimulus packages. It is to prepare them for regular universal basic income

    2. You made those companies rich by buying their products and now you want them to give you the money back? Why don’t you start by giving back your home, car, clothes and food back? You rely on the rich to survive, without them you’d be starving on the street.

    3. The 91 companies will go somewhere else bec of higher taxes next yr. Some of those 91 will stay bec they have lobbying powers like the Silicon Valley Olidorks!

    1. LOL since when does money grow on trees? Anyone who supports this plan is a blundering idiot which rely on the government to support them through life.

  8. “ I carry it in my pocket everyday” – The list of the number of people who have died in your county from Covid.
    This is a person who understands the weight of their responsibilities and carries them.
    Literally in his pocket. Close to his heart.

    1. @Adam Taylor Really only a mind control zombie slave would take this Bill Gates vaccine of death who is on record saying we can depopulate the world if we have really good vaccines. These MRNA / RNA gene recoder and genetic restructuring vaccines are some of the best around if one is it to genetic armageddon, the genetic corruption of the human race.

    2. @Drink_4_Nikolai I lost in the YouTube baseball game on my main channel but I still have all the evidence. But I can’t post links anymore they all get blocked. Pretty much every channel I liked and followed and supported is now banned from YouTube. It is kind of hard with social media being controlled by an agenda. The number of infections was total lies. I work in one of the most infected Covid states, I never wear a mask nor do I social distance. Actually I haven’t even been sick one day since the Covid lockdown in March of 2020. I spent 4 days in one of the most infected towns in the country again with no mask and no social distancing and I had encounters with hundreds of people. I went to the Covid center and asked the lady how many people do you test a day. She said maybe 10. My local hospitals were all empty. The testing centers by mid summer were empty parking lots. So much so they are all gone.

    3. @Uncockblockable Biden has been in the government for almost 50 years, and have supported terrible legislation, like the development of China and helping big corporations take millions of American jobs elsewhere, what’s the good policy now? Pretend to have forgotten all this? C’mon man…

  9. SSI people especially they only get $700 and something a month and rent takes 90% of it then you have to pay your utilities if you live alone there’s no way to do it even the hotels cost $600 a month that’s the cheapest here in Paducah the rest cost $1,200 or more does not include food toilet paper shampoo laundry it doesn’t include any of it thank you God bless hope we get it


  10. 💋😎love Joe & Kamala tag team giving 🇺🇸new chances for a better life/ it feels like the 70’s (we were burning our bras for equal pay)when he said repairs employing electricians linesmen includes women too 💋

    1. @Matt Bonthoux LOL no he watched the speech, its just sometimes hard to understand what the mumbling fool is actually saying.

    2. @Marc Lucido yes Marc, the middle class. The largest collective group of people in the country with the most collective spending power. You see, the middle class buys most of the goods those same big businesses produce. The economy works with the middle class at the center. If you have a robust middle class, they will spend the money. That spending will generate more jobs due to higher demand for goods, and those jobs generate tax revenue. If you tax the wealthy to ensure that there is a robust middle class, it benefits all involved (including the rich) because demand is higher for the products that their companies create. Please come back to me once you have taken macroeconomics at your local college.

  11. Just imagine how many new jobs and job opportunities would be created in order to accomplish all these goals — just by investing some goodly portion of America’s accumulated wealth back into itself — instead of into the pockets of the wealthiest of our people.

  12. Write to your Senators and tell them you support this. That is, if you want to see any part of this nation rise again.

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