Biden Announces 300 Million Covid Vaccine Doses Have Been Administered 1

Biden Announces 300 Million Covid Vaccine Doses Have Been Administered


President Biden announced that 300 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine had been administered in 150 days. He thanked Americans for "stepping up" to help with the country's "unparalleled vaccination program."
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    1. @Kate T You and I know why people will be sterilized, but do these people even realize it? They are beyond brainwashed.

  1. Who cares,3 of them for me went to other countries, I’ll shed a tear or two when I finish my triple bourbon

  2. I like how they purposely edited out the parts where Biden was coughing up a storm into his hand over and over again

    1. @Mario Cervantes Look at this corporate shill . Cares about the poor CEOs more than the citizens.

    2. @Mario Cervantes I don’t like handouts for undeserving people. But I understand that handouts are necessary for people to get started out of poverty. With living prices and the current minimum wage, even one job doesn’t cut it some of the time. It doesn’t make sense why a 40 hour/week job shouldn’t provide enough money for expenses. Working people should not need welfare, but currently they do.

      And there are many other things that make me prefer one side over the other.

    3. @abcdefg hijklmno but you do know who put us in this current situation right? Until you take off the blinders will you see. Welfare was supposed to be temporary.

    4. @Mario Cervantes “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps” doesn’t sound like temporary welfare

    5. @abcdefg hijklmno like I said, stay clueless. Lyndon B. Johnson doesn’t want you to leave the plantation mindset, he even said he’ll keep you that way.

    1. @michael murillo
      Fooling idiots into taking poison is probably some type of crime, I’m no lawyer, but I’m not sure you could get away with that yourself.

    1. @Geo Dude they’ll probably stop mentioning it once the human trafficking and drug trafficking that’s happening as a result of opening up the border stops

    2. @010 and once Ted cruise stops heading on vacation when my friend in Texas was freezing there rear off

    3. @010 Why don’t they talk about things like homelessness in the US? Why is it only specific things like immigration?

    4. @Geo Dude homelessness is very much an issue but increasing our population won’t help with the homelessness issue or the allocation of goods, It exacerbates that problem

  3. It’s he ready from a teleprompter again ? Can sleep joe ever talk like a normal person? Oh wait, I guess not

  4. Didn’t happen on its own he says, that’s right, we got the vaccines as quick as we did sure to president Trump.

    1. Theres so many rules and regulations that keep 3rd parties from even getting a foothold in government especially the president that its almost impossible.

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