1. @REAL BLACKS KNOW THE TRUTH those sheep need to listen to FACTS and wear a mask and get vaccinated and quit following lies.

    2. That would help. They need a vaccinated world. Not just a country. He needed to drop the patents months ago

    1. @Play Boy I received my first one in the beginning of July but when it came for me to get my second shot my sugar was high 600 so I had to wait till the beginning of August to get my second shot which was the third

    1. The rest are surely smarter than ALL scientists at the NIH, CDC, and WHO taken together. Why aren’t they in Stockholm then drafting a speech, which starts with something like, “Dear members of the Nobel prize committee. In gratitude for this unmeasurable honor…” No one recognized the geniuses, eh? It’s OK… There was one person who loved his poorly educated…

    2. @Jumpin Jack we don’t follow him . We elected him. Hes not a god like the trumpets hold that man… though if it’s back by science and hes informing us on a medical issue that he was advise by scientists , Then yes. We will take the advice to prevent further harm to a vulnerable population..

    1. @Sarah Brown um no, immunity doesn’t work as per your desires . It works differently from one pathogen to another . For some pathogens immunity gained from one strain is effective against others. In other cases it is not. As for natural vs unnatural : The immune system has no way of knowing if the pathogen it is attacking is a live virus, or a dead one, or in the case of MRNA vaccines, a dummy. WBCs aren’t that smart. And that’s the fundamental idea behind a vaccine.

    2. @Deepak D’Souza it’s not a sterilizing vaccine because injected vaccines don’t produce localized antibodies. I’ve not heard anyone say the vaccine is better than natural immunity which does produce sterilizing antibodies for up to 23 variants. UK is doing a study to decide if they will issue natural immunity passports 🙄. It won’t be done until the end of the year so just save your “um no” until the experimental phase of science is peer reviewed.

    3. It’s not the same for all 3 vaccines here, though. Pfizer and Moderna vaxxes have been offering significantly better protection, over time, than the single-shot J&J.

  1. Meanwhile during the EXACT SAME TIME… sooo many Americans wondering if they will be brought back home and the families of those people with no address…

    1. they are going to have to start teaching that racist old maths again – just so the general population can work it out

    1. I don’t mind wearing a mask. I don’t mind using hand sanitizer. I don’t mind social distancing myself from fools.

  2. CDC recently said we don’t need boosters. Did they just get some yummy new data?!
    So, ridiculous…other countries are already giving boosters.

    1. Right! They also said the vaccinated would be good for years. And the people who had covid and were vaccinated were good for life. I no longer trust the cdc…they are just guessing here.

    2. They got to keep the money coming in. A vaccine that’s good for life isn’t going to cut it. Can’t make money off of healthy people.

    1. @Wreaking Havoc with Banjos LMAO, YabbaDabbaDoo Gummy Boosties
      I prefer orange though over cinnamon – but cinnamon is a good 2nd!

  3. It’ll affect the people who got J&J the most- it’s the one that seems to not have taken well.

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