Biden Announces David Chipman As ATF Nominee | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. I guess an NFL player going on a shooting spree yesterday killing five people before killing himself isn’t worth mentioning 🤔

    1. @Jay Zenitram No. He’s a MAGACultist ignoring the existence of CTE to deflect and racebait.

  2. He was part of the ATF during the whole gun walking Fast and Furious scandal of running guns to cartels in Mexico. I wonder if anyone is gonna ask him about his knowledge on that.

    1. @Insignificant360 from CNN 2012

      “Voting on strictly partisan lines, a House committee recommended Wednesday that Attorney General Eric Holder be cited for contempt of Congress for failing to turn over documents relating to the botched Fast and Furious weapons sting operation.

      The vote ended an extraordinary daylong hearing that took place after President Barack Obama asserted executive privilege over some documents sought by the panel investigating Fast and Furious. The White House move means the Department of Justice can withhold some of the documents.”

    2. Fortune Magazine has a detailed article. The ATF had no gun walking policy and tried to interdict guns but weak federal laws and Arizona prosecutors blocked them. Thank the National Russia Association for letting the cartels buy guns.

    3. @Insignificant360 – CBS 2011

      “Damning, newly-obtained emails show that a key gun shop owner made explicit concerns in writing last year in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms’ “gunwalking” scandal.

      Starting in late 2009, ATF allegedly directed an undetermined number of Phoenix-area gun shop owners to go ahead with sales of thousands of assault rifles and other weapons to suspicious buyers. Insiders claim ATF knew the buyers were connected to Mexico’s drug cartels, but let the guns “walk” onto the street anyway in a misguided attempt to obtain intelligence. ATF and the Justice Department have denied that.

      ATF Supervisor Voth tried to reassure the cooperating gun shop owner. “I understand that the frequency with which some individuals under investigation by our office have been purchasing firearms from your business has caused concerns for you… However, if helps put you at east we (ATF) are continually monitoring these suspects using a variety of investigative techniques which I cannot go into [in] detail.”

  3. The only part of the so called ” ghost guns ” that has a serial number is the reciever , that is the gun by law . You cannot buy a reciever without a backround check . A ” parts kit ” is not a gun . You can buy and complete a reciever blank or an 80% reciever and finish it yourself if you have the tools and skills . Tha laws are stupid because stupid people were elected to make them .

  4. You know they are going to have to fit a “C” in there if they ever legalize MJ on the national level.

    1. @Jay Zenitram So you think it will be ATFC or ACTF or ATCF or CATF? Though, I don’t know about that last one.

  5. Awesome!!! we get to hear what the CHILDREN… Communists CHILDREN know about GUNS!!.. How can people this stupid pretend they know ANYTHING about Firearms?

  6. Philip Adams killed 5 people yesterday in a mass shooting but MSNBC has yet to report on it. Why?

  7. The ATF has needed a leader for a very long time, hopefully he gets nominated and runs the Department well

  8. Has head of the ATF this human skid mark will be surrounded by security agents who carry fire arms. Time for us to admit it … China has won a war few of us even knew was being waged.

    1. Chucks the giver chipman is the taker lol what a joke why is somebody who hates guns working in the alcohol tobacco and firearms what a joke

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