1. Iraq was one of the powerful and most developed country back then but now look how they redeemed themselves, I tell you Sunni Muslims let themselves down . The Shia Muslims are the only once who single handedly fought with USA invasion. Am Sunni and I wish to see Shia Muslims and Sunnis United and liberate Middle East

    1. It will never happen. I know you are smart man, because you have the very large head. But Sunni and Shia will never come together. Sorry Bro.

    1. @Leo Peridot Your reading way, way, way to much into the DNC Propaganda machine we call the “news”.
      The Ememies are China, then China and China followed distantly by everyone else.

    2. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith I wasn’t even born you fool lol. And it was based on a lie like Iraq. Soldiers died for NOTHING.

    3. @Lil Boba
      That means you are like 14…stop commenting on stuff you know nothing about

    1. Yes we probably are! But the world changes as far as security. And even Obama wanted troops out!!!

    2. @Timmy Truth Rethuglicans are pro- pedophilia. See Matt Pizzagatze,Roy Moore, Donald Trump, ect, ect.

  2. Please bring all the translators who helped this country to the US asap. They are being hunted down.

    1. @Robert J. Williamson Yes. They should be Airlifted out. (Interpreters). Iraq is one thing, but meddling in Afghanistan has never been successful for any Country. The Soviet Union was there a long time too and it’s thought by some that their War in Afghanistan contributed greatly to their collapse.

    2. @tinybird memes – We are talking about the civilian translators that worked for Americans in Afghanistan and were promised safety.
      Google “New York Times – Britain Accelerates Relocation of Afghan Interpreters to U.K.”
      The British are doing the honourable thing and relocating the CIVILIAN Afghan translators that aided the British military while they were fighting America’s “war on terror.”
      Then Google the “AlJazeera article -” ‘Betrayed’: The Afghan interpreters abandoned by the US.”
      So all over the Middle East is is being reported that the American government is once again not to be trusted. They make promises and then when aided they betray those that help them.

      As for your other point, the USA spend $2 Trillion and 20 years and lost the war to the Taliban. It’s you that needs to “stop kidding yourself.” The was a total military defeat in which the U.S. had to negotiate surrender and safe passage out of Afghanistan. Trump even invited to Taliban to Camp David at one point. There is no spinning this in the eyes of the world. The USA tried to defeat the Taliban but the Taliban still run most of the county and will run it all within weeks. Why you “lol” about that I cannot imagine but the power dynamic of the world has shifted.
      When a nation loses a war as completely as this, betrays its allies, goes back on peace agreements that they sign with allies and enemies and betray allies in the field, their military is done in the world.

  3. So there is no difference. We are just trying to say “no combat missions” but we are going to keep doing the same damn thing that we have been. This means absolutely nothing. Nothing is changing.

    1. @Dylan Wagemans It was bigger, longer, and in 7 countries. And we’re going to lose all of them because it was a total failure.

    1. @Adi B
      You are incorrect.
      The prophet Mohammad said that “All water is pure” even if it has menstrual rags in it, dead animals, etc (Dawud, 66)

      Am I going to believe you or the Prophet?

      Since they are Muslims and complain, they are apostates and Surah 5:34 must be applied to them.

  4. Thank Bush for getting the US into a forever war. Thank Cheney for profiting from this war. Thank Rumsfeld for being egotistic and a pro-private interests, that lead to the US to enter for oil.

    1. Bush couldn’t find where Bin Laden was, so he decided to invade because he thought they had of weapons of mass destruction like he claimed they had, but he really invaded Iraq to get revenge on Saddam because he tried to assassinate his father when he visited Kuwait in 1993.

    2. So Basically just say “Thank you” to the Warmongers of the Republican party who are “All in” with Defense Contractors?

    3. @jonathan sernholt I know but Bush said “I know they do” but it was just an excuse to go to war with them because Saddam tried to assassinate his father when he visited Kuwait in 1993.

  5. We never should have gone in there in the first place. Where were the WMD’s? Operation: Military-Industrial Complex

  6. At the current rate the Taliban will be announcing the end of their combat mission roughly six months from now.

  7. For me, if they want to have the government their way, we just go home take back our country destroyed by someone.

  8. Like a corrections officer told me when I was released from prison ” you’ll be back” …I proved him wrong!

  9. The Whitehouse need to cease military operations with all of their aggressive foreign policies, and instead use that money for health, and social housing in America.

    1. War is money, simple as that! Look at US contractors making x5 times the amount of a solider in the same field! Expect more war sooner rather than later especially with inflation!

    2. @diveunder That’s right. War is a Big Money Maker for the US, and our Children are the ones that die so the Rich Kids in DC can keep getting fatter. They lied to US about fighting the Vietnamese, Now We purchase Samsung products made by the Descendants of the Vietnamese that killed US.

    3. @Omniknight Samsung is a South Korean Chaeboul, That’s a Conglomerate for those of you that dont know. LG, Samsung, LG is the Old Gold Star, remember? Google it and see for yourself. Now what is worse? Americans purchasing appliances from China or Made in Vietnam? South Korean owned yes, but Made in Vietnam nonetheless. Wake up America.

    1. Yeah, and the “Communists” in Vietnam now manufacture Samsung products that Americans happily purchase at Lowes and Home Depot.

    2. @Coldwynn Frost Yeah, I would have to agree, Our “New” Commie friends in Vietnam were quite Proficient against our Troops with their Communist made bicycles. The Taliban kicks our butts today with Mopeds.

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