Biden Announces Fully Vaccinated People Do Not Need Masks In Small Outdoor Gatherings | MSNBC 1

Biden Announces Fully Vaccinated People Do Not Need Masks In Small Outdoor Gatherings | MSNBC


President Biden announced that the Center for Disease Control has determined those who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 do not have to wear masks when outdoors in small gatherings. "Our scientists are convinced by the data," he said as he continued to encourage Americans to get vaccinated.

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  1. Funny that he thinks the people not getting vaccines are also wearing masks outdoors in small gatherings 🤣

    1. @DatCyanGuy I was, then caught it, not against. Everyone in my family across 4 different house holds catching months apart all getting it, masks didnt prevent it for me and them equally. Missed new years, Christmas due to my time with it then more birthdays after others got it

    1. LoL till yesterday Republicans were hyperventilating that Biden was taking their liberties seat, forcing everyone it wear Burqhas, mark of the best, yada yada yada. Today : we don’t care!

    2. @John W no, plain and simple, you don’t get to make people feel bad for wanting to live their own lives for the sake of the safety of everyone. I’ll say it until I’m blue in the face, it’s not other people’s job to look out for your health, if you’re worried, stay inside, or wear your mask, I could not care less. But I don’t know you and I’m not going to alter the way I live my life to make you feel safe enough to step out of the house….and if that’s childish or selfish in your eyes so be it. Again, I don’t know you, so your opinion is not super important to me…..

    3. @Deepak D’Souza I needed to read your comment more than five times to understand and now I think I do. Lol.

  2. How do you know if someone is vacinated or not? Do we have to walk around with our I got vacinated sticker on our hand?

    1. Simple. Assume people you don’t know aren’t. And ask the people you know. The rest is common sense.

    2. Only do small gatherings with people you know and trust. If you still ask yourself “how can I possibly know if they are in fact vaccinated?” You don’t trust them. Don’t hang out with them. Simple.

      I am asking to see proof because we have a little one with pre-existing conditions and must trust absolutely nobody. My family knows that and are willing to show us proof if they want to see us… outside… for no more than 30 minutes and we are still wearing the masks.

    1. @William Franz so one store, in one area……love to watch you back pedal from all of Florida does to a single store. You fools are parodies of yourselves

    2. @William Franz idk its been a year and noone in my neighboorhood died and theres like 500 people where i live

  3. Funny because people in Canada that were in a big backyard of only 6 people all got the B117 uk variant recently. I’ll be keeping my mask ON, I mean have you seen India??

    1. Have you seen the crowding, cesspool of humans in the cities in India? Of course they are having issues with the disease, Denise, they always have rampant diseases.

    2. The world is a dangerous place, and it always will be. You’ll be much happier when you stop obsessing over every minuscule threat and learn to enjoy yourself.

  4. im going to continue to wear my mask. Don’t look at me, Don’t talk to me, mind your business. Mask help block social interactions and i like that.

    1. @XMattingly not the same thing. “Lord, lord never knew you.” You hurt people and thought that was the same thing as NOT HURTING PEOPLE.

  5. I will still continue to wear mask because I realized I don’t need to worry about smelling someone’s breath or body odor next to me

  6. Speaking as someone who has always has a stammer, this man’s strength in fighting the same fight always moves me.

    1. I think his policies are groan-worthy and mostly abhorrent, but yeah — he certainly deserves credit for that. It’s been basically impossible for anyone to become President in the past century without being a prolific speaker; Biden is obviously less than that, but he still communicates effectively — arguably better still than Dubya.

    1. And the Doctors, nurses and scientist he works thru. And all the sheep who bore the burden of wearing a mask.

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