Biden Announces Johnson & Johnson And Merck Partnership To 'Accelerate' Covid Vaccine Production 1

Biden Announces Johnson & Johnson And Merck Partnership To ‘Accelerate’ Covid Vaccine Production


President Biden announced a partnership between Johnson & Johnson and Merck in order to increase production of Covid-19 vaccines to help combat the pandemic. The president thanked both companies, who are usually competitors, for being "good corporate citizens" as the nation deals with the crisis. Aired on 03/2/2021.
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Biden Announces Johnson & Johnson And Merck Partnership To 'Accelerate' Covid Vaccine Production


  1. And to this Abbott says ‘Texas is wide open.’ Not a plan to increase the spread and sabotage Biden’s efforts?? … Nah, no moral person would do that to 30,000,000 people, would they? Let’s see how many RepubliKKKlan states follow suit. These are sick people.

    1. I believe the Texas governor looked at these thousands of foreign nationals that are being allowed into the country. We have no idea who they are and what diseases they are carrying. I guess he thought that if Joe wasn’t concerned about those foreign nationals being super spreaders why not open Texas back up for business.

    2. Texas is open and so is Florida. I was in both places for nearly a month and I wore a mask about 3 times the entire month. Those are the only places that allow people to be free. And guess what, the death rates are the same or lower than everywhere else in the USA. You should try to take your mask off and breath a little. It would be good for you. And come out from hiding under your bed too.

    3. @Todd Yep, I was there last month for 2 weeks and I wore a mask there probably twice. It’s nice to live your life as a free person. Risk is a part of the human experience and I’d rather live with it than lock myself away being afraid.

    1. @gunit 010 Come’on. The vaccines have been developed by scientists. That’s not “trump’s accomplishment” at all. Delivery, supply chain, ramping up production with the NDA, organizing the training and dispersing of vaccinators, getting delivery to all segments of society… Trump didn’t do squat. He just said that he did, as he encouraged ignorant people to oppose mask wearing. Can’t wait until he’s in jail. A criminal con man that history will hold in contempt.

    2. I’m not your fool
      Nobody’s fool
      Nobody’s foooool
      I’m no fooool
      Nobody’s fool
      Nobody’s fool
      Never again no no

  2. Wow is this what having a negotiator in office looks like, It would have been incredible to have this deal about 10 months ago, now it will take a few months still to get the real results from this; however, this is a big deal.

    1. It’s only a matter of time…..Please let it be over soon in 2 months….I wanna go back to college and socialize… classes just….aren’t cutting in anymore

  3. I’d just like to point out that Biden hasn’t played a single game of golf since taking office.
    Not only is he keeping his promises, but he’s keeping Trump’s broken promises. Haha

    1. His promises? For what? Curing COVID? Or was it the student loan forgiveness? Oh wait – or was it COVID relief and $2000 per person? Wow you idiots cave quick. He sucks. Period. Keeps letting in illegals with COVID and other medical issues. Killing jobs. Gas has gone up $0.70/gal in my state. He sucks. Period

  4. Thanks Trump for everything you did. Just like Biden said he did know this until he come in office. But Its a all over the news before he come in to the office

  5. No over paid CEO’s, no black marker’s, AND he’s used the production act the right way? Amazing what can get done when making TV isn’t the first priority!

  6. Is there a reason why Fox News is claiming on air that it’s been disastorus for the Biden Administration so far? What was disastorus?

    1. Do you know what is in this vaccine and what it actually does to your DNA? This is not disastrous, much worse. This is days of Noah 2.0, Genetic armageddon, the genetic corruption of the human race

  7. Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so That we all make it to heaven.

    Like so more people can see this.

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