1. Plus you can sue gun manufacturers if the gun malfunctions and injures you. You can sue a company if using their product as intended causes you harm. If using it as not intended causes you or others harm, that isn’t the manufacturers problem. If you stuff a bunch of cereal in your anus and it causes a problem you can’t sue General Mills for that. If you take apart a razor and slash someone’s throat in the middle of the night, their family can’t sue Bic, because it isn’t the intended purpose

    2. @northdakotagamer Congress in 2005 passed the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which gave gun manufacturers a significant degree of immunity from being sued for money damages by victims of gun violence and their relatives.

    3. @Thomas Stanfield Yes, but should a car manufacturer be held liable for a hit and run? Should a knife manufacturer be held liable for a stabbing? Biden and Gorsuch raise some reasonable policy proposals, but making gun manufacturers liable for misuse of their products, a standard to which no other industry is held, is not reasonable

  1. Too many comments saying “I came here for the comments and I wasn’t disappointed”

    *That I can’t find the GOOD stuff*

    1. @_Warrior Poet_ Anyone Still Kissing cheater Biden & CNN’s rear? Bye election cheaters

    2. @_Warrior Poet_ You sure like yourself… Nice you read all those books, but you might wanna take a look outside to the real world Mr. Warrior xD.

    3. @maurice mauri Gawd another religious bigot.. If you want to be president in USA you must pretend you are a christian or you’ll never have a chance.. When have you ever had a non-christian president? So narrow minded.

    1. @Dee Unknown yet tax payers are forced to support freeloaders perfectly capable of working who choose to stay home and have children they cant financially support on thier own. Democrats are the party of welfare

    2. @Dee Unknown stop trying to add other liberal bullshit, antifa hates cops, so does blm, there almost all liberals. Getting rid of guns does nothing

    1. Except for his executive orders only seem to help the gun manufacturing industry and won’t have any real impact on gun violence

    2. @Name Name I stopped reading Executive Orders. There is no fear of the Lord because there is no understanding (believe and do) because there is no repentance of sin. #John317

    3. @Joseph Crawford tf does that even mean. Stop quoting bible versus an talk like a normal person ya weirdo

  2. Well the way how I see if the crazy people can’t get it legally there’s people on the street that can sell it to them so they can get it illegally🤔

    1. @R Mark and if the law is like the uk, 14 years per gun no chance of early release. that would stop people desad in their tracks especially if they have a family, like say you had 4 guns that would be 14×4= 56 years. just for having 4 guns. imagine if you had kids, you wouldnt risk it and criminals wouldnt risk it as that would be it for them no more criming

    2. @cyberash3000 — absolute nonsense; gun control made no difference to Britain, and it won’t make a difference to America either. You sociopaths just want to disarm good folk. You’re disgusting.

  3. Although Washington is known for growing apples the politicians out there seem to have problems growing a pear.

    1. Instead of going after handguns in big shithole cities where 90 percent of the crime happens, Democrats are going after rifles that criminals don’t use to do crimes! Republicans use them to hunt! Smart move!! This should lower the murder rate in Chicago 😂😂

    1. Exactly, these people apparently don’t know the difference between gun reform and taking guns away. They had years of opportunity to fix this with the same excuse about being a mental issue, but yet nothing has been done about it. This back and fourth game needs to end and action taken now before more american lives are lost.

    2. @Geneass I wasn’t suggesting you do. That was more in reference to TRUMP2024’s statement. Although, his title suggests he’s an idiot. What do you mean by restricting more freedoms? Can you be more specific? Because there is a good discussion here. For instance, many countries have anti-hate laws. Ours should be most strict. As far as I’m concerned you’re free speech ends when it causes or suggests harm to an individual or a group of people. Some sometimes restrictions make a society better. Let’s be honest, we’re a hot mess. Much work needs to be done. And until we can get rid of this ridiculous partisanship, things won’t get fixed. And just to be clear, the GOP has a significantly larger share of the blame

    3. @Jayden Niwa every time you take away stuff you unironically make guns more dangerous. Suppressors, braces, etc.

    4. @Robert P I do not associate nor do I agree with any hate group, just to get that out of the way.

      However, they have a right to their opinions. Humans as a whole have a hard time drawing the line on most things. We start by banning hate speech (presumably to get rid of the kkk, neo nazis, etc.), but where does it stop? Can anyone claim anybody said a hateful thing?
      I may not like what you have to say, but I will die for your right to say it. –voltaire (yes, I probably butchered this)

    5. @Robert P whether you choose to blame one party for the division or the other is not my problem. We likely won’t see eye to eye on this so I really don’t see a point in debating what party is worse.

    1. what relevance does that have? I don’t like and dislike videos And from total count of likes and dislikes I’m going to assume almost no one thinks to like and dislike videos on YouTube

    2. @sem 2093 plenty of people due, and if you saw more political videos than you might understand

    3. @Chester Parish lol at the moment there are 19k views and combined not even 3k dislikes and likes. that’s not even 10% percent of viewers thinking to leave a like or dislike

    4. That’s a really stupid observation. We know far right racists just hit dislike without watching it.

  4. I’d like to see someone put together an 80% lower in 30 minutes… because that has got to be a record.

    1. I’m sure you could. Would only be good to hear someone with as it wouldn’t be functioning😂

    2. That is a moot point. The guns can be assembled in reasonably short time. That is the point, and that they are unregulated and unmarked.

  5. If police get a red flag granted for your house they can just kick your door in, it’s a no knock warrent

  6. Maybe if they start locking up the criminals instead of slapping them on the wrist and let them walk

  7. He pulled out a assault ban years ago and it did nothing then and won’t do nothing now 😁🙏🙏🙏🙈

  8. If the adults at the South Carolina had been carrying someone could have stopped the shooter

  9. Exactly the opposite of what we need right now considering all the violence and mistrust in our government.

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