1. If President Biden would name Dolly Parton as domestic Ambassador of Positivity,we’ll be well on our way to what we should be!

    1. @kaiss-kc kcdont see why you had to be unnecessarily rude at the end, but dolly parton is a singer who is also known for being very philanthropic.

    2. @kaiss-kc kc easy. You would have a hard time without American arm sales to Israel that keep back the enemies at bay, at your gates. Even the dumb ones built those offensive & defencive weapons as well as aircraft that keep your ability to fight off aggression.
      Yes I’m sure a great deal of people outside the u.s. no more about the world. But when somebody needs help. It’s America that they look too.

  2. Two weeks of Biden’s Presidency and a 27 minute speech has produced more benefit to the United States than the last four years of incompetence, belligerence, bloviating idiocy, cosying up to authoritarian leaders, breakdown in alliances, boorish, indecent arrogance towards Western leaders, and breaching international agreements.

  3. AMERICA IS BACK! It’s about time. Time for the United States to be reconnected to the world once again. Rebuild our alliances in South Korea, Japan, Australia, the UK, and other partners. And get tough on China and North Korea. And also punish Russia and Iran for their cyber attacks on American institutions. IT MUST END NOW!

    1. America would be better off with reality, not religion. Most of the crazies on 1/6 /21 were evangelical delusional nut bags

    1. I’d be honored if some fellow citizens would take a quick listen to my acoustic piano & vocal performance of DANCING IN THE DARK by Bruce Springsteen on my YT channel in tribute to the United States of America and our 46th President, Joseph R. Biden. Peace and stay safe.

  4. Well done president Biden!! Great decisions. Ending the war in Yemen is one of them 👍👍❤️❤️⚖️⚖️🇺🇸

  5. President BIDEN AM PROUD of you for what you DONE God bless you and your families also God bless the United of america.💝💝💝😍😍😍

    1. You are decieved… puts his hand on the bible all the while rushing in the most aggressive baby killing laws ever.

  6. Some will have to lookup a lot of words in the dictionary…cooperation, alliance’s, shared concerns, united, and the most difficult one….democracy….

  7. The US past 4 years enabled an enormous “let loose” of decency & empathy throughout our world. If people don’t see decency & empathy being practised by those we “think the world” about, “we the people” won’t probably wrestle with ourselves out of “personal grace”. We’re famous for that individual shyness, History proves it abundantly.

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