1. I’m proud to say I’m in the 77% of Americans that disapprove of Buffoon Brandon’s inefficacy. Let’s go Brandon! 😴

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  3. Why all the test? Anyone notice how the “death rate” dropped off the radar kinda like the recovery rate did way back in March 2020. They wouldn’t want you to actually see the numbers next to each other. Cases, recovery, deaths. 🤯

  4. Thank you President Biden we needed you thank you so much I have a difference of opinion about the 13 soldiers that were left behind but I don’t know the whole story but you’re doing a great job and I just now heard this for the first time thank you for being a part of America and thank you for being a face of America …hey I hear everything you’re saying and I believe everything you’re saying hey I’m a Christian too I love God just like I said on my YouTube video on my shorts and not to not to get any story or in glory from it just to help just try to help best I can I tell everyone I’m a Christian and I was raised in the Christian church Church of Christ in Vallejo California off Tennessee Street my grandparents Roy and Mildred Perry my grandfather fought honestly in world war II he’s buried with my grandmother he passed away at the age of 85 years old Roy h Perry Roy Holly Perry at a military unfolding of the flag for him when it’s passing Federal services in June 3rd 2005 she passed away May 24th 2005 monday exactly the same day Monday 5 years one day just like my grandmother his wife 5 years one day earlier same month same day on a Monday both in their sleep good Christian people my grandparents I come from honorable patriotic family a Christian family I’m very patriotic because I do love my I love the rights of justice and freedom we still can preach the word of God we can still live our lives freely so far and with the help of you being honest you’re doing a great job I just want to share that with you I don’t want no glory from this I just want to basically say thank you for these masks everything updated new websites because you are trying and you are doing a great job regardless of sin regardless of hatred regardless of everybody has something to say about everybody I mean Jesus Christ I mean everybody wants it their own way and that’s part of why we have government and that’s probably why we have presidents to make the rational decision for one company or should I say for one nation under God now like I said in my video on the shore to my YouTube channel and like I said I’m not trying to get any Glory I’m just saying hey I love Christ too I love God two and what I say to the people get vaccinated and let God do the rest simple just simple love God put God above all get vaccinated and let God do the rest

  5. Real name Ron Williams jr thanks for allowing me to be honest and speak freely and truthfully under the constitution of my Liberty to free speech thank you. you doing a great job keep up the good work thank you

  6. I have watched this video 3 times now. I have always been tolerant of his “briefing style” But today was over the top. He is mumbling and losing focus —worse than ever. There appears to genuinely be something medically wrong with him, and it is getting worse. Look at the weak, watery eyes. Now it is getting scary. Does his administration realize how bad this looks for our country, not just the Presidency??? How do we think other countries like Russia, China, Iran perceive this weakness?? I wish we had a form of government like the UK—so we could do a vote of “no confidence” and form a new administration. This could be useful in the future when we have dangerous leaders—be they Democrat, Republican, whatever.

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