Biden announces new COVID-19 plans, says 'I know you're frustrated' | USA TODAY 1

Biden announces new COVID-19 plans, says ‘I know you’re frustrated’ | USA TODAY


President Joe Biden announced the newest plans to tackle the spike in COVID-19 cases.

President Biden says, "we all want this to be over," as he shares his newest plans to tackle the recent spike in COVID cases.

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  1. Only thing we are tired of is YOU and the part of The White House telling you what to do, and that is lying to the people.

  2. Yes, I am tired, frustrated… of 1 year under the Biden administration. Please, Joe, retire and take Kamala, and your wonderful Afghanistan exit, hyperinflation, illegal immigration, defunding the police program with you.

  3. Look at him pretending to be sympathetic so that the peasants don’t revolt and be head him in the streets, like they should. 😂

  4. This man has done 3 things the entire time he has been in office talk about covid, bash Trump, and eat ice cream so over it.

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