Biden Announces Retired Gen. Lloyd Austin As Defense Secretary Nominee | MSNBC

Biden Announces Retired Gen. Lloyd Austin As Defense Secretary Nominee | MSNBC 1


  1. Trump keeps on LOSING AND LOSING ! Not only did he lose the election he has LOST all of his lawsuits trying to cheat Biden out of his WIN

    1. @Tech ti You are better off running as a Republican, do what Trump did. Everyone knows Republicans are racist and uneducated, that’s why he chose to run as a Republican.

    2. @Tech ti There was no voter fraud genius, but you keep crying 😂 hey, how did that supreme court thing go? Trump win yet? Or did he lose for the 50th time?

    3. – There is no evidence supporting Trump’s claims that GOP poll watchers were shut out of the process.

      – Officials have repeatedly debunked claims of dead people voting. In some cases, voters the campaign claimed were dead were not. In others, the voter’s name was the same as or similar to a deceased individual.

      – While Georgia’s recount process doesn’t involve matching signatures, voters’ signatures were verified twice before the ballots were included in the count in the first place.

      – It’s untrue that there were more votes than people in several parts of Michigan. In fact, 878,102 people voted for president in Wayne County which has a population of over 1.7 million. In Detroit, 250,138 people voted and there were 670,031 people in the city as of 2019.

      – The DOJ found no evidence of widespread voter fraud.

      – Though they allege it publicly, Trump’s lawyers are NOT claiming fraud in court.

      – A statement issued from a joint group of election officials, including federal employees working in the Trump administration and for the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, declared, “There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised.”

      – Over the course of the four weeks following the election, Trump sent around 500 tweets, 171 of which were flagged by Twitter for containing false or misleading information about the election.

    4. True Biden did win 667billion votes in one state alone he tricked the black community claiming they aint black if they dont vote for him and tricked them into believing he was barrack oBiden

    1. @Tech ti I just love YouTube comments….you can say whatever you want behind a screen…..watching news now 😆

    1. your MASK is too TIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!! Covid apparently CURES all other forms of death, Car accidents deaths are down / dog bite deaths are down / falling from ladders deaths is down / old age deaths are down !!!!!!!!! SUP !!!!!!

    1. Tech ti – What reason do you people even have to claim Biden is in bed with the Chinese? Oh, I get it. China is communist. Republicans baselessly claim Democrats are all communists. Therefore, Biden is crooked for China. It’s ridiculously, mind-numbingly stupid.

  2. So glad I voted for Biden! Sanity will finally be brought back to our country! People are exhausted by the chaos caused by Trump! Thank you, America! Today, it feels like we can breathe again.

  3. It’s such a wonderful relief to have a responsible sane adult to be the president elect! I feel like the world will be a much safer place now!

  4. Good luck. Too many racist republicans in congress for me to take it for granted that he will be approved.

  5. *Enjoy your new President and Blue Congress, MAGAlosers! Too bad that there’s NOTHING that you can do about it!*

    1. @Jooj False. Where do you ever see the stars and stripes around Bidens name? Nowhere. Cause his antifa supporters don’t let them. Lol. Trumps supporters have the biggest stars and stripes around. By the way, the media is bending you over. Pulling your pants down.

    2. @Tech ti I’m very sorry that you’re SO butthurt over DumbDonald’s loss. Will you be whining and crying about it for the next 8 years?

    3. @Tech ti Do you think when trump is forcefully removed from the white house they will have coverage inside so we can watch?

    4. @Tech ti you must be sooooo butthurt to talk to the lord’s son like that. And you MAGAts said Jesus was on Trumpies side.🥴

    5. A year from now, the MAGA-tards will have faded away into oblivion. So just ignore all of their childish chest beating right now. Give it a year… trust me.

  6. If you want a good laugh, go read the comments on fox news about this pick. They are STRUGGLING with how to reach to such a qualified pick.

  7. I like finally hearing a true president’s voice. Respectful and professional. I forgot what that sounded like

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