1. What about humanitarian aid for American citizens that are suffering because of your policies!

    1. Because in order to take down America efficiently they have to replace Americans with puppets that will be easy to control.

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    1. FED is already pumping money into the banking system 1:1 for every reserve dollar. The greatest transfer of wealth out of the pockets of the American middle-class into the pockets of the elites. Bunch of crooks the lot of them.

    1. You probably wouldn’t have liked Jesus either then. He would say to help the nation being leveled to the ground.

    2. @Groundbreak Games Why i love separation of church and state, jesus gets no say. Let those countries start taking care of their own, we need to start taking care of our own first.

    1. Face it, if Trump responded the exact same way you would praise him for it. I don’t particularly like Biden as a president but it’s really obvious that no matter what he does you would be here complaining about it. We get it.

  3. That’s very nice of you..but what about the war in Chicago…or the homeless people they are becoming more hostile ?

  4. Excuse me but that’s our tax money to be used here sorry not to be rude but you can’t even take care of your own people with their tax money how are going to give it away?

  5. We cant even save our own people….. 🤦🏾‍♂️
    As long as they have white skin and light eyes….

  6. So who suppose to take of the 100,000 refugees it’s like 50 million homeless people here already let’s not forget the open borders this guy gave Mexicans

  7. Oh good bring in more people, we eon’t have enough tent cities. How about helping Americans who have lost their homes & can’t feed their children.

  8. Never mind the homeless people in our country that need help… me included.. I can’t even collect food stamps …would love to rent a PO Box but you can’t , you need two forms of ID , A drivers license which I have The second form of ID is a current residential address a most recent piece of mail that you got.. Which is kind of ridiculous all you should need is your six months worth of rent for the PO Box which I can do and a Internet address which I have .. I have Internet access at the public library I can come pick up my mail anytime…Lawmakers need to change this because it looks good on you job application if you have a residential address or even a PO Box they can use to get your tax forms sent to you.. Simple things like that make it impossible for homeless people to get out of anything.. And you can forget about getting any health help About a week ago I literally went Double vision in one eye..Out of the blue its still happening..Can’t go to the doctor nor can i get a tooth pulled…I guess I’ll have to learn to deal with the double vision and broken tooth Could be the cause of the infection…Yes America is that bad ..Worse than you think never thought this would happen to me even though I have a few dollars saved it’s gonna run out eventually.. I’m even so desperate as to make a YouTube channel where I have one or two videos up ..Scribe to my channel if i get big enough I’ll put more

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