Biden announces US will share more vaccines globally 1

Biden announces US will share more vaccines globally


President Joe Biden announced that his administration will share millions more doses of Covid-19 vaccines with other countries in addition to the 60 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine he has already committed to sharing by July 4. #CNN #News


    1. @Lando First, I’ll list states because they are easier to find. The first 7 highest per capita COVID death states voted blue in the last election, being New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Mississippi, Arizona, and Connecticut. New York, as you should know, is under investigation for putting COVID patients into nursing homes. California cities have had massive problems with outbreaks. Texas has reported a record low of zero COVID deaths recently, even with lifted lockdown restrictions. Keep in mind, a lot of the red states are below these top blue states despite not making lockdown restrictions nor mask mandates. It’s also proven that being outdoors helps your immune system due to Vitamin D, not to mention the benefits of staying fit and breathing fresh air. Now, I’m not denying that we could’ve taken it more seriously, but we’ve seen other nations that have completely locked down that they go back to having COVID outbreaks almost immediately after fully shutting down.

    2. The USA needs to stop exploiting less privileged countries whose cheap labor, goods, and natural resources it needs to maintain its “western” lifestyle. If the USA did that, Americans would find their lives a lot more expensive and less comfortable, and they might develop a little empathy for the people they’ve been exploiting.

    3. ​ @Fart Ponder: Donnie deliberately held back any effective response to the pandemic until his profiteering cronies like Loeffler/Perdue had ample time to attend their secret covid meeting and dump their stock before the market crashed and profit off US deaths. Google it, dodos. How much do you figure tyRump/Kushner dumped by proxy?

    4. Donnie had f*kk-all to do with the vaccines. Pfizer and Moderna took NO “warped speed” dollars, the vaccines had been in development since at least the SARS and MERS outbreaks, and Donnie was too busy whining and trying to overthrow the US government to even distribute the vaccines.
      All Donnie did was take credit for other people’s work, as always.

    5. @Alex Poor Half a million dead Americans. More than the last 100 years of US war dead. Over 125,000 Benghazis. But hey, ignore them for the sake of your now-irrelevant, defeated party.

  1. Houston had a mass vaccination center at NRG stadium over the weekend, and the signs advertising it said there was a 0 minute wait all weekend. I think we have some shots that we can send too! Edit: the shots were free

    1. @Alex Rodriguez I’m ready to get it as soon as they
      1. pass animal trials
      2. get fda approval
      3. figure out why it causes tumors in the breast, ovaries and stomach
      4. Figure out why people are fainting, having strokes/heart attacks, convulsing and getting paralyzed after the shot
      5. study the vaccine for other short term/long term side effects
      6. Figure out why people are still getting COVID after they got shot
      Until then, I’ll take my chances.

    2. Ohio is going to have a weekly drawing for a million dollars for those who are vaccinated.
      Bribing people.

    3. Sounds about right. live by 2 large funeral homes and a major hospital. Neither are overflowing.

    4. @wayde b I’m a 32 year old male who got the Moderna vaccine. I had no side effects besides being somewhat tired after the second. Now I’m also in pretty good shape. Just letting you know Moderna seems to be ok with no reports that I’ve seen saying otherwise. But do your own research. Just giving you my experience. Wish you and your loved ones the best going forward.

    1. @S Naz This election was a game to these filthy liberals and they HAD to win it by any means necessary. What the morons didn’t realize is, elections have consequences. The out of control crisis at the southern border is a good example. Hundreds of thousands of illegals flowing across the border, given bus tickets to anywhere in the nation they want to go, given hotel and meal vouchers. All of those corrupt little 3rd world nations are cleaning out their prisons by sending their prisoners here. Casto did it in the 70’s and now we’re seeing it again. It’s one reason why crime is skyrocketing. But, liberals VOTED for this. They don’t realize it yet but they’re about to PAY for being stupid.

    2. Create 100,000 new jobs and kill 100,000 old jobs. Still a win to the Biden administration. Democrat logic at its finest.

    3. @Joe Biden is Your President!!!!! Get Over it!!!!! Most people aren’t disputing the fact it’s just a stupid thing to boast about. Like duh the world had a global Pandemic and the unemployment rate was really high and now coming back to normal because of a vaccine (that he isn’t even responsible for pushing through by the way) of course unemployment is going to go down. Should people not try to find work? Stop being dumb, I’m not even American and I hate trump but this is a blatant optics game, let’s be real

      Edit: I left out the word American

    4. SNL is liberals primary source of information. Everything they “know” they get it from this trusted name in “news.”

    5. @Joe Biden is Your President!!!!! Get Over it!!!!! keep an eye on your daughters browser history…..shes NASSSSSSSTY

    1. @Raymond Briscoe tell me were Southerner confederates and slave holders in the civil war liberals or conservatives and ask yourselves which parties currently supports liberals or conservatives. Parties don’t matter it’s ideology that does. Oh btw welfare isn’t slavery it’s freedom. Freedom from poverty. Slavery currently is working 3 jobs while barely able to survive.

    2. @Annette oh he loves it! He loves it even more when biden sniffs him up and down. Liedin: C’mon man you know mmmkk, aaaaa, daaaaah. I’m not allowed to answer questions.

    3. @trollyoass foo compared to the twice impeached one term “ex” president orange man. If you don’t like positive comments of Biden go back to False Fox News.

    1. while this one is actually kinda funny, it’s still just an Ad hominem because you literally have nothing else. The ideals and policies of the GOP have been laid bare for the public, and the GOP has completely splintered and will likely never hold any real power in this country again. Those who follow Trump will forever be known as traitors and selfish insurrectionists, and because they thought their boy-king despot would protect them from their wrong doing we are now seeing GOP leaders being indicted, and they will be going to jail forever. Trump will be one of them, likely…the state of Florida has been notified of a potential indictment of Trump soon….that will be a lot of fun to watch, though I hope it doesn’t overtake the Matt Gaetz catastrophe because I want to watch that aaaaaaallllll the way through before the main even of Trumps imprisonment happens. Man…the GOP has provided just insane amounts of entertainment for us to all behold over the coming months/years….

      But yeah….yeah I guess Joe Biden does look a little bit like Walter. I guess you have that going for you….

    2. LMAO! That very same
      Thought, occurred to me!
      While watching this clip!
      Walter! The only, difference! Walter is

    3. @sfurules
      Smh! Rhetorical regurgitation!
      Too much presumption!
      On ur part. Jail! Is where
      Hilary belongs!

    1. The vaccine has a lot of people scared to take it because of the horrific effects it causes because of the flu which is what covid is, and then you have the covidiots trying to push it on people in the comments when they just dont want the vaccine. The resulting arguments are nothing short of entertaining.

    2. You went to the comments immediately. To post that question that is on every other video featuring Biden. Wtg.

    3. @JBomb82 yah well what’s the point in going to the 40+ Trump videos even though he’s not even the president anymore

    1. @ReALliFe4nOw letting hackers take over a gas line and do nothing about it ….go look up how many pipe lines the Biden Administration shut down …its like saying the hundreds of people pouring over the border has nothing to do with Biden ….and talk to the people in the 20 states ….there gas went up LOTS

    2. @Michael Phillips the fact that you still believe you’re right makes me laugh at how sad and brainwashed you have become then again you’re one to think that you are never wrong and can never fall for such delusional statements made by your preferred party, which is why you never try to fight arguments only throw insults because let’s face it, you know you’ve already lost see I can use emojis too, doesn’t change anything about how you know nothing on any situation going on.

    3. @Michael Phillips no they’ve been right everytime, you just choose to ignore their results because you don’t like them. Accept the fact that you failed high school and are now unable to think for yourself, then maybe we can start having a full on conversation.

    4. @Anthony Jimenez ” they’ve been right ever since” . Ever since when exactly? You dont have to be all butthurt with the person shots.

    1. @ra5928 and the libtards go REEEEEE!
      Coming from someone who thinks a pipeline can be hacked but a voting machine can’t be…
      I’m going to be deplatformed and silenced? Oh no!!! Only fascists talk like that.
      Your tds tampon needs changed.
      I’ll await your next copy and paste project.

    2. @Jacob Underwood Biden has had 2 press conferences in 4 months and he picks the reporters off of a list. You cannot say he is being questioned

    1. @CoolhandLukeSkywalkr Ivanka working with Chinese diplomats proves otherwise but I’m sure you got an excuse for that too.

    1. Have you ever heard “eat all of your food, there’s children in Africa starving”… it’s kinda like that, it’s common sense to share if there’s an expiration date. Should we just let them go bad then? Seems like the issue is sharing..

    1. @Jesus Celaya lighten up Jesus… I know you love all the children… But not laughing at kid sniffers makes me question what your into

  2. there is alot more things going on in the world than just “covid” and this is all you ever hear him talk about

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