Biden Announces White House Science Team To 'Lead The Way' On Critical Research | MSNBC 1

Biden Announces White House Science Team To ‘Lead The Way’ On Critical Research | MSNBC


President-elect Joe Biden announced his nominations to his White House science team that would help "lead the way" on developing responses to the Covid-19 pandemic, economic recovery, and worldwide technologies. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Biden Announces White House Science Team To 'Lead The Way' On Critical Research | MSNBC


    1. You will survive America. Unfortunately this pandemic would never have happened under a “competent” President. Now, you’ll have a Government, who will actually know what they are doing.

    1. trump was living proof that age and maturity don’t walk hand in hand. President Biden already has my respect. He is an honourable Man.

  1. In 89 hours, 40 minutes, we will have a President who doesn’t use the word “science” condescendingly.

    1. @Brexit Refuge The way I see it, science is the fundamental resource for discovering the universe and the infinite. That being said, there is always room for moral interpretation and the existence of a higher power (whatever faith or philosophy you follow with the purpose of making you a better person).

    2. @Chris Gimbel there is no room for gods in science because the laws of physics are devoid of deities. You can hang on to superstition if you want but that doesn’t make you moral. In fact, if you are making moral decisions based on unproven deities you believe in with no good evidence then you have no reason to believe your morals are in any way meaningful. My morals are based on scientific facts and humanism. Many religious people believe that their religion endows them with morals that atheists don’t have. This is just hype by religions that want you to continue to believe in them. Science is demonstrating more and more that many mammals have morals based on a necessity to live in a social structure with other mammals. Reciprocity is the basis of morality. Ie the golden rule, which predates Abrahamic religion (ancient Egypt).

    3. @Charles Goh you are using your feelings to prove Joe Biden has dementia. Science doesn’t care about your feelings.

    4. Come 20 January 2021,12 PM, America will witness the most hilarious show in all history, the inauguration of a dumb, stupid, demented & senile president. Hahaha. Loooooool.

  2. Do you mean to imply, Mr. President, that we have qualified, competent professionals address on-going crises?

    1. Republicans are gonna hate this. They have clearly indicated that they only support the stupid and corrupt.

  3. Donald Trump: Sunlight is a hoax. It’s actually a giant flashlight floating in space.

    Trump supporters: Wow. Really? You are so smart.

    1. @Johnny English
      *”It’s actually a giant flashlight floating in space.*” – The venn diagram of Trumpist, Q-anon believer and flat-earther is nearly a single circle

  4. Biden: “Yeah we’re going to have a science team :D”

    Kids who grew up under the Trump administration: “What’s that?”

  5. To make the USA great, first unite it; way to go Joe, if your presidency is as effective as your campaign, then there is hope at last.

    1. @Charles Goh maybe that’s why he’s implementing this policy. Unfortunately, science will never cure Trump of his narcissism and inability to accept defeat. To lose by 7 million votes and still not have any definitive proof is a clue that it’s in your head.

    2. @Charles Goh – Have you ever had an independent thought, or do you believe everything Trumpie tells you to believe? Let’s find out, shall we.

      What medical reports have you seen detailing Biden’s dementia?

  6. It’s refreshing to have a president who gives science and research a chance when addressing a national emergency

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