Biden Appears To Call Out Manchin And Sinema During Speech 1

Biden Appears To Call Out Manchin And Sinema During Speech


On Tuesday, the president appeared to call out moderate Democratic Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema over why the most ambitious parts of his agenda haven’t been passed through Congress. The Morning Joe panel discusses.
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    1. @X Ray yes, it would have made it easier for people to vote than in Delaware. But racists think blacks aren’t capable of getting ID. So the racists leave instead of voting.

    2. @The Manchurian Candidate really? Hand the numbers and prove your claims. Have you gone over the bill?

      Because ALL of those are in it. Multiple times.

    3. @Crispin Fornoff “yes, it would have made it easier for people to vote than in Delaware”

      It wasn’t just ID that was controversial, Crispin.

      I’m going to ask you a question, after I state one simple fact.

      “souls to the polls” is a way for black churchgoers to assemble, sing, and march to the polls (completely peacefully). It’s conducted on Sundays (shocker). Sunday voting was limited in the bill.

      Now. tell me WHY it was limited. What danger of fraud did Sunday’s “Souls to the polls” which consisted of primarily black folks pose? was it a “typo” they just happened to see AFTER a vote was supposed to be held?

      Limits on mail-in voting, and even limits on in-person voting.

      It criminalized simple unintentional errors, made it easier to overturn an election, it would outlaw 24-hour voting centers commonly used by poc. The original even forced disabled people to produce proof of their status!

      It was meant to control/limit who voted. And I’m not talking about fraudulent/legitimate votes. I’m talking about groups who vote traditionally left v those who vote traditionally right. It addresses a “problem” which simply doesn’t exist. It’s a blatant effort to curb legal voting.

    4. Enjoy your freedom while you can. The 1% have created a mutant bird flu out of China yet again. Lockdowns, mask mandates, and social distancing soon to come. The sheeple have allowed this. Wake up!

  1. What is “moderate” about Sinema or Manchin exactly? They are only representing their corporate backers 100%. They are extreme, it’s just that their behavior has been normalized.

    1. Dems won’t win with a progressive in West Virginia. You do realize that is a pretty red state.

    2. @mcostagirl123 Moderates and Independents thought Biden was running as a Centrist not a Socialist Liberal. So sad!!

    3. @Ben Shapyro you’re literally pretending to be what Retrumplicans think an intelectual is in Ben Shapyro and still you think you have a leg to stand on. You sir are nothing short of pathetic.

  2. Defending Dino Manchin and Sinema….
    Biden is right…they might vote 100% of the time with Biden for the last 5 months….only if and when it’s been reshaped into what the Republicans want…Biden was right!

    1. I was going to make the exact same point. Yes you can have the COVID rescue bill but not with a $15 minimum wages. Yes you can have the John Lewis Voting Rights Bill but none of the anti-corruption parts of SR1.

    2. @J W do you ever think that throwing out childish epithets might comes across as more of a deflection of your own insecurity than an effective criticism of others?

    3. I don’t think saying that these bills have been reshaped into what Republicans want is accurate by any stretch of the imagination. Just because you don’t get 100% of your want list doesn’t mean the other side got exactly what they wanted. And now nothing is being reshaped and only one side is being represented so I guess you shouldn’t complain

  3. Filibuster was a worthwhile tool when you had people on both sides who were willing to compromise. Now it is a tool that give ALL of the power to the minority party and it makes no sense.

    1. No infrastructure, voting rights or police reform without the approval from President Joe Manchin and VP. Sinema… Dems need to vote for more Dems until we can get something.

    2. Yeah. Probably what John C. Caulhon had it mind. Til it was used in a different way in the last 50-60 years.

  4. They voted with Biden 100% of the time? Maybe on things that actually got to a vote in Congress. That is not the same as supporting his agenda. Manchin also voted with Trump 50.4% of the time. You have to look at what votes he avoided, as well as what never even got to a vote, in part because of them

    1. Note: you all should be please that sure the person you are talking to is Hacker_james90 and no more imposter on Instagram or any where else

    2. @Brihaspati Dattatreya *_On behalf of Barack Obama, George Soros, and all the deep state liberals who stole this election for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Beelzebub, I am authorized to inform all you butthurt MAGA crybabies that next we are coming to steal your household pets, appliances, possum rifles and pickup trucks. After that we will be stealing your cha-cha heels, wigs and zaftig foundation garments. Thank you for your cooperation._*

  5. Joe is getting plenty of phone calls from terrified Dems in the House, but he ain’t listenin.

    1. West Virginia fought for the union. When Virginia joined the confederacy West Virginia broke away and joined the union.

  6. Manchin and Sinema are not moderate, they are hard core republicans. The D in front of their name doesn’t change the fact that they are doing whatever they can to destroy Biden’s agenda.

    1. @jones Yeah the side opposed to free speech and demanding more censorship. The side in favor of racial segregation through things like CRT. The side that wants to get rid of the 1st, 2nd and 4th amendments are probably not the side fighting to uphold the constitution

    2. @Robert Z’dar’s Chin RIP Stringer Bell _The GQP has revealed that it was Hunter Biden that sank the Titanic with his laptop, not an iceberg; Joe Biden invented athlete’s foot, twerking, & tornadoes; & Obama is responsible for Pauly Shore movies, the Macarena, & halitosis in dogs.  Nancy Pelosi is making a coat out of dalmatian puppies for AOC and Kamala Harris; George Soros faked the moon landing, while Hillary’s emails are destroying the rain forest._

    3. Only thing I don’t get it Sinema. Used to be a green party activist.
      This is coming from someone born and raised here in MN.
      I can understand Manchin.

  7. Democrats are the majority in the country(more independents support democrat) ofcourse the GOP still want to keep the filibuster.

    1. @angus the cat ofcourse they loved the filibuster the last 20 years. Now suddenly its a bad thing

    2. Democrats and Republicans signed a letter in 2017 to protect the filibuster. Heck, some of the Senators who signed it, did a complete 180 and now wish to repeal it. How curious.

    3. @Mr. James ofcourse they do. Republicans stayed the course, democrats flip as usual for their own gains.

    4. @loose lips sink ships Everybody flips in D.C. It doesn’t matter if you’re Republican or Democratic. It’s simply ingrained into politics.

  8. Aren’t Manchun and Sinestra lucky they don’t get the Liz Chaney treatment?
    (Hint hint hint)

    1. Note: you all should be please that sure the person you are talking to is Hacker_james90 and no more imposter on Instagram or any where else

  9. How is it that they voted “with Biden 100%” when they both voted against $15/min. wage?

    1. Also, when you look at Manchin’s career, he has voted more with republicans. To say that he’s voted with Biden 100% of the time is disingenuous.

    2. @ByeByeButti Yep, Joe often waxes poetically about Reagan and even kisses Bush’s behind a bit too. He’s anti-trump, but still a republican.

    3. Onion Headline: Joe Manchin Claims West Virginians Too Deficient In Character, Grit To Deserve $15 Minimum Wage

    4. Note: you all should be please that sure the person you are talking to is Hacker_james90 and no more imposter on Instagram or any where else

    5. Note: you all should be please that sure the person you are talking to is Hacker_james90 and no more imposter on Instagram or any where else

  10. Did Joe Manchin run for Senate to get nothing done?
    It looks like he has succeeded.
    His constituents will be overjoyed.

    1. I never thought I’ll be able to recover my account, I have literally tried every video YouTube non worked out until I saw a comment here about hacker_james90 on IG and I hired his services in less than 30 minutes and I get my hack account back

    2. Not Trump is overthrowing the election, but Joe Manchin is. 81M against 74M is a clear majority for Biden, but Joe Manchin cuts it all down by his refusal. Joe is a repumocrat.

    3. Note: you all should be please that sure the person you are talking to is Hacker_james90 and no more imposter on Instagram or any where else .

    4. I’m pretty sure he didn’t run to “save democracy” by simply changing the rules his tyrannical party sees as a roadblock, to tearing down democracy.
      You know, like their supporters burning cities chant.

  11. Pretty obvious he’s talking about their votes on the filibuster, etc., note every vote.

    1. Those two are the secret Republicans inside the Democratic Party! They too take orders from Putin and their job is to destroy the Democratic Party from the inside out!

  12. Saying _”they voted for Biden 100% of the time”_ is rather disingenuous as of course Biden will not put anything up for a vote if he knows he doesn’t have the numbers behind him.

  13. “Appears to?” Come on already! You know damned well Biden was calling them out. And I’m glad he did!

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