Biden Approval Stands At Over 50 Percent In New Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Biden Approval Stands At Over 50 Percent In New Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC


The president's job approval stands at 55 percent, according to new Reuters/Ipsos polling. A majority approve of his handling of the coronavirus and the environment while he gets lower marks for his handling of gun violence and immigration.

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Biden Approval Stands At Over 50 Percent In New Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @joseph ressa aww, sounds like Jr has a booboo, you do realize that until you are able to say President Biden and the Democrats won two senate seats that booboo of your’s isn’t going away anytime soon loooooolll

    2. @Diana Beebe in a matter of seconds it is all gone ,,lol!!! the republicans are winning the house and then lyin biden will be impeached

    3. @Diana Beebe i gave you your free checks so you can buy your carton of cigarretes and lottery tickets

  1. Over 50% and that in the face of the cult who are still nursing their grudge over losing the Civil War.

    1. @A T Oh, I don’t think so. Well, let me give you some more accurate numbers. ONE term, TWICE impeached. Is that better?

    2. @kac0404 Impeachment means nothing. Here’s why. It was a unilateral soft coup attempt by Democrats. Boom!

    3. @A T Naw, it was very legit but, Mitch McConnell and the Republican senate let him off the hook. BOOM!

    1. @Gage King projecting much? It’s funny when people can’t handle a loss and whine about fake election fraud or some other made up crap to cover for the losing.

    2. . There is a long history of the companies and the wealthy manipulating the stock market and prices. My famous example is when there was an employee healthcare bill maybe 20 years ago. Little Caesars was doing their pizza pizza commercials. It was claimed by the right that it would make a $10 pizza go up to $20 like in Japan or go up to $15 dollars like in Germany. The 1st clue was they couldn’t make up their mind. In reality the math said only about to $11 dollars. The bill passed and the price almost doubled. Actually, the price hadn’t gone up in a long time and should have, but now they knew they had a chance to make a point. Then the prices went back down to where they should have been in the 1st place and the ‘Hot & Ready’ was born, at the same price it was originally. Others slightly higher.

      What Biden said about China and green energy is real. The best investment is not to give CEOs money to spend around the world, it is to invest in expanding the tax base so the lower classes can pay taxes and they will spend it locally. More people paying taxes means lower taxes. To do what Biden wants to do is a job creator, puts money into the local economy, and expands the tax base instead of the how the Republican ‘trickle down theory’ takes money out of our economy and gets spent out of our country or into the swelling bank accounts of the wealthy. Some does get spent locally but the National Debt has sky rocketed ever since it was 1st introduced by Reagan. Bush even called it voodoo economics. I got tired of paying 20% to 25% in taxes while the wealthy was paying little to none in taxes.

      All the ‘trickle down theory’ did was to give tax breaks that were not ‘earned’. In other words you get a tax break (deductions) for reinvesting money or for charity. Instead of doing that like they are supposed to and say they will do, they just enrich themselves. At Mar-a-logo Trump famously said “I just made all of you a lot richer”

  2. In 100 days Biden has approval ratings the former corrupt one can only envy. That alone will force the GQP to fight against anything he wants for the working people in our country.

    1. @joseph ressa fact is Joe Biden is our President and calls the shot’s now so, you get with the program Jr

    2. @Diana Beebe LOL!1joe biden was selected ,not elected pure facts ,,, you can march to your leader not me boo boo

    1. @Ryan Abbey The whole thing. Just read his book. Oh gotta love pelosi looking down on him like “Dance little man Dance”

    1. @A / V Pfizer is a German company and did not get any US money to develop their vaccine. A lie that came out from the trump administration Secretary of something.

    2. Prob because they don’t belive in the virus. They are always laughing at him for his mask use. They have nothing better to do+

  3. The more Trump hurt others, the more his supporters loved him.

    The more Biden helps people, the more his supporters love him.

    With Trump cruelty was the point, with Biden compassion is the point.

    1. @FORENSIC AUDITS ACROSS AMERICA!! Where’s your and other fake Christians’ compassion for the already living?

    2. @FORENSIC AUDITS ACROSS AMERICA!! Or the over capacity border silence. Sickening how this Administration is letting cartels, human trafficking and drugs flourish again. To the tune of 14 Million per day.

    3. @Clark Allison That’s true for Trump, Obama, Bush and Clinton. The price of insulin has been rising for decades, dummy.

  4. I am so proud of our President and the amazing work he has already done, so quickly into his administration. He is compassionate, empathetic and he truly cares for what happens to the citizens of this country. He thinks of others, not just about himself. Such a wonderful change from the most recent disgusting, pathetic, lying, cheating, president and his spawn.

    1. What strikes me is the two areas where Biden is weak, Gun Violence and Immigration, the Disapprove numbers are going to be a combination of Republicans that hate everything Biden does and Libs that don’t think he has done enough. Take that into account. : )

  5. Joe never forgets that, in the grand scheme of things, that he’s just a little guy–
    And that makes him, really, a big man able to do big things.

  6. So I take it the 45% that dis-approves have refused to cash their COVID-relief cheque in protest? Yeah…that’s what I thought.

  7. Personally I believe approval rating is much higher…but, I don’t know anyone who was asked!!!?!

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