Biden asked how he would support young Black voters | USA TODAY

Biden asked how he would support young Black voters | USA TODAY 1


Former Vice President Joe Biden was questioned by a young Black voter at his ABC town hall about what he can do differently than former presidents.

Cedric, a Black progressive voter from Harrisburg, Penn., pointedly asked how Biden would turn out young Black voters under 30, other than saying “you ain’t Black,” a reference to a previous comment Biden made. Cedric noted that he is part of a crucial voting bloc Democrats need to show up to the polls, adding that young Black voters aren’t going to vote for Trump but they are weighing whether to vote at all.

Biden gave a stem-winder response, saying he will give more funding to historically black colleges and universities, as well as to Title 1 schools. The former vice president also highlighted investing in Black entrepreneurs.

While Biden has the overwhelming support among Black Americans, younger voters have been more critical about supporting the former vice president.

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40 Comments on "Biden asked how he would support young Black voters | USA TODAY"

  1. Edited out the “you ain’t black” to make Biden look good.. twisted media

  2. Hahahaha he clearly didn’t think joe answered his question he was just like “good enough”😂😂

  3. Just so everybody knows. This video is missing about 4 seconds where the young man asked Biden “besides saying “you ain’t black”

  4. Hmmm I see you cut the part of the question that would make Biden look bad

  5. They cut out the young mans FULL QUESTION. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. WOW. bias edit news that favors racist Democrats. This is the new norm.

  6. Lol at how he rambled on for like 10 minutes and said absolutely nothing.

  7. Partisan editing of a young blank man’s question about forwarding the black community. The really censored this young man. That is sad.

    • Yeah but they couldn’t edit it out the mans look of dumbfounded confusion at the end. We may not have seen the whole thing but the look on his face says it all

    • Arrivederci Anon | October 16, 2020 at 6:58 PM | Reply

      @Mike couldnt edit the fact that joe biden did a horrible job blabbering on about nothing for a response either lol

  8. Compare the headlines between the two town halls. They don’t even hide their biased propaganda.

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  9. Maybe he’ll get you a job at burisma with his crackhead son…or in china maybe. They’re worth millions after all….

  10. People, research the whole 7 minute clip. This is a prime example of dishonest “reporting”

  11. People, research the whole 7 minute clip. This is a prime example of dishonest “reporting”

  12. Aurélien Fuentes | October 16, 2020 at 4:13 AM | Reply

    “if you don’t vote democrats you are not black” joe biden , that don’t seem to me to talk to them, it seems to me more like wanting to keep them in slavery, like dems did before civil war

  13. He would support them by saying if they don’t vote for him “they ain’t black”

  14. 47 years of doing nothing and he thinks his rambling is gonna change this kids mind? He didn’t even answer the question. All he said was criminal justice reform…he never said what he was gonna do to change it.

    • Subramanya Rao | October 16, 2020 at 10:55 AM | Reply

      Reform bill was already passed under the current administration right? To undo the mess he created in 1994. All of those extra funding dialogues are taken from platinum bill, again of this administration

    • @Subramanya Rao did you watch all of Biden’s Town hall? All the things he said he was gonna do Trump is already doing or has done. It’s amazing people are still trying to defend this person knowing all the horrible things he has done. Even as of late with the Hunter/Ukraine debacle. People have to see Biden is ultra corrupt. The best part is Giuliani said yesterday on OAN that the Ukraine email wasn’t the worst thing they found on that laptop.

    • @Subramanya Rao I see where you responded but for some reason it’s not posting to the thread. But yeah you’re right Biden is a total racist. His literal mentor was the leader of the KKK so yeah.

    • Subramanya Rao | October 16, 2020 at 12:33 PM | Reply

      @Ťhě Řûbý true. I don’t know how people can’t see that.

    • @Subramanya Rao I could see where you tried to post it and I could read most of it but YouTube cancelled it out but I saw it so you’re good.

  15. Biden will support black young people by giving them empty promises. He will fill their souls with grand visions, but not their wallets.

  16. Media censorship is treason. This young man started his question with: “Besides, ‘You ain’t Black’, why should we vote for you?”

  17. “My question to you is, besides ‘you ain’t black,’ what do you have to say to young black voters?”

  18. Well hopefully this guy “ain’t black” and can clearly see the REAL corruption

  19. “Besides you ain’t black.” The kid said that with his question. They left that part out.

  20. Imagine being so woke, you censor a person of color’s question just because they make the Democratic Party look bad.

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