1. It’s like a student drowns in water because he can’t swim, and his swim teacher is somehow surprised. The US has been with the Afghan government/military for 20 years and somehow no one realized that they can’t fight by themselves until now?

    1. No, Trumpompeo left the Afghan Government out of the surrender ‘deal’ they negotiated with the enemy in February 2020. We forced the government to release 5,000 prisoners of war and by June they already controlled up to 70% of the country. Yes, Biden could have sent 20,000 troops back in to protect 15,000 to stupid to leave. But the reason it fell so fast is easy to see. They are 5-faced Januses who will negotiate anything with anybody and then never deliver. It’s just a culture thing, not a judgement. When Trump left the Afghan army and government out of the surrender they gave up all hope, so 300,000 troops with a very decent air force simply had nothing to fight for. Is that an intelligence failure? No, just thank GOD the Military ignored Trump when he tried to execute an order to pull out of Germany and half a dozen other strategic countries by January 19.
      This is all on his supporters, every American death – the blood is on their hands – full stop

    2. They can fight but all the high order planning, and logistical support was done by Americans and their contractors. Imagine an army if 3/4 of their generals and officers just dissapear overnight, their combat effectiveness will be severely crippled. The transition should have been gradual, and logistical support should have remained.

    3. @AG 2021 They had nothing to fight for after Trump surrendered the country to the Taliban in February 2020. All of the internal transition strategies began at least 16 months ago. TrumPeo didn’t even invite the Afghan government to the “negotiations” he simply surrendered the country without benchmarks for withdrawal beyond his drop dead by date.
      You sound like you think the brave men and women Trumpeo abandoned are children. They are fighters every bit as tough and savvy as their Taliban opponents. Trump did this, full stop.

  2. I know I’m smoking, but halfway through I thought this was fox. They’re literally coming out biden. That means he REALLY f’d up

    1. @CatsupEmpire cnn: “theres no such thing as hunters laptop”
      Cnn after biden wins: “the story was true and we knew it the whole time”

    2. Kamala Harris is going to be POTUS soon. Hillary gets her puppet to the top job. Harris got 2% of the votes in democrat preliminaries and gave up. Still she was selected as the VP candidate.

    1. @Trump Felonius Like you haven’t humiliated yourself enough as it was!

      Wow! I’m blown away!

      What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I’ve ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response was there anything that could even be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul!

    2. ​@Kev O 100% He is the Commander and Chief…that is what he is elected to do. He stated ‘the buck stops with me’. He is accountable…period

    3. @Vince Diesel We have seen what Biden has done to our country…souring gas prices; highest inflation in 15 years; worst border crises EVER; crime rates up; deficit increasing at ridiculous rates (who is going to pay for that); and a country more divided then ever. And Trump is an idiot? I was not Trump supporter but after this I sure am becoming one.

    1. @Tom Harkins So why didn’t Biden Scrap that deal the minute he became POTUS ? He did with nearly all other things.
      The Buck stops with him … He is in charge and this is ALL on him !

    1. @Sakina Mengle no he hasn’t and I give zero frucks about chaos or which day the pic was taken..we needed to get out n someone finally stood up n did it/is doing it..

    2. If it was four years ago, the question would still be relevant. He and his administration are a cluster f#$k. His arrogance is overwhelming.

    3. Why was that airplane carrying so MANY men and there are women and children being left to live a hell like they’ve never seen!!

    1. @Scott Mackey And your stance on the vaccine isn’t factual either. In the lead up to the election he said that he wouldn’t trust a vaccine made by Trump, that Trump can’t be trusted so people shouldn’t trust it. This is a fact. You are either lying or misinformed. Take the L dude.

    2. @Moon Shine no, if Trump won we would have left by May 1, per the signed agreement. Pay attention to the facts, don’t spin things to fit your narrative. Take your Ls when they come to you.

    3. @Icarium S _Look it up. It is during the live debate._

      Already did. I heard it live and a dozen times afterward. She never said it.

    4. @Intoxicating Games Yes, one of us is not engaging in good faith. I would say it’s the one who is paraphrasing the person they are criticizing instead of just providing the entire quote so that we can see the entire context of what he was saying. It looks to me like you’re just setting up a straw man that you can easily knock down.

    5. @Intoxicating Games Again, why don’t you just link to the quote. You can’t because he never said anything about a vaccine that was made by Trump because he, along with the rest of the sane world, knew Trump wasn’t making a vaccine. I love how you all just keep repeating the same misunderstanding over and over and over and it bounces away your echo chamber so many times you all just assume it must be what he actually said. It’s just not. Do yourself a favor. Find the statement. Listen to it again. Then wonder how you could have misremembered so badly.

  3. Biden is such an embarrassment!! Kamala is hiding somewhere so she doesn’t have her fingerprints on this, cackling her head off!!! She can just taste the Presidency!!

    1. @John Doe 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  4. General: “Mr Biden, China have launched an invasion on our territory”
    Low Hidin’: “Cmon Man! That was 4 days ago!”

    1. Oh man, I hope China doesnt do that… you know, the thing! But frankly, Chinese people are just as good as smart people. Says your President.

  5. “That was four days ago” Biden understands the attention span of the press…. He may have been off by a day or two…

    1. If it was an year Biden vacation? Biden: It was past tense! Get lost now if you attempt to ask me last year issue!

  6. Biden on Coronavirus: Unvaccinated are dying. Quite frankly it’s a tragedy.
    Biden on people falling from planes to their death: That was four or five days ago!

    1. This message is not for 5 days ago its for now….i am afghan from kabul. This msg is for Mr.Biden,
      You killed democracy and people and kids in Afghanistan, we don’t want terrorist Taliban, please help Afghanistan and kids and women’s,

    2. This message is for now not 5 days ago, USA we all waiting for you , dont give my country to pakistan and taliban 🥀😔😔😔

    3. @AJ67901
      1. Giving it to them straight with no chaser.
      2. Hitting the nail on the head.
      3. BULLSEYE🎯
      4. BINGO
      5. That’s on PERIOD!

    1. He took more responsibility than the 3 US Presidents before him.. especially GW Bush that started this madness

    2. Lol you still support Biden? The guy can’t even talk in an interview without it being staged and highly edited. Admit that your guy was the wrong choice

  7. *”That was 4 days ago 5 days ago.”*
    *Joe Biden*
    *Thanks to you not having a real plan, There are Thousands of Americans Citizens stranded and stuck in Afghanistan.*

    1. Nobody is stranded or stuck..they’re taking out 1000s a day..YOU try flying out half million in one day..

  8. Biden: “Cuomo you should resign, you have been accused of sexually harassing women.”
    Cuomo: “BUT That was 4 days ago!”
    Biden: “Oh, my bad. That is fine then.”

    1. Cuomo can bring up those videos of that creep pervert president touching and kissing little girls in front of their parents

  9. Joe Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal was condemned as “catastrophic” and “shameful” on Wednesday as the Houses of Parliament delivered an unprecedented rebuke to a US president.

    1. It was a disturbing listen. i wish we could force every american to listen to it. he also just gave an interview on fox. basically saying US has lost all respect from its allies, and nato.

    2. Ethan Drake not sure I listened on Sirius . Buts it’s being replayed everywhere. Not sure about the interview. I have it recorded it was so eye opening. And posted to my fb.

    3. This wasn’t a mistake either. This was a double-cross. The Taliban are exterminating Bidens loose ends as we speak.

  10. Joe Biden “The best option is to leave thousands of Americans in a country controlled by terrorists” 🤦🏻‍♂️

    1. It cant be incompetence at this point. It has to be malicious, I don’t see any possible way it isn’t

  11. This is what happens when we all turn a blind eye to a bogus election. Afghanistan is not the only country that has been overthrown. Sorry to say, our great country of the United States has also been overthrown.

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