Biden Asks Americans To Wear Masks During His First 100 Days | MSNBC

Biden Asks Americans To Wear Masks During His First 100 Days | MSNBC 1


    1. Meanwhile, the majority catching this virius have been wearing masks. Now, that’s mostly because of mask mandates. But it does prove your masks don’t work.

  1. Wear a mask if you think it helps.
    Respiratory viruses will do what they do regardless.
    Humanity has been trying to cure Flu and the common cold and completely failed.

  2. Big mistake. 100 days won’t do it, and he’s given himself what will be taken by many as a “redline.”

    1. @Onion Potato Not unless Don the con can get another 1 Billion dollar$ from u red hats… he won’t break even! 🤣🤣🤣
      He’s got 200 million so far… only another 800 million to go to settle his debts…

    2. @Fahim Ahmad Name one time that Trump didn’t get even. It is going to be a very rocky ride for Biden. This will make the Russian collusion hoax that the Democrats perpetrated look like a Sunday school picnic.

    3. @Onion Potato One???🤣🤣🤣
      Stormy Daniels. Karen McDougal. Summer Zervos. E Jean Carroll. China. Letitia James. Covid-19. Ukraine. Impeachment. The Democrats in Congress. Georgia. Arizona. Michigan. Pennsylvania. Wisconsin. The 2018 mid-term elections. The 2020 elections. The 40+ lawsuits lost.
      Joe Biden.

      Do u see much of George W. Bush these days? I don’t either… 🤣

      Take a red pill, red hat 🛑and get real… Don the con is a lame duck. Quack! Quack!

  3. you ask during covid to save the soul of America you ask help contain covid 🤷🏼‍♀️how bout help feed & shelter the people! direct pay covid relief! now!

  4. Joe Biden has a plan. He’s going to shut down the economy, import cheap labor into the country, and give Americans nothing to live on. Then he’s going to sit back, and laugh, and laugh.

    1. What’s Don the con done? Infected the US w/ covid-19 and caused a deep recession, a health crisis, an economic crisis, and nothing to live on. Then he whined, whined, whined… and asked u red hats🛑 for money.
      U lot just GAVE him over 200 million dollar$. Genius… 🎃WORST PREZ EVER

    2. @Fahim Ahmad If Joe Biden expects Americans to work with him after having rigged our election, then his dementia is far worse than even I thought it was. He can expect zero cooperation from the American people. Fraud. Thief. Usurper.

  5. A patriotic act the defend your fellow Americans and your country.

    A mask is a shield to fend of the enemy that this virus is.

  6. Please make sure you wear a mask while driving, at your home and while walking in a desolate forest. Please stay safe and save a life.


  7. It’s so ironic what The trump would say….. not to worry it will disappear like magic. I bet the virus will disappear, wait January 20…..

  8. Fact is that while every country was full speed ahead on vaccine development, Trump had nothing to do with Pfizer ‘s vaccine. They got no financial support from Trump of any kind but Trump wants to act like they did and take credit for it. Pfizer/Biotech actually partnered with Germany.

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