Biden Assures US Is Doing 'Everything We Can' To Evacuate Allies From Afghanistan 1

Biden Assures US Is Doing ‘Everything We Can’ To Evacuate Allies From Afghanistan

President Biden discussed efforts to withdraw U.S. forces and allies from Afghanistan and promised to provide "safe evacuation" for those who helped the United States and its allies in Afghanistan.NBC News Pentagon correspondent Courtney Kube brings us the latest as large crowds gather and chaos grows at the Kabul airport after the pace of the evacuation flights slows.

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  1. It is cheaper and save more lives to get the military and any allies of the US out of Afghanistan as soon as possible. We have no business in there. The people there will be fine. For example, people in Laos, South Vietnam, and Cambodia have been doing fine since the US withdraw in 1975. They live peaceful and open door for people to travel and do business with them around the world.

  2. This is what you should’ve done months ago and the evacuation wouldn’t have been so dangerous and innocent Afghanis wouldn’t have died.

    1. @Scientific Methodologist Scant evidence of premeditation among the majority of sheeple at the Capitol. But, there is significant evidence of coordination by tRump with his ‘R’ Congressmen, and militia groups, such as the indicted Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, etc.
      The investigations and interviews of the House Jan 6th Select Commission have only begun. I’m sure that MTG, Jim Jordan, and other ‘R’ Congressmen will be charged with conspiracy, as well.
      Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.

    2. @The Hermit Both are propagandists, identical in their output except for their respective parties they are official mouthpieces for

    3. @A Hansen 100% cheating Joe’s fault for how he withdrew Nice try though! 100% Democraps fault for cheating ! If Trump was in office this never would have happened. Fact!

    4. @A Hansen 100% cheating Joe’s fault for how he withdrew Nice try though! 100% Democraps fault for cheating ! If Trump was in office this never would have happened. Fact!

  3. Apparently those Women & Children’s souls hath been SIZED by Tollyban’s EViL Spells & Satanix Rituals.

  4. “Make no mistake, this evacuation is dangerous, and we will admit to that many days after our incompetence and planning failures have made it far more dangerous than it should have been, and our idiotic red tape makes it almost impossible for people to flee. As for the poor people of Afghanistan – they’re not American and Afghan lives don’t matter.” Joe Biden.

  5. How dafuq did we spend $2 trillion and 20 years only to have the Afghan army we were “training” give up their country in under 2 weeks?

    1. Now the Taliban are the most heavily armed terrorist group on Earth. They have acquired American weapons, ammunition, vehicles, equipment, etc. They even have a special forces unit Badri 313 outfitted in American tactical gear and weapons, I guess that’s where a lot of former ANA commandos went. Hindustan Times and the Dailymail reported this, there are vids here on YouTube.

    2. @oxyman10 and 5000 of their prisoners were released as part of a Peace deal….only to build their forces

  6. I want jeo to do the right thing caring for the Afghanistan people but he on vacation so guess a lot people won’t get the truth that more conservative people understand

  7. The last five times I’ve listened to Joe he’s been caught telling lies to the American people so I don’t even care to listen to him anymore ?? If you can’t trust your president to tell the truth on TV come on Joe !!!

  8. At this point the Americans that are surrounded by the Taliban don’t believe you Joe….. Fact it sounds like the British troops are helping the Americans more than the American troops….. Even the world news says this is one of Joe’s biggest blunders of all ?? I don’t think so just had bigger ones !!

  9. “The forest was shrinking, but the trees kept voting for the axe, for the axe was clever and convinced the trees that because his handle was made of wood, he was one of them”.

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