Biden Attempts To Open New Chapter In Russia Relations 1

Biden Attempts To Open New Chapter In Russia Relations


President Biden said he thinks there’s a chance for slight improvement in U.S.-Russia relations after his meeting with Vladimir Putin. Praising Biden’s diplomacy, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said, “Having the dialogue is positive, setting out where our red lines are is positive, and I certainly I do think that within the realm of reasonable, the president was able to accomplish what he set out to.”
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      You like shining Putin’s puppet’s shoes.
      Why don’t you move to Russia since you obviously support a money laundering fool for the Russian Oligarchs.

    2. @B. T. Trump was on the right track by not sanctioning Russia at first. Democrats demanded sanctions. Funny how dems immediately dropped sanctions once in power and approved Russia’s pipeline into the EU. Trump said if Russia was such a threat Germany can buy from America. Joe approved Russia’s pipeline and disabled the joint Canadian / American pipeline. What a terrible leader.

    3. The irony when USA themselves topple government in middle east like gaddiff, Saddam hussein etc… LMAO

    1. Yeah because the CIA and pentagon are warmongering liars. You believe them? Why?

    2. The irony when USA themselves topple government in middle east like gaddiff, Saddam hussein etc… LMAO

  1. “I want to thank the patriots who went to the Capitol and defended my interests and those of my puppet.” – Vlad Putin

    1. The Democrats are going against everything America is built on, Trump rebuilt our military and made us energy independent while Biden cut our Keystone Pipeline the first day in office and approved the Russian pipeline, but TRUMP is working with Russia?

      Seriously, make that make sense.

  2. An ode to Donald J Trump

    There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile,
    He found a crooked sixpence, against a crooked stile;
    He bought a crooked cat, which caught a crooked mouse,
    And they all lived together, in a little crooked house.

    1. Trump has been out of office for 6 months. The fact you still talk about him nonstop proves his showdown is permanently etched into the primal recesses of your brain and you can’t shake it

  3. On January 6, the world watched in horror as Trump’s horde of insurrectionists stormed our nation’s Capitol. They said that they were starting a new “revolution.” But here’s the problem with that, in 1776, this nation fought a revolution in order to remove a monarch, and establish a democratic republic.
    Trump’s insurrectionists stormed our Capitol in order to destroy our democratic republic, and INSTALL a monarch.

    1. …but Antifa and BLM burning and looting hard-working American businesses run by people of all races in cities across the country all year was OK? You’re all pushing that narrative so desperately it chases people to the other side because they wonder why you’re so afraid of these people but not the others? We’re not stupid; Americans are going to unite behind all of this and when they find out what you all are doing to us 1/6 will be what you’re begging for these people you call “domestic terrorists” to go back to doing but it’ll be too late.

      I’ll be chilling somewhere sitting on a few acres with some crypto money away from the BS so Idc have a good time in your socialist dystopia

    2. The irony when USA themselves topple government in middle east like gaddiff, Saddam hussein etc… LMAO

  4. remember, putin said he wants to work with the US in his most recent interview 3 times, specifying that he was going out of his way to work towards peace but the news paints Russia like its an enemy. The American agenda is anti peace.

  5. There is big difference between political opponents and political pawns being lead by foreign malicious plans

  6. Putin basically disrespected Biden right after this even though Biden lifted Trump’s oil sanctions that the Democrats demanded while simultaneously shutting down US oil

    1. Where in the Mueller report what that confirmed? Because what I’ve read, it’s not true at all. Maybe you have different information. Thanks

  7. You can’t take Putin’s words with honesty, at all. As a person who was born in Russia and seen Putin’s rise to power, he’s not to be trusted.

    1. @Ryan lex I’m actually not by the way. I’m a lifelong Republican, and will always be one. Again, you claim to know it all and know me so well by one statement I say. Where do you think Navalny is, asking a friend?

  8. I get the Trump conspiracy now. If Russia can believe Putin, and North Korea believes Kim, then that proves there are plenty of people that can believe things beyond common sense.

  9. More ratios. Hahaha. The people are done with legacy media, corruption AND INSURRECTIONIST. You’ve lost 50% of YOUR VIEWERS!

    1. Illiogical Philosophy — Nonsense, but even if true it would still be a lot better than losing the White House, the Senate, and Congreas.

  10. Biden and his administration are doing good things for America and the American people. America is back on track to being a better country thanks to Biden’s capable leadership and reasonable policies.

  11. Its true we need a new chapter, even though putin is 3ft nothing and considered a dwarf in most countries. Thats why hes so loud, hes a typical little guy who thinks he has to be 10x more aggressive to prove his points. Joe looked like a massive giant beside him!

    1. Just a second part Putins country is worse than living in iraq desert. There are small areas developed but then everywhere else people are suffering and dying badly, so his country has gotten worse with no fixes. Thats why the people are so broke, to keep the few living in lavishness.

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