Biden Awards Medal Of Honor To Korean War Veteran Army Col. Puckett 1

Biden Awards Medal Of Honor To Korean War Veteran Army Col. Puckett


President Biden awarded retired Army Colonel Ralph Puckett the Medal of Honor for his bravery and service during the Korean War during a ceremony at the White House.
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  1. Thank you sir for your service TO this country!! I salute you and all those that serve in our many branches of military!!!

  2. Thank you Sir for your service
    I’m proud that our President and our Country is recognizing your service to our Country

    1. I agree.. What a stark difference …It was truly an Honorable Ceremony and President Biden just exudes sincerity and spontanaity .. at the end when he called up folks for the pictures and he even dropped to his knee beside the Colonel it was just so damned genuine.. We have a President that actually Cares and who is a Decent Human Being.. that goes a very long way in my book..

  3. This president will not call Col Puckett a loser. Thank goodness for the return of civility.

    1. Yes…yes..I am so glad we have a President who understands what real service means and respects our Military not a coward with bone Spurs

    1. It is very impressive , and seeing Veterans from all over the world, who also fought in Korea, come to that special dedication day was amazing. I will never forget it

  4. My uncle was 19 when he went missing in action there in December of 1950. His remains are still there in North Korea, somewhere, near the Chosin Reservoir. Temps there that December were -30F and lower. Brutal. I salute you Col. Puckett.

  5. Awesome. What a proud man…if you watch the full video he refused the walker and assistance at one point to stand to accept the Medal.

  6. My Father was just 17 years old when he went to Korea.
    I’m greatful that you did this for America. We cannot forget Our past and what it has cost us in human life to still be Free.
    Which Donald Trump and his Senator’s and Congress men and women WANT’S TO CHANGE TO JUST ONE RULING PARTY FOREVER AND EVER. We left England because of Men like them .

  7. Congratulations Army Colonel Puckett well deserved and a long time coming. President Biden is personable and pleasant to listen to, his sense of humor is very appreciated daily.

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