Biden Begins Presidency With No Confirmed Cabinet Members Thanks To Slow-Acting Senate 1

Biden Begins Presidency With No Confirmed Cabinet Members Thanks To Slow-Acting Senate


Rachel Maddow points out that while it is unusual for a president to begin his term with no members of his cabinet confirmed by the Senate, in the wake of Donald Trump, many departments are accustomed to being led by acting secretaries who were never confirmed. Aired on 01/20/2021.
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Biden Begins Presidency With No Confirmed Cabinet Members Thanks To Slow-Acting Senate


    1. @MrHalified bruh now you just sound stupid af. sometimes silence is better. You made Adrien Roy look dumb af too for defending you Please keep going. Were having a blast on my end triggering all you

    1. oh that’s right.
      Very important fact that will help him cheat his way through the affairs of a nation and the world.

    2. @Neal Head: It was President Trump who made temporary appointees to circumvent vetting procedures so he could have friends, not professionals, do his bidding.

    1. @Shadow Sage Umm, in case you didn’t know the Russian thing was proven a media hoax. And Democrats butthurt led to his impeachment again which he will be exonerated again for. Hillary and Pelosi is blaming the Capitol occupation on Russia again in case you didnt listen to the podcast. It’s amazing neither of them had a problem with it when liberals did a similar thing at the Capitol during Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Just amazing.

    2. @Shadow Sage lol all debunked

      Odd his January 6th speech was good multiple times said to peacefully protest and cheer for the Republicans to be strong n stand up to the democrats …
      Russia yeah proven that Obama n Hillary Clinton made it all up but they were spying in trumps campaign which is very illegal..

    3. Dude I don’t think its worth it anymore these dumb liberals and democrats will never learn only way is if a few 20 million die then they will learn thier place under the backbones foot

  1. Can someone please tell me why, in the midst of a national crisis, the Senate decided to take a vacation? What are we paying these people for?

    1. Problem with your uneducated comment is; the list of rulings by the SCOTUS this past Fall and Winter were hardly in the Conservatives favor. With Kavanaugh and Roberts not voting along party lines.

    1. @Antonio Sanchez lol yes if January had a phrase of the month, it would definitely have to be “historically unpredictable”

    2. @Antonio Sanchez but i have a feeling that “historic” will be overused even more next month …that or “reality”

  2. They slow walked trumps administration confirmations as well. Massive hearings. Smearing and preventing the cabinet from filling.

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