Biden Believes Voting 'Core, Fundamental Right For All Americans' | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Biden Believes Voting ‘Core, Fundamental Right For All Americans’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC


WH Communications Director Kate Bedingfield joins Morning Joe to discuss President Biden's first press conference, Biden's response to new voting restrictions in Georgia and the continuing border crisis. Aired on 03/26/2021.
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Biden Believes Voting 'Core, Fundamental Right For All Americans' | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. My partners friends, immigrants from Cuba, 3 crossed into the US 3 weeks ago. 2 are still detained by immigration and one was released pending a court hearing set for Nov 2022.
    On your reporting, US is trying to get Mexico to help with the crisis.
    Well, this is what really happens in Mexico.
    The 3 friends while in Mexico, did apply for a humanitarian visa that allowed them to travel within Mexico so they could fly from the south part of Mexico to the upper Texas boarder.
    At every turn, the customs officers in Mexico did the following:
    1. Wrongfully took their flight boarding tickets away and said they couldn’t fly and lost the flight and money when they were legally able to fly within Mexico.
    2. Once in Reynosa,MX, unboarding the flight, customs in México detained them and wanted and did squeeze money off of them. This also happened in 4 different airports on their way up to the boarder.
    3. In Reynosa, they got kidnapped by cartel members for an entire day and demanded they pay money to get released. We think there was coordinated effort from Mexican customs amd gang members as these individuals waiting at the bridge to see if they could cross over as American customers would not let them past mid-bridge point in Progresso Bridge MX as Biden has not yet set the rules of people declaring political amnesty for Cubans.
    4. Mexico’s was of helping out is allowing their immigration officers to detain, deny, and more over take immigrants money, in most ir all cases they don’t have any. These officers in Mexico are paid so poorly that they take from people that have nothing.
    Our government should address those issues and you as reporters should cover that.
    I am a 4 generation valley Hispanic Texan amd watch you guys all the time. But sometimes you guys don’t address the ugliness that really goes on in Mexico with customs and the gangs right on the American Mexican boarder.

    1. @jlbueno0611 How about no more financial aid until Mexico strengthens its Southern border? And takes responsibility for its own desperate people?

    2. @Dawn Adriana because unlike many other countries that you can use that tool to put pressure,Mexico does not get or need our money, and can easily shift his business to other countries . Sure, mexico does betyer doing business with the USA, but at any moment they could easily shift everything and still do really good ,witjout selling or working with the USA, and well, why would ypu do that to upur closest neighbor and jeopardize your security even more…that would be a really dumb policy stand to take from the USA.
      If anything, the USA procits way more by having mexico as an ally, why would the us to hurt itself with that idea?

  2. There are about 6,000 at the port of entry every day.
    Disney can process 60,000 people per day at their theme park.
    This is NOT a crisis. You hired the wrong engineers and developers.

  3. The water thing reminds me of the telecast of “Miss Jane Pitman”. Southern Civil authorities enforcing Jim Crow “Whites only” drinking fountain ordinances. In the year 2021 we are dealing with this kinda thing? I just might have to fill my truck up with bottled water and go to GA next election day.

    1. This WON’T STAND. LAWSUIT ALREADY LAUNCHED. Google Sonny Perdue and how he backed out of”restoring” the battle flag AFTER getting elected. This is SAME BS

    1. You still need ID otherwise we will be voting like a third world country but I guess you approve of fraud

  4. Eloquent, as a true president is expected to be. It’s incredible to see our president think before he speaks after the 4 year nightmare of grammatical suicide and vocabulary stunted 45s mouth.

    1. YOUR President is incapable of original thought.!!! He’s a plagiarizer, lying fool that has never accomplished anything in his 48 years in Washington.!!! outside of stealing an election.!!! Prove me wrong lefty.!!!

    2. @Richard Batchelder And your Orange Racist Fascist LYIN CON TRAITOR MURDERER EX-president fomented an Insurrection at the DC Capitol that saw 5 people dead, including the murder of a cop with 2 more cops committing suicide weeks later and over 140 cops who were injured (one losing an eye and another had a heart attack) and ALL of them will suffer PTSD for life thanks to the magat terrorists donnie called yesterday: “Non-violent”. What election was stolen?? No proof….No evidence. The voter fraud committed was 0.0025% of 1%! NOT nearly enough to change ANY election. Chris Krebs stated that this was the “Safest and Most Securest election in the history of the country…” A day later that mango-faced pathological LYIN perv fired him. Are you ok? You sound deluded…almost insane.

    3. @Richard Batchelder You shouldn’t talk about your parents like that. Your parents are listening and reading your words. Calling your mom Da’ Ho is just a donnie move. Your probation officer must be proud.

  5. Meanwhile, the RepubliQAnons believe that voting is a core, fundamental right for all WHITE Americans… and people of color who vote Republican. RepubliQAnons want to prevent everyone else from voting.

    1. Is that what momma Mika told you.??? and you believed her.. FUNNY.!! Q is hiding under your bed…

  6. Ya gotta love the irony that the country that tries to enforce democracy all over the world is not itself democratic.

    1. I love the irony of your attempted denigrating that the pursuit of democracy over dictatorship is, always has been, always will be a constant struggle.

  7. The bright clam statistically permit because waterfall postmeiotically disarm save a wicked comfort. juvenile, cuddly acknowledgment

  8. Do they not realize voters will remember this when it comes to voting?
    Or women and minorities have to fight again for the right to vote.
    Next it will be a yellow star.

    1. Is that a Dr Suess reference? Nice. The Right Wing media and GQP trying to drag Dr Suess into their “cancel culture” war have obviously never read or understood his true classics which teach children to not discriminate against others, to make sure all people (no matter how small) have their voices heard and to protect the environment.

  9. Article 1 Section 4 of the Constitution ‘Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such regulations (affecting elections for Senators and Representatives) Pass HR 1 For the People’s Act already

  10. What a day to sign this crap. March 25, 1965 MLK gave his “Not Long” speech on the steps of the Alabama capital after the 54 mile 5 day march from Selma. Viola Liuzzo was killed by the klan while ferrying marchers back to Selma. March 25, 1966, the Supreme Court ruled the poll tax unconstitutional.

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