Biden Benefits From Contrast With Trump In Bid To Restore U.S. Image Abroad 1

Biden Benefits From Contrast With Trump In Bid To Restore U.S. Image Abroad

Rachel Maddow shares the results of a new Pew survey showing a radical improvement in how the U.S. is viewed overseas now that disgraced Donald Trump, has been removed and replaced with President Joe Biden.
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    1. @TheU2001 MIA How can you even speak with your gullet stuck way up in Don the Con’s colon? Mindboggling.

    2. @The Mighty Zim I make my own sandwiches fool, pretty sure you can find someone desperate enough to make you one.

  1. God forbid you report on actual news. Hey how’s hunter doing? Does he have my Hennessy money???

  2. So the media’s selective coverage and editorialization effects the world view of our leaders? What important news!!!!

    1. Her face is all contorted I still wonder if she’s a he.. not that it makes a difference
      .anyway she lies.

    1. Lol YouTube stats are manipulated by Russian trolls and conservative losers (redundant I know)

  3. * president Dunsel knows it’s much easier to buy friends than look out for the American Folks !

  4. If your house has been burned half to the ground, you can’t just move forward without repairing the parts that were burned.

  5. How this show stays in business is beyond me. I would rather listen to a five year old tell me the news

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