Biden Blasts Trump Vaccine Rollout, Details New Distribution Plan | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Biden Blasts Trump Vaccine Rollout, Details New Distribution Plan | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Pres.-elect Joe Biden detailed his massive plan to get the coronavirus vaccine distributed across the nation after the Trump administration's slow rollout. Dr. Kavita Patel joins to discuss. Aired on 01/16/2021.
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Biden Blasts Trump Vaccine Rollout, Details New Distribution Plan | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Jay Zee I will be looking from an apology from you. Anybody with a brain knows what is happening. Do me a favor and watch Redpill78 on Rumble titled “POTUS COMMS” from yesterday. You need to wake up, get out of your bubble and stop watching the fake news that were complicit in the election fraud. I am a military veteran and I have common sense. This is a sting operation and all the corruption in this world will be rooted out.

    2. @john dehart Good for you ….So Thursday it is then…We’ll see who was right…How many court cases did DJT win again ?

    3. @john dehart Nice little comic page…Just a reminder DJT needs your $$$ so get that donation in..I think he saw you coming a mile off…

    4. @Jay Zee Soon you will have your Great Awakening. Watch redpill78 in Rumble titles “POTUS COMMS” from yesterday.

    5. @Jay Zee you have no idea what you’re talking about. This has nothing to do with the DOJ, but has everything to do the the military that will save this country from a communist takeover . We almost had a communist takeover in this country. All the lies will be revealed. Obama Gate declassified. Treason arrest coming!! All the Democrats as well as many Republicans are going to GITMO.

  1. The continuance of scamming the America people, right up to the end, and in the most incredibly tragic way possible.

    1. You’re 100% right!! And yet he has the NERVE, the 5 time draft dodger HAD the nerve to request a red carpet military send off. Who knows, maybe they’ll surprise him with that giant baby balloon & a bunch of massive banners that say: INSURRECTION, TRAITOR, GOOD RIDDANCE, SDNY, ENJOY YOUR CRIMINAL CASE, LEAVING IN SHAME, etc. They could show up with ALL of that and there IS NOT A THING he can do about!

    1. Yep. NO NETWORK should air Trumps red carpet send off. Starve his need for attention and focus on Biden. That’s punishment for him.

    1. @Jason Gartner dont be naive. just because he may not have had an actual salary on record, it doesnt mean he didnt siphon off government money for himself. afterall, lets not pretend that trump is some honorable and honest guy

    2. @ted perkinz not to mention his golf trips have cost like 150 million?? And his salary would have been 1.6 million in the 4 years i believe… real class act that guy

    3. Doesn’t matter. Dementia Joe has a plan!!!!! Problem solved.By the way Dementia Joe is a cowardly draft dodger!!!

    4. @David Eby umm.. i hope this is a joke? Cuas etrunp is the draft dodger.. and viden does literally have a plan.. trump failed his, he said hed use the military and he never did, he only ordered 100 mill vaccines for the whole country instead of the offered 500 mill!! He hasnt sent the promised doses to states, hes been slow, and just now they lied about having a stockpile!! Hes an utter failure. There is literally no way biden could do worse.

  2. My question is: did Azar lie about the number of doses he had? Or did he actually have them at one point, before they went. . . elsewhere?

    1. From the reporting so far it seems they over promised. Just like trump inauguration audience, there were more people than they could see in reality.

  3. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial (VVM, or “the Wall”) is dedicated not to the war, but to the 2.7 million U.S. military men and women who served in the war zone, living and dead. It contains nearly 58,300 names of those dead or missing, on two ten-foot high granite wings, each spanning nearly 250 feet. A close uncle’s name is etched into the black rock of the Wall.

    Propose erecting a similar monument for all those who senselessly lost their lives to COVID-19 due to our Traitor-‘n-Thief, Toxic Trump, and all those Republican so-called “leaders” in Congress, SCOTUS, and the GOP, complicit in enabling, aiding, and abetting his malfeasance.

    In just four MONTHS, the U.S. had ALREADY needlessly lost more than TWICE as many to COVID-19 than died in all thirteen YEARS of the Vietnam war. By the time Trump leaves office, the one out of every 800 Americans will have died from COVID-19 in just ten months–over 400,000 fatalities, about as many American casualties as WWII. It would also honor all those front-line ESSENTIAL workers who selflessly put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe and secure; the names of their dead to be given prominence and note upon the structure.

    Whether constructed in the form of a wall or something different, its principle intent would be to serve as a constant, enduring reminder to us all and to future generations; as a testament to—and a barrier against—our own American ignorance, arrogance, avarice, cowardice, and malevolence. A sort of visual prophylactic, if you will, built in hope of protecting us against inbred hubris, greed, and stupidity. It’s design should be open, with interchangeable elements that challenge—and help teach—people to reason, and to think critically and objectively, while stressing humanity, humility and humbleness.

    The VVM Wall is likewise also a monument to American ignorance, hubris, avarice, and malevolence, although erected solely to honor those military personnel. Few may think, or have thought, of it that way; and doubtless many would refuse to think of it as such, but the truth stands out in stark, prominent display for everyone to see…if they just apply a little critical, objective reasoning.

    Another thought to ponder: The VVM Wall marks the first time America fatally failed that generation; the proposed monument would mark our second time they were senselessly sacrificed. Would like to see the proposed COVID-19 monument erected adjacent to the prior monument attesting failure, the VVM Wall, to serve as symbolic bookends, as a further tribute to that ill-served generation of Americans.

    1. That is really dumb.How about a monument to auto accidents? I’m sure some liberal loonies would tear it down. You guys are really out there.

    2. @David Eby ~ Calling others dumb while demonstrating your own lack of intelligence is really rather ironic, Doc! That you couldn’t figure that out is just the icing on the cake.

    3. @David Eby ~ U.S. auto fatalities average less than 37,000 per year. COVID-19 deaths will be over 400,000 in just ten months, largely resulting from a totally botched response by Toxic Trump. Despite having just 4.25% of the world’s population, the U.S. has led the world in cases and deaths for the past eight months, averaging over 20% of global cases and deaths. To think there is any rational equivalency to be made between the number of auto and COVID-19 fatalities is what’s dumb. Really dumb.

      To demean the loss of so many Americans in such a short period of time, to fail to grasp the breadth and scope of that tremendous loss, to express such lack of empathy for such devastation to the population of our country, to fail to understand the value of a monument to this tragedy and all those American victims–reveals you to be so clueless, unpatriotic, unconscientious, and heartless as to be a sociopath.

    4. @wily wascal Don’t worry about it.January 20th we’ll all be safe because Dementia joe has a plan!!!! He wants us to wear masks for 100 days!! We’ll be fine!! Remember Dumocrats don’t lie.

  4. At least they did not fill the syringes with bleach and pretend they were vaccine doses. Just to be sure, please check.

  5. Did the vaccine reserve never exist, or was it diverted into private hands, either for profit or to let politically-connected people get vaccinated early?

  6. And where did those missing doses go? Right into the black market? No wonder they were so reluctant to brief Biden’s people.

  7. Mommy, when I grow up, I want to be like Secretary Azar, a smarmy overpaid man delivering lies to the people on behalf of a criminal in the White House just so that my face is on tv.

  8. The Trump’s all have blood on their hands. I am surprised that no one has splashed red paint on the doors of Trump Tower as a symbolic gesture for the mayhem they have caused.

  9. Yt: “This will make you think twice about geting that vaccine.”

    “How to thrive in a stressed world 15min.”

    “Disclosure: 75 years fake peace.”

  10. Brian Williams an avowed liar calling others liars is laughable. Media in US sucks. Cable TV has been lying to America for years. All opinion, no facts.

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