Biden Boosts Supply Of At-Home Rapid Covid Tests

Dr. David Kessler, chief science officer of the Biden administration's Covid Response, talks with Rachel Maddow about the importance of easy access to rapid Covid tests, especially for parents who are frequently faced with the question of whether their child's cold symptoms are typical sniffles or something more serious.
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    1. P X : Before I went as Melania tRump with a picture of her in a red hot see through negligee but my wife said “No more cheesiness” & she suggested the name “tramp” cause thats what we both think of her as well as a good majority of America see’s her that way. Happy to make you laugh!

  1. These RapidAt Home Covid Tests are already available in Europe & I’m glad they are finally going to be available here.

  2. President Biden has saved the lives of millions of people with the vaccine drive. He will ensure that even Trump supporters who reject the vaccine are successfully vaccinated and saved.

    1. @erik greeno Wrong. The like to dislike ratio is the most fake thing ever. All of Murdoch’s channels and Russian channels are high, while left leaning channels are low. That shows you most users are fake. Please shut up about bots. It’s Russia who has a bot army paid for by the Russian government. Same with China. That’s Communism for you. They can’t handle the truth.

    2. @rich5817 he is the opposite of a racist. Even if he was a racist (not true, but let’s assume for argument sake) he has clearly changed.

    3. @V L what has he ever done for blacks besides put them in prison, keep them out of school and insult them all the time? Trump did more things for blacks in just 4 years than any president and never made a racist comment

    4. @rich5817 Extreme propaganda. Make the lie big. Extreme. So that people get confused. It’s disinformation 101.

      Trump is a Russian agent. He Obstructed Mueller from making the connections. Trump often used the “N” word many times according to his family and those who worked with him. So…. yeah. Keeping blaming Biden for Trump’s crimes. That’s how disinformation works. You are no better than Satan himself.

  3. Choosing to remain unvaccinated is choosing to risk the health and lives of children. What is Wrong with you?

    1. How’s that vaccine working in Israel. They are almost 100% vaccinated and they are having hospital surges with Covid cases.

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  5. Is delayed the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris impeachment, each day that is delayed increase more and more the possibility that this country will go to be destroy.

  6. these at home tests will only tell you if you have covid they will not tell you if you have the delta, or any other variant.

  7. If we allow the government to keep breaking the laws during “emergencies”,
    they will keep creating “emergencies” to break the law

  8. Imagine a virus so deadly you have to take a test to know if you have it

    And then Imagine a “vaccine” so desired, you have to be persuaded, threatened, fired, bribed and stalked to take it

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