Biden Brings Personal Touch To Oval Office With ‘Towering Figures From American History’ | MSNBC 1

Biden Brings Personal Touch To Oval Office With ‘Towering Figures From American History’ | MSNBC


A portrait of Benjamin Franklin and busts of Cesar Chavez, Rosa Parks, and Eleanor Roosevelt are just some of the changes President Joe Biden has brought to the Oval Office. NBC News’ Geoff Bennett explains what these personal touches signify. Aired on 01/20/2021
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Biden Brings Personal Touch To Oval Office With ‘Towering Figures From American History’ | MSNBC


  1. Me, at least 50 times today: Hey Siri, who is the president of the United States?
    Siri: The president of the United States is Joseph R. Biden.
    Me: :))))))))!!!!!

    1. So glad trump is out. Maybe now the racist and terrorist (proud boys) can go back into the shadows now that their lord and savior has been de throned (good job america)

    1. @Austin 7thGen Texan .. Ohh, they are still on Venezuela.. I saw a comment today from one referencing that..

    2. O6s was never about trump fool it was about the rights you are loosi g right now including 1 and second amendments,when they are gone an someone breaks into your home and the cops don’t come b3cuz you voted to defund them and you let them take your guns and now they take your kids and nothing u can do to fight back ,cuz you have no rights.

  2. Do not delude yourselves. It is going to be a rough ride. But we are in good hands and we will finish the ride!!

    1. @whyputaname you guys have been tricked, he is going to resign and Kamala and Polosi going to run it to the ground, I have never seen so many people happy to have government take over their lives

  3. The air smells cleaner, the birds chirp louder and I dont have to worry about what Trump has done divide us Today.
    A reason to rejoice and celebrate.

    1. I agree I was up early today and got my errands done. The sun was coming up on a frosty clear day at 3 degrees in Wisconsin.

      The sunrise was beautiful..unlike the past few days, grey and gloomy.

      It is like the world knew today was a new beginning!

    2. I’m still messed up. I’m watching the news for new Trump crap. Even though I don’t want to. Is just how I’m wired right now.
      Please, suggestions anyone?,.. :-/

    3. @Chris I understand 100% I’m hopeful the feeling passes as time moves on. The bar has been pushed so low over the past 4 years that a high school drop out could make better presentations than what we have had. I applaud President Bidens approach. He has taken the high road and seems to be eager to restore and improve on our democracy.
      I pulled a video from 5 months ago, a presidential address, it was full of poor grammar and countless lies. It was the start of Trumps lies about election fraud. It was full of proclaiming how great he is/was. It was pathetic on 1 hand and a reminder that I needed.
      Its hard to believe that so many had seen this as truthful.
      I will admit itbwas well planned yet poorly presented. It is difficult to believe that anyone took this seriously and sad in so many ways.
      I’m so happy we dont have to fact check this president.
      Trump had gotten so bad I didnt believe anything that he said, even when I wanted to.
      We expect honesty and I think we will readjust soon.
      I do think many politicians need to be held Accountable for their actions in the past few months.
      I am ready

    1. @Noma Ohhh, you still have friends and allies Noma.
      It was Donald J that no world leader wanted to associate with!

    2. @Miss Moose that’s very interesting I’m in the US and I’m usually obsessed with the monarchy. This whole situation has brought everyone together for the bad and the good in my hopes all good

    3. @GjNY87 I’m just interested in what’s going on in the world, but American politics this past 12 years has really caught my attention.

    4. @Miss Moose how can the world not? its incredible in a most ridiculous way especially living through it, I was racially attacked last summer because of trump and his people promoting cruel ect,,, thank you for responding you never know if anyone is reading it’s very nice to share thoughts on what is my country’s most embarrassing and horrible presidency. It has to get better from here? Happy new year stay safe be well!

    5. @GjNY87 Awwww. Thanks very much!!
      We can only hope it will get better!
      President Biden (Wow! That felt good! ) is sooo determined, and has a very strong team behind him.
      I’m kind of jealous, in a way. I didn’t vote for our Prime Minister, nor did I vote for Brexit, but that’s how Democracy is. We just have to grit our teeth, and get on with it. It’s the pandemic that’s the REAL worry!

      I’m soooo sorry that you got attacked last year!!! That’s terrible!
      I grew up with an abusive, violent and racist father. The older I got, the more I understood, and I vowed then, to be the complete polar opposite to him!!

      I know what you mean, about worrying about abusive replies on here too. I’ve had a load of them from trump supporters. I’ve even had abuse thrown at me due to being disabled with chronic illness.

      Anyway…take care of yourself.
      Love from Scotland, uk

  4. The Busts speak volumes of the shoes that must be filled if he embodies the best of all said people he will get another term

    1. The only best currently in the office that was not there when Trump was in office, is the one Robert Kennedy. In fact the only artwork in the oval office right now that was not present during trumps administration or the massive painting of FDR over the mantle, the best behind the desk in the Robert Kennedy bust. The only thing Biden really changed was the rug

    1. @Tony Montana – A week is composed of 7 24 hour days. An average round of golf takes 4 hours. How much time do spend smoking weed and playing PlayStation?

    2. @Tony Montana – I wish I spent more time playing golf than working. Why would I not want to do that?

  5. Watching from Australia . The grown-ups are finally home! Good wishes to the Biden Administration for a wonderful 4 years.

    1. Thank you for your kindness! Such a relief. I haven’t had a deep breath or a real laugh for such a long time. Thank you.

    2. @Mavic Calibara All our EU allies support Biden and hate Donny. Donny has no where to go but to Florida with his Cuban supporters. LOL

    3. @My Animals yes, my best wishes was said in a optimistic way. Most of the eu is very happy for you guys. Even the first day changes he made are so good. Such as the paris agreement. And im sure he will do well for you americans, he seems like a genuine nice guy and a father. We live together in this world, so it’s good when you get a president that tries to work with the world, and not against it. (:

  6. Congratulations to all American people who are sleeping under a proper American skies lit with hope for the future with a real president Biden …

    1. @Larry Lindgren In the overall timeline of history, he’ll be remembered for being impeached twice – (the 2nd of which for inciting sedition).

    2. @Trap Daddy Such a charmer, TD. Why don’t you come to Texas, and learn some manners? Did mama raise you in a barn? We can fix that!

    1. Nevertheless, a lot of cleaning still needs to be done. Some parts of the WH must look like a cross between a casino and a house of ilrepute.

    2. @jrose onyx Oh, absolutely, no argument there. And personally, not a fan of the gold drapes, or at least not *those* gold drapes. lol

  7. It so good to have a real President back in the White House and the oval office, this a bless day in the United States

  8. I like it! It sends the message: Even the president can have role models and recognize the greatness of others!

  9. It’s time, time to stand up and tell our youngsters, “It’s important to be decent , kind and smart. You can be strong and tough too. Reach out, help a neighbor up.Biden is in the White house to work not golf

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