Biden bucks progressives and calls for more police funding 1

Biden bucks progressives and calls for more police funding


President Joe Biden announced that he wants to provide more funds to hire police officers, putting him at odds with the progressive wing of his own party who wants to defund police departments across the country.

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  1. How does Anyone in their right mind think they can overhaul and rehabilitate a system with Less money???🤦
    Refunding our Police is More like it 😃

    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr
      On average he always is😄
      Sadly many are blind and deaf to the truth as the left needed someone to hate and Trump God Bless him is an out spoken Republican.
      Who better to whip up a frenzied hatred for with half truths and slanted narratives?

    2. Democrats have been increasing government school funding for decades and it gets worse ever year… Democrats couldn’t govern a lemonade stand with an UNLIMITED budget.

  2. I question the use of the word “progressive” in the context of defunding police. This seems like an opinionated news report.

    1. @neb check out ex-CIA Kevin Shipp’s video on the Qanon PSYOP. Qtards are no better than liberals.

    2. @neb / the propaganda networks (Fox, Newsmax, OAN, CNN, MSNBC etc) all tell you what you came to hear. They know their audiences and are adept at enticing people to watch. Surely, you’re not so naive as to think that only the Left does that.

    3. I mean it is true that those who label themselves ‘progressive'(whatever that means) do generally advocate for defunding police. You can certainly argue that they are ‘poisoning the progressive brand’ though.

    4. Exactly all these outlets have a agenda and narrative, they get rich hoping someone will drink from the cup!

    5. The term “progressive” is generally used as short hand for the The Congressional Progressive Caucus { } but also points to others who tend to share their social/political outlook. So it’s not specifically biased it’s just that they aren’t using the same terms you hear from the folks who call them things like leftist or communist.

    1. How would funding the police fuel the crime? Defunding them and demonizing them as lead to the increase dummy. You people are dense…

    2. @jert opp
      Who are “you people”?
      I’m an independent voter, dependent on careful research and thought. I don’t support defunding such an important public service! But I expect if I call the fire department, they won’t come with matches and fuel for the fire! Funding for more officers isn’t changing the way they respond, nor is it preventing the dangerous personality types from signing up for the job! The forces are full of thrill seekers just waiting for a chance to pull the trigger for all sorts of demented reasons!

  3. This is absolutely brilliant cause the problem by defunding the police, not prosecuting criminals for political reasons and cause a huge rise in crime. Then look like a hero by returning the funding and prosecution of criminals. It’s genius!!!

    1. Who is the criminal now & how do you grant criminal qualified immunity. Why is one known criminal allowed to investigate himself / herself. Well, Sorry, you can’t expect people to watch, Approved criminals granted uniforms badge gun + Qualified immunity, do whatever and say let’s move forward. Lucky for you if you are enjoying some kind privilege, but not everyone has privilege. And laws should apply equally, justice & equality must be granted shown to everyone equally. If that is still bothering you. Well then go away & stfup .

    1. I remember he ran his 2020 campaign on defunding the police. Guess this is another of Biden’s endless lies

  4. So much for defunding the police… So you admit that this has been your party’s platform for well over six or seven months.

    It’s gonna HURT in 2022

    1. Lets get this right. Democrats reduce police funding – that’s bad. Democrats increase police funding – that’s bad. It seems to me you just don’t like democrats and the rest is just you looking for an excuse to not like democrats. Oh wait, account created 11 July 2021. ROFL. You post like a sock puppet. Your account looks like a sock puppet. Do you get a sock puppet’s wages or do you do this for free?

  5. Consistency isn’t a democrat trait; it just hasn’t been something they are able to display.🥺

    1. Just like how they thought after 1892 they could break away from the division they caused aka the American Civil War!

    1. It’s not money it’s the accountability police must be held accountable qualified immunity must be removed money won’t change an evil heart 🖤

    2. @mohamed said Qualified Immunity… There are so many situations where cops are involved in that you have no idea what you would do in that situation…


  7. Flip Flop , That’s the Democrat way ,. the Democrat Voters don’t seem to Remember the Past .

  8. I can’t believe I actually wanted joe biden. I hope trump can run again. The Democrats are so fixated on racism. Racism isn’t the problem, crime is.

    1. Exactly. The Marxist politicians want to create racism and hate so that they can pass some kind of law that makes them look like a hero

  9. Not surprising when the Democratics were once Confederates and led to divide this country with something called the Civil War! Makes January 6th look like a kids soccer game! #history #armystrong 🦅🇺🇸

  10. Hes only saying that it’s all lies. Demorats seem to hate Americans and want to ruin the country. GOD BLESS AMERICA

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