Biden Calls For Ban On Assault Weapons With High-Capacity Magazines | MSNBC

During an address from the White House rose garden, President Biden called for a ban on assault weapons with high-capacity magazines, citing that law enforcement said they feel “out gunned” in active shooter situations. Aired on 04/08/2021.
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Biden Calls For Ban On Assault Weapons With High-Capacity Magazines | MSNBC


    1. @Dizzy Duke no it’s not. Mine never assaulted anyone. 🤣😂 the old ” I’m a 2A supporter but” routine doesnt work anymore fuddster.

    1. @Warkite88 it is terribly upsetting to those families on the border who cannot let their kids play outside due to Biden allowing murders and rapists walk through their yards

    2. @Rambi When it comes down to a close race, reform on gun laws may come into play. There is a reason most Democratic presidents didn’t push the issue hard at all.

    3. @SouthSide_ Chicago79 Then help the liberals with some facts then. My politics lean liberal except on one thing, and that’s the 2A issue. I never want to see a Tulsa, Oklahoma massacre, or Rosewood, Florida massacre in my lifetime.

    4. @Big Earl There is quite many reasons why democratic presidents didn’t manage to tackle the issue.
      You remember when Obama cried when discussing the issue. It wasn’t for lack of trying that nothing was done during his presidency, it was a lack of power due to GOP blocking every/anything remotely connected to it.
      Before Obama it was a stigma, Guns were American culture and it belonged there.
      Now literally thousands of shootings after it is the perfect point in time to strike, GOP and NRA have never been this weak while the Dems have power that they haven’t had in decades, that combined with the negative association with NRA and the loosening of the Murica F Yea mentality have all of a sudden made it a political success story to finally tackle the biggest blemish of the American society.

    1. @UCu-gO1S8euW0OZdCpBt96zA … that’s some powerful debate skills you have there. Next, you’ll probably call me racist. LMAO

    2. @Jimmy Olsen Secret Service? There to keep fools like you from becoming the next Lee Harvey Oswald.

    3. @Jean Griffith ….. justice would be the next Lee Harvey Oswald turning out to be one of The Great Silver Turd’s open border clients.🤣🤣

    4. @Jimmy Olsen speaking of turds, that’s exactly what Donald Trump thinks about guys like you every time he sits down on his gold-plated toilet in Trump Tower. Howard Sterns thinks so too.

    5. @Jimmy Olsen you’re adorable with your nickname, but there is only the orange turd who has been recorded as the worst president in US history and was kicked out by the people. Don’t forget his attorney Sydney Powell called you an unreasonable person, while admitting she lied for profit.

    1. @Sarah Lee again that’s like taking vehicles from private citizens because people drink and drive .

    2. @John Elkins Here’s the thing. If you strongly feel that: “the reason I’m safe today because I have a gun” … there is nothing people can say to make you think otherwise. But do you really need ‘high cap mag’ to ‘feel’ safe?

    3. @Sarah Lee did you not read my full comment? I don’t see a problem with high cap mag but I don’t see the point in anyone having full auto on them guns . Honestly the 100round clips make my gun way to heavy hella fun shooting but again I don’t see the point in full auto

    4. @John Elkins ok, got it. From your gun knowledge, would ‘low cap mag’ on ‘full auto’ give people (side casualties) more chance to survive ?

    5. @Sarah Lee unfortunately they are so easy to build on your own that these guns are now ghost guns not registered no numbers. Takes about 30ish min to build one and that’s why I say there’s millions that noone knows about or will .but with that said 99.8% are never used in a crime its the unfortunate 2% of idiots who cause the mess . I think they should do a mental background check farther back than they do criminal. My ex girlfriend certified card carrying nut job AFTER being a felon was able to get her rights back and concealed carry permit . 6 months later killed her husband and never did min in jail .that’s what passes me off people like that can get rights back for firearms . And others who have been young dumb 20 years ago can’t

    1. @CJ K have you donated anything to trump yet? you really should. And don’t forget not to uncheck all the boxes.

    2. @Kathrine Pearson Oh yes, they showed you “kids in cages” for 4 years, cuz “orange man bad.” The border situation today is literally 1000 times worse, but Biden is doing a “fantastic job.” Keep your head buried in the sand a little longer.

    3. @Wilhelm Raitz Why would I give my hard earned money to a politician? Don’t they get enough money from crooked corporations?

    4. @CJ K you mean when Trump passed and bragged of his child separation policy as a deterrent to migration of refugees? He bragged about the pain it would case, but ya go on about your bigotry kiddo…

    5. @Ryan Williams I myself was raised in a Democratic household and can say get off the Liberals dhick

  1. As a violent society, both domestically ( highest incarceration rate in the world) and internationally ( illegal wars, occupations, CIA proxy wars/atrocities) here’s hoping for the best.

    1. Except the high incarceration rate isn’t because of violence. Most people in prison aren’t there for violent crime. You go to prison for drugs and debt here.

    2. the incarceration rate has nothing to do with violence. it’s all about the private prison system.

    1. . . . It may just happen….the NRA is crippled…..and military weapons are already illegal for any sort of hunting.

  2. If we are all entitled to bare arms without regulation, than I want a couple of nukes to keep in the pantry in case of the obvious……..Jurassic Park anybody…….Yesterdays science fiction is todays science fact!!!

    1. I’m hoping to see a bill passed legalizing that special Russian tea ole Vlad uses on occasion. After all, it ain’t the tea that kills people, it’s the tea cup.

    2. @Eric Klaus like most states require already? The problem is that now Georgia’s legislature can throw out any vote, and in the next few years that law will be used by the new dems in power in Georgia to dismantle the GOPs power. Thanks for being shortsighted.

  3. My Remington 740 30-06 carries 4 rounds, 3 too many. My issue M16 back in the day didn’t carry enough.

    1. @Mike Hunt67
      I’m going to have to drive
      2 1/2 hrs for some dragon breath before Joe finds out what damage a shotgun can do….lol

  4. It should be about national registry of background checks, fingerprint ID on triggers, and other policies. Redefining the gun can be worked around too easily.

    1. Ok. But then you also need to do that stuff to get a license, get social services, and vote as well!!! Gotta make it fair!😂🤣👍🤦‍♂️

    2. @Mel Gillham None of my suggestions would be illegal under FOPA. It should be about the person pulling the trigger, not so specifically about the definition of the gun. ‘Large magazine assault weapon’? Just buy/sell guns just under the limit. Not a solution, esp since most gun violence is due to the use of hand guns, isn’t it?

  5. I hope he reviews the daunting statistics from John’s Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. I was not aware of these stats before I took the class. But it makes sense that homicides, suicides, and domestic violence are all correlated with gun ownership.

    1. What can Manchin do to an executive order exactly? Sorry you never learned to hit the broad side of a barn while shooting, guess your dad failed you…

    1. @Mel Gillham You missed another part of the opinion in Heller. This is a very complicated subject. Scalia wrote: “the Second Amendment does not protect those weapons not typically possessed by law-abiding citizens for lawful purposes.”

      This line is about bans on weaponry, not locations. He said this in the context of a discussion of Miller (1939), which involved short-barreled shotguns. This same section also references machine guns, strongly suggesting Scalia would view those as subject to bans as well. As for other types of weapons, they can certainly be regulated, which you appear to understand…. Open carry, sensitive locations like gov buildings or schools, use by mentally ill, background checks, waiting periods, etc.

      Bottom line, it’s not an absolute right. Scalia summed it up like this: “Like most rights, the right secured by the Second Amendment is not unlimited. From Blackstone through the 19th-century cases, commentators and courts routinely explained that the right was not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose.”

    2. @CommaCam he specifically used locations.. but you did use the word “opinion” and that’s what it is. And I covered your not commonly owned bit in the established numbers as “in common use” you’ll lose all the way around as well as in the mag number of rounds thing, because “in common use” covers those as “standard capacity”.

    3. @Mel Gillham Mel, the word “opinion” in that sense means the majority decision in Heller. The whole thing is called the “opinion” of the court.

      And “in common use” is subject to its own interpretation, which you barely even scratched the surface of. You seem to think this is so simple and clear, but I promise you it is not. You may be surprised what a conservative court would do with an assault weapon/high capacity mag ban.

  6. The Great Silver Turd should ban illegal drugs for the sake of his son…. oh, that’s right, illegal drugs have been banned for decades.

    Will the light come on ?

  7. So if a hunter in Alaska is set on by a pack of five wolves and he has a 3 shot clip, is he supposed to reason with the other two.

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