Biden Calls On Voter To Turn Out While Campaigning For Warnock And Ossoff In Georgia | MSNBC 1

Biden Calls On Voter To Turn Out While Campaigning For Warnock And Ossoff In Georgia | MSNBC


President-elect Joe Biden encouraged voters to turn out in record numbers for the Senate runoff elections and vote for Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff while campaigning in Atlanta. Aired on 12/15/2020.
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Biden Calls On Voter To Turn Out While Campaigning For Warnock And Ossoff In Georgia | MSNBC


    1. @Afi James No, he won’t. Biden isn’t in it to stroke his ego and prop up a brand and enrich his kids and give tax breaks to all his millionaire buddies.

    2. @Tangible Focused
      You’re delusional Biden done more for Americans than Trump ever could..thanks be to God for Biden

    3. @Roseann Peters he has been a snake since day 1. 47 years and his claim to fame is the unrighteous and prison industrial complex 94 crimebill. Where he is going is going to be glorious.

    4. @Thomas Thompson , you mean President Obama that dragged our economy out of the republican’s Great Recession, the worse economic downturn since the 1930’s? Obama that had the Dow increase 164%, decreased unemployment from 9% to 4.5%, created over 12 million jobs, and faced two pandemics and lost less than 12,500 Americans.

    1. @Frail Bones Biden trumplodyte parrot regurgitating tired old talking points

      Let’s see how “fake” that investigation into Russian interference that produced the Mueller report and its 10 counts of obstruction are once your trumpenfuhor is not hiding behind the skirt of the office!

      On top of his tax evasion, tax fraud he has several more legal liabilities he can’t hide from anymore either… oh it’s gonna be a rough 4 years for ya snowflake!

    2. @Frail Bones Biden furthermore snowflake, nobody is for “open borders” and “terrorists attack” (you trumplodytes sure are SUCKERS for buzzwords )

      One thing Biden is NOT for is the trumplodyte xenophobic wet dream that is the Stephen Miller trump immigration policy.

      I look forward to your impending, buzzword laden, trumplodyte propaganda “retort”

    1. @UChBygwR3wRziGoh4Up1fEGg identifying himself as a Chinese asset sure is convenient.
      Did you know Russia and China work very closely together in many of their operations.
      Soo… probably those guys too

    2. @Random Internet User Right, as you point out, Trump received $10 billion in Chinese trademarks that he failed to receive during the 2 decades prior to entering the White House.

      Not to mention the fact that Trump owes the Bank of China a $297,000,000 million dollar load that is due in full in 2022, which explains why he’s manipulating our least educated into still donating to his campaign 3 weeks after he lost.

      Imagine being so darn stupid, you take food from your families mouths, to donate to someone you believe is a ‘billionaire’.

    3. @Random Internet User As you point out, Trump is bought and paid for by China. No decisions he makes can be trusted, because are they for china , the country he’s beholden to…or not. Giving Trumps 4 decade past, likely he’s siding with China over America, when money is involved.

    4. @Jeremy Backup Trump is bought and paid for by China?
      And 10 will be held by H for the “Big guy” We’re going to see who China owns.

    1. It will probably get worse before it gets better unfortunately.. both parties are extremely evil and all lying politicians America will be a 3rd world country . It’s already happing

    2. @Curtis Lee
      Yeap not at all..
      Just really hopefully for the US.. become a more just n fairer place..
      Shows how programmed ive/ we’ve been… atheist for years and still engage the imaginary folk when expressing high hopes..

    3. @We are Not Free
      Very interesting subjects.. freedom.. the US … it’s politics n culture/s esp as it’s supposed/ is/ claims to be 1st world and compared to half the has more than enough wealth to share around its people…
      Sad to watch from .. the lower n middle communities of our big brother n trad Allie going through what I realise is now the last 30-40 yrs..
      realising that places like Aussies, NZ, Canada, Scandinavia .. are very luck to have been setup far better..??

  1. I am seriously so happy our country will get back to some normalcy in a few weeks. Thank goodness the clown show is over!

  2. “Send me these two men – and we will control the senate” . You heard your president. Make it happen Georgia

    1. It’s not about control, I think, so much as removing the power of that concrete turtle in the middle of the constitutional road.

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