Biden Combats Climate Change With Jobs | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Biden Combats Climate Change With Jobs | The Last Word | MSNBC


President Biden announced a goal to cut carbon emissions in half by 2030 – and the Biden administration says its $2.25 trillion American Jobs Plan will help the country achieve Biden’s climate goal of cutting carbon emissions in half by 2030 by building green infrastructure. Labor Secretary Marty Walsh says, “This is a once in a generation opportunity to rethink and recreate the infrastructure for the American worker and how we create pathways for the American worker back into the middle class.” Aired on 04/23/2021.
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Biden Combats Climate Change With Jobs | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. @savannah505 that’s good too. Correct me if I’m wrong but you arent a billionaire. Why fight for them and against your own self interests?

    2. @Busch Wacker who cares if he said that he probably didnt mean it in a bad way i cant stand negative people

    1. @Mario Is that the best you’ve got Mario? Why not add a few more retorts like “I know you are, but what am I?” Or the tried and true “Your Momma wears combat boots!” Those make as much sense as your coal miner/racist stereotype! You’re probably a good guy Mario, but please think about what is going on here. Progressive Liberalism is a disease, and you have caught it. But there is time to heal. Read a little of our country’s history, I beg you.

    2. Until recently infrastructure meant something tangible, not this nonsense being brought forth by democrats.

    3. @Frank Rizzo They are looting the US TREASURY and spending the USA into the DIRT. All part of their plans to crash the currency and economy so they can then swoop in like vultures and save the day with their Global Communist Digital Currency. A nightmare situation and the end of American sovereignty.

    4. @xTG0x I don’t know if you can legitimately call yourself a centrist when it sounds like you drank the kool aid but to each her/his own.

  1. “Unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a Jungle…a racial jungle” – Joe Biden on desegregating schools in 1977

    1. @chance lewis I don’t know where your 27% statistic comes from but it looks like there’s a new Gallup poll that just came out today where he’s at 57% now. In the poll, that’s approval from 94% of Democrats, 58% of independents and 11% of Republicans.

  2. We the people are so sick of this BS.
    It’s going to come to a head. And it’s not going to be a good thing.

    1. @J DAN I think the sad thing is we can give more money to the schools they use, but they’re still going to teach them the same ignorant crap they spout on social media.

      It’s gotta come from somewhere.

    2. Want to see what might happen if you get left behind? Click on the Borrowed Truth icon and watch “Last Moments.”

    3. @Regina Paul people voluntarily donating their money to an organization– sounds like capitalism to me. Not sure how you consider that “stealing”. Now hiding money in offshore bank accounts to avoid taxation– now that is stealing.

  3. *President Mumbles McTeleprompter- “ It’s about jobs…and cookies and…unicorns, no seriously I’m not kidding here! I want all Americans to have a pony and a cupcake and…where am I? I like turtles…”*

  4. The sad thing is, Joe will crumple soon here, theres just no way he’ll stand the test of the end of this year we will see some changes.

    1. @Truthy Lucy 100% correct, and media and social media have paid lackeys to perpetuate the scams. Soon, when the whole thing comes to fruition, they’ll realize they helped in the downfall the whole time, when it’s too late.

    1. @Dan Evertt  @Dan Evertt  you never said that. If you scroll up you would see that you never said that.
      The first question you asked, which you incorrectly stated I didn’t answer, was whether I believed in global warming. I of course answered it, and the repo s ted my answer earlier.

      The next post you made was the one that I politely told you was incoherent. I’m assuming that is where you meant to ask whether I thought global warming was important?
      I’m assuming you are talking about this post. “You brought up overspending….
      You’d rather save money then….”
      If that’s the fact, again I told you it was illegible, and then you made fun of me instead of clarifying yourself.

      So how can you not concede that I answered your first question? Is your pride that strong, that you can’t admit when you are wrong?

      You still haven’t answered my question way earlier btw, which I assume wasn’t actually supposed to be directed towards me.

    2. @Dan Evertt it’s climate change now Mr. Eve rtt. Hadn’t you noticed or questioned the change….? No
      Not Dan he just swallows them spits and doesn’t notice the taste changed

  5. You can always “trust” the MESS NBC in what they’re reporting, if you click your heels 3 times and make a wish. LOL

  6. How to tell when someone is lying. Looking down and blinking a lot. “It’s about jobs, not neo-fuedalism.”

    1. @Briguy164 Our gas prices went up because the oil companies were selling it out of the countries when people started using more again. Read about how oil prices work and how oil companies sell it for whatever they can to the highest bidder. Government doesn’t control what gas prices are.

    2. @John SwansonIs it possible for you to actually contribute anything meaningful to the dialogue or are you so limited in intelligence that you can only hurl insults like a 4 year old?

    3. @lynne baker everything you just said is stupid beyond belief. And the worst part of it is I bet you were sitting there typing all that with a smug face thinking your an intellectual. I don’t know if I should be mad or feel sorry for you.

  7. Dang only if there was a massive project already being made rather than giving them jobs that no one needs

  8. I love watching JOE run up those steps to Air Force one ! I bet they had to change his DEPENDS as soon as he got inside ! He is a REAL BADASS !

    1. @American Patriot aww, sounds like you have a booboo that isn’t going away anytime soon, atleast until you can say President Biden ~you have a good day, I know I will blah ha ha ha

    2. @Diana Beebe Enjoy paying more taxes with potato head in office like the other sheep … Baaaa Baaaa Baaa!

    3. The BEST is when he reads his name off of a teleprompter makes your chest swell with pride he is our PRESIDENT !

    1. @Jean Griffith Why is Obamas 15 million dollar Martha’s Vineyard mansion less then 10ft above sea level?

    2. @Jean Griffith Why are the Saudis investing billions in the Maldives which were supposed to be underwater by now?

    3. Trump fed you a Load of BS you should be able to fertilize your BackYard for decades , decades, decades

    4. I will tell you Jean because the land is cheaper and they are very good at planting on slopes explained

  9. Judging from the comments I’m not alone in thinking you are Gaslighting us with your JOBs Spin

    1. For sure, but nothing compares to Psaki’s vile diatribe against that cop in Columbus who saved that girl in the pink jumpsuit. Her accusations of “systemic racism” are unconscionable and a bald faced lie.

    2. But banning oil drilling was killing jobs earlier this year remember? People always bring up jobs on these issues

  10. Maricopa County Election Audit has started. Auditing those machines, software, signatures, Everything! (We won’t be reminded of this from these lying fools).
    What might happen if the audit proves widespread election fraud?

    1. 12k fraudulent ballots found in Georgia, nothing done about it. Also the Democrats in Arizona are suing to stop the audit. Suspicious much?

    2. They also need to audit the WIFI smart AC/HEATER thermostats in all voting centers. They were proven to have been a secret doorway for Chinese hackers to access the Adjudication files in the machines. NOT ENOUGH TO CHANGE THE OUTCOME OF THE ELECTION of course. These mini wall mounted Internet routers and hacking portals are installed in countless government buildings, businesses and homes.
      They look innocent enough but if they instead were called Listening Panda Spy Thermostats people would know the massive vulnerability they are letting into their lives.

    3. We need it to be proven to save america from the democrats they are distroying America. The world see it. Sure we need to do things to clean the air the water . Have you seen the trash just along our roads? People need to be more conscious of their surroundings and be vigilant and keeping it clean. And autos need to be improved. But no matter what we do the earth has been changing for millions of years. And it will continue no matter what we do! And all countries need not clean up their act in order to help!!

    4. There won’t be anything done about it, but I think after they get done screwing us over with their Green New Deal nonsense, there will be so many people voting against Democrats that they won’t be able to steal the 2022 election. And the Democrats will be swept out of power.

    5. @Marsha Grubbs Yes we need to do more. But prosperity is what will clean things up far more than communism and marxism. Why not end all welfare and EBT and put the money in to WORKFARE to clean things up.

    1. @Kloko Loko I know all about it, when ever one of their prophecies on “Climate Change” falls through, they move the goal post and you fell for it. Back in the 70’s they use to tell us that global warming and smog (Don’t hear about smog anymore, why?) in 1986 blah blah blah, nothing happens. Then they tell us by the year 2000 ice caps and blah blah blah. didn’t happen. Then it was by 2020 ocean front property in Kansas blah blah blah, didn’t happen. So now they pray on the next generation of gullible fools to syphon money from. Let me ask you this? Why don’t any of these climate grifters, I mean activists never practice what they preach? They are always jet setting all over the planet leaving a bigger carbon footprint than a small town? Are you gonna call out BLM/antifa for all the aerosols they use in the paint they spray everywhere? or the fires they start in the streets with plastics and other toxins? I doubt it and you are not anyone I should take seriously.

    2. @Living Legend2 I do not fell for fake news because I research it and ask experts to explain to me.

      Media is not reliable in dealing with high degree scientific material.

      They can misinterpret data or make video that is shocking to attract more public for views.
      Or they can deliberately mislead people on something that is not true for someone interest.

      Also you have other extreme that is paid media from interest groups to tell what they want.

    3. @Kloko Loko ok, I’ll see ya in another 10 yrs when you have moved the goal post at least another 3 times when none of the trends you talk about come to fruition. I noticed you didn’t answer any of my questions, I figured as much. I know why, the answers are counter to your narrative.

    4. @Living Legend2 This is political thing for you, so it’s part of your identity.

      Me, I’m not even on your continent.

    5. @Kloko Loko 1) I never mentioned politics, and have far more living experience and data than you do.
      2) You’re not even from here so you don’t count.

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