Biden Committed To Increasing Minimum Wage, Says WH Deputy Press Secretary | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Biden Committed To Increasing Minimum Wage, Says WH Deputy Press Secretary | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Deputy White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre discusses negotiations over increasing the federal minimum wage, saying President Biden is committed to increasing the minimum wage. Aired on 02/17/2021.
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Biden Committed To Increasing Minimum Wage, Says WH Deputy Press Secretary | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Darth Xeno You deserve a raise, period.

      My salary was $3000 more than $18,000/yr ($9/hr) back in 1984 when I was in my 20’s and living at home.

      In Canada a McDonald’s franchise has never gone out of business for increasing pay.

    2. Residents pay their electric bill. Dont be ignorant.
      Texas political leaders dont invest in the infrastructure. Oil companies donate to build schools, parks and new roads.

  1. Can we all ask ourselves why the American people doesn’t deserve a pay increase? There’s no one who lives in reality doing very well with 10 dollars an hour. In the late 80s to early 90s 8 bucks an hour was pretty good. No politicians should be fighting against any progress for us. We pay their salaries on top of the funding they get from corporate donors. Does that look like a representative to you or a authoritarian? Because for quite some time they’ve been telling us what we can’t have.


    1. @Metard Autismiami No, You’re actually Too Stupid to Understand what we Adults are talking about;Go Sniff some more Paint Chips.

    2. @Keith Ranson I’ll still be making over 1000% percent on btcn and investments while people beg for a stimcheck or a job…
      And the rich quadruple their wealth, thank you Sir Ioser

  3. I’m so grateful that President Joe Biden is just calmly going about the business of healing and rebuilding this country. America needs a leader who cares about Americans.

    1. @bantumwt there has been no objective change at the border, except to properly apply existing law, end family separation & provide funding for Immigration to do their job. There has been NO increase in immigration activity.

    2. @SMS Trump did not “unleased a virus that has killed more than 450 thousand people” In fact, at the first of last year he banned travel from China and Democrats called him a racist. And it is because of Trump that we were able to get Covid vaccines so quickly. Everyone else said that it would take much longer. BTW, the Covid death rate today stand at 1.7% – More than a 98% survival rate. And down from 6%+ from March of 2020. And he has gotten more Mid-East peace treaties signed than any American president before him. Before Covid he spurred the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years. you Marxist Democrats have done everything you could to derail the US presidency since day 1 of Trump tenure as President. You support and enable large-scale rioting, looting, property damage, and murders. And on and on. And when he tried to use US troops against the riots, you Democrats called him a hitler for doing so and yet Biden needs 1000s of troops in DC!

    3. @bantumwt Where are these 50,000 jobs your talking about? Get your facts straight. Nothing has shut down with the petroleum industry, look it up. Your not even an American so why are to commenting about the USA. Mind your own business.

    4. @SMS I said it will all happen in due time. He has stated such. And yes 50000 so far have lost jobs considering the 11000+ pipeline workers now unemployed plus many of the associated businesses that supplied the industry. And those 11000 pipeline workers losing their jobs is only in the US. It’s hitting Canada too. Then there are all of those who supply machinery, tools, housing, food, etc to the pipeline workers and for the pipeline construction, which extends from in Canada though the central US. And he is going to eliminate fracking, which will make this nation again dependent on foreign oil. And, you Marxist S-B, I am a 22 year retired military veteran – 3 tours Vietnam. So stuff it. You Dems are no longer the party of JFK and Truman. More like the party of Karl Marx. And even that is objective and empirically true.

    5. @SMS tax breaks to everyone that works. If you don’t work and pay taxes how do you get a tax break??? Isn’t that just more welfare ? How’s that $2000 check on day 1.?……….lie…….other countries got paid to study transgenders in the bathroom…….Americans last is what you wanted. That’s what you get Americans last. GD you America. America sickens me #feeltheleech #morbidlyoppressed

  4. If we had like 53-54 seats in senate we wouldn’t even have to talk so much to make Manchin and Sinema happy .

  5. It’s nice to hear Republicans and conservative Ds like Joe Manchin support an automatic cost-of-living adjustment to the minimum wage… assuming the minimum wage isn’t set too low. In principle, all safety net policies should include automatic adjustments for inflation.

  6. Most Canadians who lost their jobs due to the pandemic have been receiving $2000.00 a ” MONTH ” now for the past 8 months ( $16,000)…..Plus they have Universal healthcare…..If you get sick and go to the hospital you don’t get a bill in the mail + you don’t lose your coverage.

    1. America is brutal. It always has been. It’s founded on genocide and historic human trafficking. Canada has dealt with such historic issues with more success than the US.

  7. Remember, all these proper response to this pandemic are a year late, we are just starting while other countries are already opening up their businesses, schools and airports although they will have temporary lockdowns as soon as they have covid infections growing.

    1. There’s no excuse for the richest, largest country in the world refusing to help its citizens when they receive trillions from taxpayers and no infrastructures repairs,children’s meals.cut off,govment workers cut.,WHO TOOK THE MONEY ???

  8. As a Bernie supporter who voted for Biden to oust the prior traitor, Biden is actually doing better than I had expected he would.

    1. As another Bernie supporter, I need to point out that Biden hasn’t actually done anything yet…. except talk.

  9. Because the minimum wage has been kept low for years is the issue. Instead of slowly increasing the wage over time to catchup.
    Now we are stuck with small businesses to deal with the problem, the problem should sit with the rich in congress!
    Let’s hope that Biden will be able to deliver on what, so many presidents in the past have failed to do.

  10. The $15./hr minimum wage is so long overdue, it is hardy even a living wage any more in many parts of the country. Better late than never. NO NEGOTIATION ON THIS ISSUE!

    1. Minimum wage isnt the answer because it will cause so many problems. 1. It will cause prices on things to go up. 2. Businesses at this moment cant afford to pay their employees $15 due to loss of business because of covid so you will see more people will become unemployed. 3. Taxes will go up and you wont get much money back on your tax return.

    2. It was never intended to be a living wage lol hence skills , trades, and schooling ..
      The good old days of providing for a family off a basic job were gone when we chose to help millions of unskilled workers to come into the country(which I agree with)…welcome to the new Estados Unidos papi

    1. As a Brit I can’t believe that people are expected to work for $7.50 per hour. Even $15.00 is hardly an Earth shattering amount in the World’s richest country. I really feel for those trying to survive on such a paltry amount in the US.

  11. Fair living wages to all workers will make an enormous difference in the lives of the majority of American families and all workers. We have much to do to create fairness and justice in our society and economy.

  12. This is long overdue in this country you cannot live on a wage under 15 dollars an hour. This country has been so out of whack for far too long.

  13. I wonder how many of those “lost jobs” are due to people not having to work a third job because the first one actually pays a living wage?

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