Biden Competition-Boosting Executive Order Includes Perks For Consumers 1

Biden Competition-Boosting Executive Order Includes Perks For Consumers


Rachel Maddow reports on a new executive order from President Biden that is meant to boost competition across the economy in a way that benefits workers, but includes measures to make life easier for consumers as well. 
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    1. Howard – A big part of his job was convincing Congress to pass hos agenda. He failed miserably.

    2. @Andrew Sealey how many benefited the American people not just his friends and lobbyists…….

    3. @David Benefield Trump did nothing except enrich himself (Which he promised not to do) Yet he made 1.6 billion dollars GOLFING and he set teh record for most golfing trips by a sitting president in 1 term.(He also said he would be to busy working to golf…another lie. I dare you to name me 2 things TRUMP DID

  1. Yes ! That’s the one part of capitalism Trumpicans don’t like , competing for best employees, letting market drive wages instead of being suppressed artificially by minimum wage laws that haven’t been adjusted even for inflation .

    1. @Howard The unicorn logic is that when the top earning CEO’s have ‘enough’ money, they will boost wages for the workers. That’s how trickle down was supposed to work, and clearly has not. When you have a system where workers wages have been stagnant for over a decade, yet billionaires are buying boats so big they need an emotional support boat to act as a helipad, then things are clearly broken.

    2. @kingintyellow the sad part about all the schnanagins going on in Washington currently are, Biden is raising taxes on every american who makes under 400,000 and that’s been shown by accountants already, for example a guy or woman making 30,000 this year filling out the short form will pay 500 more in taxes then last year ,a person making 50,000 will pay around.1000 more in taxes if nothing else has changed ,
      Warren buffet and Elon musk Jeff Bezos paid about a 1 percent tax last year and according to them ,they will not pay any more under Biden after they get all the corporate write offs ,so by saying your taxing the rich more and your policys are not addressing it , That just means they are still letting the rich get richer by not taking all the write offs away that they are getting,, if the govt truly wanted to make things even, then why not just tax every american at the same rate the top 1 percent pay , that’s a rate of 1 percent ,
      other wise if they truly are going to tax the rich they need to get rid of all the write offs and have them pay a straight 37 percent tax with no write-offs

    3. @kingintyellow Amen, brother – but wages, as measured by buying power, have not increased in almost 40 years. Gosh, who became president that year? Oh yeah, I remember now, Ronald Raygun.

    4. @Don m the short answer is that wealthy people shift money away from income, which is highly taxed to deferred wealth building investments that are taxed at a much lower rate and have many loopholes and legal strategies available to reduce the burden even more. Remember, the people with all the gold made all the rules that allow them to accumulate and retain their wealth. And the Citizens United ruling locked in their ability to buy legislative influence anonymously ever since, aka dark money. It’s not a pretty picture, is it?

    5. @Don m A sensible taxation scheme would make a lot of sense. But anyone who tries such a huge, immediate step will get slammed. Right now, the Democrats can’t even suggesting closing corporate tax evasion loopholes without being called hardline Communists by the Republicans. How well do you think a tax plan where everyone pays an equal portion of their wages will go?

      There has to be a start somewhere, and this is it. Reversing the mindset that the utterly broken model of capitalism which is in place now will take time.

  2. Maybe people on a fixed income who struggle to hear will finally be able to hear again and their loved ones won’t need to shout.

  3. I must read the full Executive Order as if it is as reported then it is a big deal. Most companies in almost all industrialised countries would have similar rules like non compete clauses. However they do not normally cover all employees only the director level employees. This Executive Order would seem to be very much pro consumer and pro employee.

    1. Yes. Many years ago as a young Fulbright Fellow studying in London, I had a medical emergency. Despite my having no money, Britain’s NHS took excellent care of me. Thank God. I will never forget that kindness.

  4. FREE Hervis Rogers! FREE HERVIS ROGERS!!!! Oh, Yeah, about capitalism: it is still exploitative, regardless non-Kompete klauses, or NOT! Slavery, eg, was exploitative as H3ll, and i doubt EVERY Slave holder/owner – had any kind of “non-compete” klauses. Oh, btw, even now, anyone who works for another, is being “exploited.” Some more so, some less, but exploited nonetheless …. just sayin …..

  5. Many different things but their sum is Corporate responsibility. It’s like breath of fresh air.

    1. @Asa Foster Seems that the voters think Trump had already sorted this stuff out for them ? No !

  6. Love our president Biden. He is really fair & just!
    We need to remember that we voted him in, there are more “good guys” than bad guys!

    Lets all work together for good!

    1. so if he’s such a good man why is it that he put so many black men incarcerated in 1994? and how come he hasn’t apologized for his grandfather owning slaves?

  7. I feel disrespected, bullied, harassed, and threatened every day trump walks around free to grift

  8. What the … ? What kind of workers rights do you have in the US? You can’t even leave your job? This is just shocking.

    1. Non-compete clauses prevent you from working for any company that is considered a competitor – which generally means anything actually in your field – for some number of years after leaving the company. It’s not a total inability to quit, just 90% of one.

  9. Who knew? The Make America Great slogan is being implemented (not by the twice-impeached president!), we just had to wait four years for it. Thank you, Mr. President [Biden].

  10. Basically everything that affects the average American to make life easier for most all is what a TRUE LEADER does to bring people together

  11. “Employees should be free to take a better job if someone offers it” perfectly sums up this issue in my eyes. There can’t be upward-mobility for a person if they are legally not allowed to use their experience in the same field.

  12. this executive order seems like common sense, its too bad republicans cant see that Biden is a president for all americans. Cant wait to see how they twist this into something “socialist and evil”

  13. Anything this man touches is ruined. He hasn’t made an honest dollar his whole life. Been sucking at the teat government for decades.

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