Biden congratulates Democrats on holding Senate: ‘Bigger the number, the better’ | USA TODAY #Shorts


    1. @DL 🏳️‍🌈 No I am not a progressive snowflake. No looting and rioting when things don’t go our way either

  1. And the train keeps rolling like the High speed train in California. Keep going down the path of disparity and outright downfall of America and keep dividing the people and states that both sides keep on doing. I feel sorry for the younger generation growing up in these times. Before it was nation vs nation, now it’s the opposite its against its against each other. Saddened by the whole government in a whole not one party or one person.

    1. I felt sorry for the older generations that had to live through segregation and Jim Crowe laws because of white nationalists. I’m glad Gen Z came out and voted against the successors of those nationalists especially those who stormed the capitol like the Republican nominees for governor in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

    1. @Donald Your comment makes no sense. Is there a percentage counter on the wall in front of the ballot counters, and when the percentages get too close to each other, the ballot counters slow way the hell down for some reason? Get real 🤦🏻‍♂️

  2. Instead of taking a partisan approach to recognition in a politically highly divided country–which, btw, creates winners and losers–why not congratulate the electorate on voting for democracy instead of congratulating one party for winning over the other?

  3. Can anyone actually articulate to me how democrats are bad? I mean I’m a Republican but if you look at the policies they actually are pretty good economically.

  4. In related news, national supplies of copium are running low as conservatives are left with a sense of helplessness after having bungled what should have been an easy win. 🤣🤣🤣

  5. 2 teams playing to win over states, to make laws and regulations, to rule over people who pay their salaries… glad you all voted

  6. And on top of it, none of it was tampered with and it was a fair election with no corruption what so ever! Man our political system sure is great and squeaky clean!

  7. We’re through as a nation if that geriatric science project gets re-elected. Go retire Joe enjoy the golden years, I would say enjoy your grandchildren BUT we are both thinking of something else.

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