Biden Covid Advisor: States Will Soon Need To ‘Find’ People To Get Vaccine Shots | The Last Word


    1. @Yoel Silver name calling lol. Maybe people do research, how much do you know about Pfizer ?

    2. @Yoel Silver me not getting the shot doesn’t effect you when you get the shot. Stop worrying about anti vaxers they won’t infect you since you are now vaccinated. Lol I’ll not worry about this since I won’t die from covid since it literally has a 99.9 survival rate

    3. @Richard Reese I personally know the scientist who did the research in mRNA. How about you, what/who do you know?

    1. @damnjustassignmeone I wouldn’t count anything out with these psychopathic, homicidal, greedy little parasites who think they have the right to decide who lives or dies.

    2. @Its Cass I said nothing of the sort. I said you’re not bright if you only get a vaccine if something has a 50% fatality rate.

    3. @damnjustassignmeone btw I’m not against vaccines, just brand new ones that dont have enough info on long term side effects. In other words, I’m not comfortable being a test subject since I’m not at risk. I’ll stick to a mask and hand washing

    4. @damnjustassignmeone i see what your saying but these guys ive known for a long time im pretty sure i know where there head is

    1. @QRW Sec to answer that question I’ll need a time machine that can travel 6k years in the past..

  1. We have been told there was a high demand for vaccines from the beginning. I will volunteer to wait so others can become vaccinated. Please take your time, no rush.

    We all have to do our part!

    1. Yes my friend! and for those who are confused alt-right conspiracy theorists, we will force them to take the vaccine, it is the only way for this great nation to survive this pandemic!
      The only concern is taking their guns before we initiate the mandatory vaccines, we need to find a way to disarm every single american so there cannot be any more mass shootings and gun violence in relation to healing and unifying this country.
      Together my friend, we’re going to build back better, with Biden!

    2. @Ham Syde All Hail Overlord Biden who is honest and *NOT* demented.

      I have an idea..lets ask the police to get their guns!

      Conspiracy theorists, Republicans, QAnon, Proud Boys and anyone else who hurts our feelings shall suffer our wrath!!

    1. @Ham Syde We are not Nazi Germany!
      Ever heard the Nuremberg code? Following orders didn’t work for the Zionazis. Watch the Nuremberg Trials.

    2. @Axle I am dead serious, we are on the wrong side of history. The Nuremberg law of 1947 proclaims that in the light of the Nazi atrocities, every person must have the universal right of informed consent when it comes to medical experiments. Courts around the world are citing this law in striking down these potential vaccine mandates.

    3. @Ham Syde do you work for the Devil?
      And if you’re vaccinated aren’t you safe?
      Doesn’t the vaccine protect you?

    1. @g0679 I am good with God, that is all the satisfaction I need. This enables me to not be scared of this life or the end of this life. It also makes it very clear, my life is not about me.

  2. “And the order — and that increases the total vaccine order in the United States by 50 percent — from 400 million ordered to 600 million. This is enough vaccine to fully vaccinate 300 Americans by the end of the summer, beginning of the fall. But we want to make — look, that’s — I want to repeat: It’ll be enough to fully vaccinate 300 Americans” – Joe Biden

    1. @David Gray “We have this notion that somehow if you’re poor you can not do it,” Biden went on. “Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”

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  4. When you get down to the last 80 million un-vaccinated people or so you will find most are well armed and best left alone.

    1. @damnjustassignmeone There is literally hundreds of proven science data regarding the short term and long term dangers of PG. If your bias is so great that you are trying to pass off PG as safe, then your bias is so great you’re best off only talking to poeple with the same shared bias. No one else will ever take you seriously. I have a relative with PG side effects, 3 years later the symptoms persist. Symptoms so serious she has been to several specialists and had many tests to determine if it was cancer, nope. It’s PG side effects that affected her immune system. Last Dr said it could persist for weeks, months, years or life. LIFE! If thats not dangerous WTF is? Science has proven PG is very dangerous for many people. Your biased opinion cannot Trump that.

    2. @g0679 You should be. You sound like of ‘those” people that like to think you are always right and others should think as you do or else they are wrong.

    3. @damnjustassignmeone PS: Every covid vaccine death or hospitalization had the exact same symptoms as PG allergy side effects. Anaphylactic shock to be specific. Some coincidence huh?

    4. @nuanil Yep, after all these hospital visits due to PG I think we understand it well. A, PG is quite toxic in many ways. B, due to it’s toxicity, people who have a sensitivity or allergy experience immediate and often severe side effects. People without an allergy may (and often) experience long term use side effects. It has a designation of toxicity from the FDA, warnings and hazards are well documented and listed. When your throat closes up and your lymph nodes swell up you learn real fast how dangerous it is. 3 years later the symptoms remain in varying degrees in my relatives case. How many people have ever been tested for the allergy prior to taking the vaccine? Most likely none. Why? Because the media wont mention the PG side effects whatsoever. So you have people with sensitivities or an allergy dying of anaphylactic shock shortly after taking the vaccine. Just like we hear about all the time now. Time will tell if the folks who took it and dont have a reaction will end up with an auto immune issue that leads to cancer, which has been proven with PG in animals.

  5. As I said expected, they’re closing in on vaccinating all the people who actually want it. Now they’re worried half the country still won’t touch it.

  6. Find people? They are not hiding they just don’t want it. What will happen if you so call find them ?

    1. Hold onto their arm long enough to say, “One, two, three, BUCK!”

      Then it’s their turn to be IT.

    2. @Johnny Røtten Hey, I have no problem with anti vaxers, just sign a document refusing the vaccine that we can put in a database so that if you attempt to get treated for Covid they can just send you home instead. No use wasting time and resources on folks like yourself, you add nothing to society, you are a drain.

  7. Dr. Henry Kissinger wrote: “Depopulation should be the highest priority of US foreign policy towards the third world.”
    If they have control and can prosper from their own resources, it would make it that much harder to steal them.

  8. Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so That we all make it to heaven.

    Like so more people can see this

  9. Well at least half of Americans are intelligent enough not to get this poison injected into themselves

  10. *Public Health England:* “All deaths with a positive specimen (including at post-mortem) are counted *REGARDLESS OF THE CAUSE OF DEATH!”*

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