Biden Creates Task Force To Undo ‘Shame’ Of Trump Family Separation Policy | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Biden Creates Task Force To Undo 'Shame' Of Trump Family Separation Policy | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


  1. Oh good, I’m sure those little kids held hostage by coyotes will be very relieved when they get to stay with there kidnappers the entire way until they are no longer useful.

  2. People actually believe Trump started this? Coyotes are real Cartels are real. Using kids to cross the border is real! Rich privilege white people don’t know what happens at the southern border. It’s been happening.

  3. Mostly negative comments about Biden but more likes than dislikes? Looks like manipulation to me. Just like they did on the White House Page. And that’s a fact. I along with many others did screen captures of the likes & dislikes being manipulated. Nothing is organic among the misinformation kings.

  4. These Kids did more time then roger stone and micheal flynn combined together.Kids should have been pardons first.😬

    1. Cages were built for criminals NOT for innocent babies and children ripped from their Mothers and Fathers.

    2. @Audrée & Jamie honestly if you’re going to risk your child’s life crossing the border like that you shouldn’t have kids Obama was in the right to do that.

    1. Maddow is a left wing extremist. Biden supports left wing bigotry. He cancelled a race-based discrimination lawsuit against Yale University. Yale discriminated against Asians in favor of blacks. Biden is now attacking Asians.

  5. Those children in the Obama era , came unaccompanied.

    Trump , signed the Zero Tolerance ,wich separated the children from parents.

    Get your facts right.

    1. Actually Obama built them for adults that broke the law, Trump is the one that decided to put children in there

    2. @Florzell webb The pictures that surfaced that Democrats used as propaganda happened under Obama’s term back in 2015. Trump didn’t make any changes to what Obama had put in place, Nice try. You guys stay being desperate.

  6. Any plans on helping us legal Hispanic Americans out in any way other then illegal immigration wich doesn’t apply to us💯

  7. Trump:
    “I won’t be taking care of them. I’ll provide the funds and she’ll take care of the kids. It’s not like I’m gonna be walking down Central Park with them.”
    ” Men who change diapers are being the wife.”
    Putting children in cages and then lying about having the documents that have the information of their parents proved Trump truly could not have cared about the lives of any of these people.
    He also hates dogs….all dogs.

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