Biden Debuts Sweeping Vaccine Requirements

Pres. Biden announced today that companies with 100 or more employees must require vaccination or weekly testing as the CDC says the US reached an average of 150,000 new Covid cases per day.
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    1. @Mac 77 there are books written about people who talk like that. Protagonists. Do you hear yourself? Nobody is going to make me do…anything. even if I have to drop every one of you to ensure freedom comes first. Wake up. Everything’s been infiltrated and you sound like a puppet out of the book 1984

    2. @Explicit Reverberation Man was mad to be governed. What makes you think you are special. You follow the rules of a society or you can F off right out of that society.

    3. @Mac 77 Nah, won’t happen. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s a very large portion of the Country that isn’t vaccinated. Larger than the number of gun owners and they still haven’t managed to enact their UK-esque gun laws. Pushing to turn unvaccinated people into second class citizens will only result in massive pushback from more than half the Country. Do you know what more than half is? That’s right, it’s the majority. Ain’t democracy grand?

  1. Reason Biden didn’t take any questions and hurried off stage after talking, cause he done filled up them depends

    1. *I am not a pincushion!*
      *je ne suis pas une pelote d’épingles!*
      *Non sono un puntaspilli!*
      *Ich bin kein Nadelkissen!*
      *¡No soy un alfiletero!*

    2. @Doodle Bob Not getting vaccinated is becoming like playing Russian Roulette. With a hand grenade that takes out people all around you as well.
      But red staters don’t get upset because the bombers yell “MY BODY MY CHOICE” instead of “ALLAHU AKBAR”. 🤷‍♂️

    3. @q r You have obviously not heard a word that has been said here. See the constitution. Your freedom is limited, you have no right to expose others to danger with your actions.

    1. @aarqa coerced is not free choice. So, you want millions more homeless and hungry? How stable of a civilization will that be?

    2. @P A That’s not an assumption, as you can read it’s my own experience and people close to me. You didn’t experience what I did or my family and friends.

    3. @潘卓Pan_Cho If you are so smart explain why Jim Justice Governor of WV just came out with shocking data in WV a 26% increase of Covid positive cases in the fully vaccinated/ 21% increase in breakthrough cases requiring hospitalizations in the fully vaccinated/ 25% increase in DEATHS in the fully vaccinated! You should get better sources for your information or better yet discernment!

  2. Totally unrelated history lesson: The Nazis required all eligible workers to join a state controlled union if they wanted to work, it included membership in the Nazi party as a prerequisite. They said it was for the good of the people.

    1. @Mac 77 yup, but those were actual inoculations, not mrna shots filled with…what exactly?? Oh, you dont know, cuz they wont say? xD, but trust the “science”, eh?

    2. @Mac 77 You cannot compare smallpox to a corona virus. Smallpox only infects humans. Corona viruses infect humans and animals. They will never eradicate this virus.

    3. Get this, In 2021, Texas rewarded people 10k US dollars for reporting uber drivers that transport a woman to get a medical abortion that is federally legal.

    4. @Mac 77 Also inaccurate: He only made new recruits get the inoculation because he was worried it would drag down his troops and the enemy would use that to their advantage. The new recruits had an outfitting and transportation phase to go through before reaching the conflict where it was less impactful for them to be run down by the inoculation.

    5. @mycamguy If the mRNA technology bothers you so much, just get the J&J traditional vaccine.
      It will slow the spread significantly. It will protect you significantly against damage, long covid or death.
      Israel is a very bad example, you’re going to run into Simpson’s paradox. Look at other countries with a similar age demographic if you want comparable statistics. (You must have assumed other countries would be the same, not realizing that Israel’s age demographics would be so different’)

  3. Liberty: the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views.

    1. @Ross from Friends lol it’s not fake. 40TH BSB – 79th IBCT. Old but not fake 2008 at Camp Roberts. Shame on me? Shame on you. I at least served and fulfilled my obligation. Most of the people in my unit that I keep in contact with believe the same thing. This is government overreach on its own people. We serve the people of the United States. Not tell them what to do.

    2. @Terry Newark pandemic? If it were a real pandemic we would of seen hazardous waste bins everywhere for the disposable mask people were wearing.
      And calling people names ain’t gonna convince them to go get vaccinated.

    3. @Pinballn You can carry and spread the disease just as easily as anyone else. That’s why they’re still requiring you to wear a mask. You got the shot and you’re still just as dangerous as everyone else.

    4. @Pinballn since when is your health my responsibility? I don’t support Republicans or Democrats. I believe in Autonomy.

  4. Yea major red flag when the literal president of a “free” nation says “it’s not about freedom” Joe please do us all a favor and retire already. “I’ll use my power as president to get them out of the way” 😳?!🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩Wtf is wrong with this party.

    1. @aiidanz yes but the statement itself is fundamentally wrong. This is a terrible strategy. “Let’s coerce our nation to be vaccinated” 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

    2. @aiidanz That’s not true. How can anybody trust anything these people say. To much smoke and mirrors to just say, yes sir, may I have another.

  5. I’ve heard people say, what hypocrites! the same ones screaming my body, my choice over abortion are screaming hysterically that you have no rights to refuse the poison that passes for a vaccine. so much for land of the free, they say.

    1. @Pixel Trixx Lives are terminated with every abortion. The recovery rate for covid is well over 99 percent. Hardly an hones comparison.

    2. @M. Williams Maye it’s like their excuse for the mask. You wear the mask for other people and somehow the mask (and vaccine) work better to protect others from getting the virus than id dose to protect those… Oh who am I kidding. This is all just a bunch of lies and BS that they keep making up to get people to conform. That’s all this has been from the beginning.

    3. @VANished I don’t worry about the unvaccinated, you should be glad this is up to a nice man like President Biden and not me. Because I sure would be leaving the unvaxxed to die either at home or in hospital parking lots. Too many unvaccinated people keep going to the hospital. If these worthless lowlifes would stop doing that and stay home when they get sick, we would not be dealing with it. So go take it up with them.

  6. Protecting ourselves or in order to have freedom we must take the mark of the beast. Joe Biden you gotta go dude.

    1. @Pinballn 😂 you’re absolutely right it. That guy either needs to go to school or just stay offline. Is so ridiculous how many of these dumb dumbs come on here to try to feel relevant or heard

    2. @joe crachemontange nope just an ordinary American hero getting vaccinated to protect family and my community. Doing MY part to get out of this pandemic. Get your shot.

    3. @Neil Meleo everyone is at risk from your filthy virus shedding have you been paying attention for last 18 months??? Wow

  7. Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them! Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and of the sea! For the devil has come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

    1. @Christopher Jones You can’t be that stupid. You think all those African Americans not getting vaxxed are Republicans?

    2. @Nicholas Pitts people who won’t get the vaccine are scared – scared of the needle stick. It’s a known, and common phobia. Clinics should offer tranquilizer pills to calm their fears. They are frightened people, and are afraid to admit it.

    3. @Christopher Jones um I would say Venezuela has lost big time for starters I would say Germany lost 2 times but you know Japan also lost but you know the only 2 that are even holding a country together is China and maybe Cuba

  8. For whichever of you poor souls that work at MSNBC and reads all this and sees the major dislikes to minor likes, and ignores all of it, you’re part of the problem.

    1. What is the narrative? How did the US get 130 countries to go along with the vaccine hoax? Is the rest of the world stupid?

  9. The conspiracy theorist said this would happen last year. Now look nearly two years later the exact thing has happened word for word and it can not be denied now.

  10. If vaccines work, then why does Biden say he’s “protecting you (the vaccinated) from the unvaccinated”? I thought vaccines did that?

    1. @Peter Tran No the unvaccinated do not spread more than vaccinated as the vaccine is not a Covid deterrent in any way. Ironically “Not” Illinois has the highest vaccination numbers as well as the highest hospitalizations. Your compliance has led us to the results of mandates/requirements.

    2. @Alex Hanna True. Now Jim Justice Gov. of WV is giving horrific stats a 26% increase in positive cases in the fully vaxed /21% increase in breakthrough cases requiring hospitalizations for the fully vaccinated/ 25% increase of deaths for the fully vaxed! Yet, media is silent!!!

    3. @Peter Tran If that’s true, why is Biden pushing boosters of the same vaccines to combat the Delta variant? Seems inconsistent but then, that’s the name of the game:

      Don’t wear masks!

      Wear masks!

      Don’t sit down at the beach!

      Take your mask off ONLY when you’re sitting down in a restaurant!

      Get the vaccine so you can go back to normal life!

      Put your mask back on and step back six feet! Just because you’re vaccinated, that doesn’t mean you can’t get/spread COVID!

      The vaccine works, just not on the Delta variant!

      Get the booster to protect against Delta!

      Good comedy but terrible public policy. I’m about sick of playing Simon Says. Let me know when we see some consistency.

    4. @Larry Garland they say that viruses mutate RANDOMLY, and the ones that can better survive vaccines and natural defense mechanisms are the ones that survive to reproduce. Every individual virus “particle” has a chance of being a mutation. The more virus particles produced, the greater the chance of having a mutation that survives. Just as a virus can mutate to become vaccine-resistant, it can mutate to resist your body’s natural defenses. Unvaccinated people will host MANY times more vaccine particles, and thus will produce many times more opportunities for random mutations. Because the mutations are random, a mutation can even be vaccine-resistant even though it was produced in an unvaccinated human. If a vaccine-resistant mutation occurs within a vaccinated person, there is a good chance the mutated particles can be killed before spreading to another person.

  11. Joe Biden 2021: “Constitutional amendments are not absolute.“ The opening shot of tyranny. This is shot number two. I don’t need you to protect me from me.

    1. @mike brigs You want to impeach President Biden for protecting the health and lives of Americans. Also ending a 20 year war? Wow and this is coming from a Hippocrate who supports the twice-impeached, 1-term, high unpopular former president who incited a terrorist attack. What a disgrace you are. President Biden is not going anywhere.

    2. @UCaZQxoNanI_LOcd4j8B7VVQ You already got the shot. Aren’t you protected? You’re not trying to say that the shot is ineffective, are you?

    3. @J mandatory vaccinations means the end of “my body, my choice.” Biden left women who want abortions out in the cold, genius.

    1. @Pinballn The Nazis said the same thing to people who didn’t want to get into the cattle cars. Look in the mirror, We fought your type during WW2.

    2. @Bee Web haha always Hitler and the nazis with this crowd. How about doing your patriotic duty to keep your family and community safe? Same as other laws and requirements. You got your shots to go to kindergarten same thing. Get your shot.

    3. @Pinballn How about you stay in your own lane and leave others alone and not act like a freaking Nazi? Face it, You freakin people are the antithesis of what this country is supposed to be.

    4. @Bee Web how about you get your head in the game. Stop being selfish. Get your shot so we can end the pandemic. You are embarrassing America and endangering all of us because of conspiracy crap and minimal science understanding. Do your part. You’re part of the 15% that is holding us all back. Or stay home and keep testing yourself I guess. Good luck with that.

  12. I’m old enough to remember when Biden said he wouldn’t mandate vaccines. I guess I am showing my age because that was way way back in December

    1. Ya thought people would do the right thing and get a simple shot to protect each other so now we are at the mandate stage for those who are a little slow on the concept.

    2. @Pinballn All differences aside, the man casts shades of doubt for the vaccine when he was campaigning because it suited him, then turned a sharp corner once he was in. Blame personal choice, by all means. But the actions and stupidity of our politicians have created a growing climate of distrust in the government and the media that protects them. He has flip flopped on several key issues that whatever he says is completely unbelievable at this point.

    3. @E great you don’t like Biden awesome. Now read any of the science and get your safe and free shot to protect your family, community and your own dumb self. You’re not “owning the libs” by keeping us all in this pandemic. Get your shot. Call it the trump warpspeed Maga patriot juice if that boosts your fragile ego.

    4. Well, that was well before the Delta variant, and before he knew how many idiots would reject the vaccine just to “own the libs.” That, and he didn’t say he would NEVER mandate. That was then, this is now. As new information comes in you must adapt, which he has. This is not “flip-flop”ing. This is not “turning a sharp corner”. This is adaptation, and it is the only smart way to handle it.

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