Biden defends pulling US out of Afghanistan as Taliban advances 1

Biden defends pulling US out of Afghanistan as Taliban advances

President Joe Biden delivered a vehement defense Thursday of his decision to end the war in Afghanistan, insisting no amount of sustained American presence there could resolve the country's own intractable problems.
Instead, Biden argued American resources — lives, money and attention — were better focused elsewhere. Pressed on the likelihood of a total Taliban takeover, Biden grew defensive and said nothing in Afghanistan's history suggested there was anything the US could do about it.
Now, he said, it is up to the Afghans to defend their country, determining there was nothing more the United States could do after two decades of war.
"I will not send another generation of Americans to war in Afghanistan with no reasonable expectation of achieving a different outcome," Biden said from the East Room after receiving an update from his national security team on the deteriorating security situation on the ground.
Thursday's remarks were the first time Biden discussed his decision to end the Afghanistan war in a formal setting since announcing the withdrawal plans in April. A longtime skeptic of the war, Biden resisted pressure from military leaders to maintain a troop presence, determining instead there was nothing that could be accomplished by remaining.
The hasty draw-down has coincided with major Taliban gains and a growing fear that without American military support, the Afghan government will collapse.
Biden has not second guessed himself, even as his decision comes under scrutiny from members of Congress and others who argue the US must do more to prevent a full-blown civil war.
He rejected comparisons on Thursday to the end of the Vietnam War, saying there was "no circumstance in which you are going to see people being lifted off the roof of an embassy of the United States from Afghanistan."
Instead, he said the pace with which the Taliban have gained ground in recent weeks has only solidified the merits of his decision.
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  1. Great job. Pull them out. That part of the world has been in war for century’s Let them fight it out.

    1. Problem is they won’t fight it out. They’ll just keep fleeing and messing up other non Islam countries, because for some reason they want to stay Islamic, and wont take on western ways but don’t like the extremes of Islam

  2. If after 20 years of U.S. training wheels…if the Afghan Army won’t or can’t fight for their families and homes…I’m done sending our families and friends to do it for them.

    1. Yes exactly, we lost almost 60,000 soldiers fighting in Vietnam and now we have had official peaceful relations with Vietnam since 1995. We have supported and trained the Afghan people for 20 years, let’s leave it up to them to work out what is going to happen in their country just as you would a son or daughter after 20 years. – – – It will be interesting to see. Hope for the best for them.

    2. Bc the Us Gov Released 5000 thousand “ Top Taliban Animals “ from Afghan Prisons & now they are Leaving boy who is making these Deals… President Trump was so “ Right what was in it for the poor Service men/women on both side 2500 American & 60000 thousand Afghan “

  3. I was in my teens when we first set foot in that country, fast forward to present day, after my tour with active duty, we are still there smh.

  4. Excellent: Let’s leave Afghanistan, and put them fully in charge of their own country. If the Taliban does anything to attack the USA, we must respond quickly and severely, with minimal loss of civilian life. Thx

    1. Unfortunately it’s much more complicated then that. The big problem is we get so much of our Oil from the Middle East. If we leave then that puts our supply at risk.

  5. He was right for removing our troops. We can’t tame a country whose people have known only war for their entire lives. We were stupid to stay there after we eliminated al Qaeda and bin laden. That’s all we went there to do. Not to try to change their culture. They have loads of young men that own or possess assault weapons and have nothing else to do with their lives.

  6. As a center right individual, this is a key win with Joe . We don’t need to be over their anymore !

    1. Bc the Us Gov Released 5000 thousand “ Top Taliban Animals “ from Afghan Prisons & now they are Leaving boy who is making these Deals… President Trump was so “ Right what was in it for the poor Service men/women on both side 2500 American & 60000 thousand Afghan “

    2. @Woofy Only thing that is “all because of trump” was a record high deficit, manufacturing jobs at a decade low, farmers on Trump welfare and thousands of American companies suing the Trump admin over China tariffs and that was before he ignored the plague.

      I would be ashamed to even mention that impeached twice and fired after one term fool.

  7. Q: Is pulling out troops from Afghanistan a good idea?

    A: Maybe. The months ahead should reveal if we will need to return. But, we need to try to exit, after 20 years.

    1. I agree. We’ll just have to wait and see. Though something is telling me we’ll be back before too long. We won’t let Kabul fall to the Taliban. That might mean airstrikes and limited ground support for the Afghan Army.

    2. The rule of thumb says it takes 3 generations to adept to critical changes. That’s 45 years.

      You (US) tried 8 years in Iraq and failed miserably.
      Second try: 20 years Afghanistan

      Let’s see what happens

      Doesn’t look very promising so far though

    3. The US can’t even take care of its own country… Afghanistan has the Taliban and the US has the GOP.

  8. Personally, I could care less what happens in Afghanistan, if the Taliban move forward, that is the business of that country. If the Taliban attack us, then we retaliate. We are not the worlds police, and we have enough issues at home to deal with.

  9. I agree that troops need to be pulled out, but any notion that the Afghan military can maintain security, protect women or prevent the country from becoming a base for terrorists is fantasy. The Taliban is already in control through most of the country and will take full control shortly after the U.S. and allies leave. Sadly, nothing was gained by the sacrifices made.

  10. I remember when Russia quit running their war in Afghanistan and America was warned by our analysts that we couldn’t win it either. So, we went to war. I hope the rich got richer. Sad.

  11. 20 year’s and were finally able to get our troops home. No point in being there anymore. As Biden said we did what was needed to do. And that’s that. I have hope.

  12. Lol remember less than a year ago when CNN and others ran the fake story of Russia placing bounties on US troops in Afghanistan and blamed it on Trump being weak?

    Now the same people who ate that up are cheering as Biden does exactly what Trump was proposing? What a time to be alive

  13. I’ve gotta say: It is such a relief to be thinking out this issue as opposed to Ivanka Trump being handed $800K in consulting fees because Trump wants to take advantage of his time as the leader of this nation. — Signed, a Naval Academy grad and veteran

  14. It is impossible to hold Afghanistan. That also wasn’t the point all this war did was make sure the military industrial complex made a profit.

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